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What is the post format

The format of the post determines the type of post. Post formats are set according to the type of content. Changing the format of a post will change its appearance.

What is a CMS

CMS stands for Content Management System. Indicates the various systems that allow you to create, publish, and manage digital content.

What is a child theme

Child theme is a theme that takes on functionality and appearance from the theme you have installed. It also adds features to the original theme.

What is a post editor

The WordPress Post Editor allows you to edit the content of articles and pages. Appears on the post creation and editing page.

What are the display options

WordPress offers the ability to set the display of items on the page. You'll find display options in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

What is a sidebar?

The sidebar is the column on the page next to the main content. It usually shows links to the latest posts.

What is a slug

A slug is a text portion of a URL that identifies an article, page, brand, or category. It is formed from their names. Appears at the end of the URL.

What is a scheduled post

A scheduled post is a post that is ready to be published but has not yet been published. It will be published automatically at the selected time.

What is SEO optimization and how does it work?

SEO optimization is a set of methods by which you get your site to higher positions in search engines. Increase traffic to your site.

What is an illustrative image

An illustration image is the primary image for a page, article, or other site content. Appears in archive and when searching.

What is a customer

The customer is one of the user roles in WordPress. He has the least powers. He only has access to manage his profile and message board.

What is the default theme

The default theme is the theme that is active in WordPress when it is first started. In addition to this topic, you have two other topics.

What is a responsive design

Responsive design is a way of creating a website with respect to the screen size of the device on which the page will be viewed.

What is a trackback

A trackback is a feedback that is sent when you use a link to the content of another site. The link will appear in the administration of this page.

What is pingback

Pingback is a type of notification that WordPress sends to another website if you use a link to its content on your site.

What is a static homepage

The static home page displays constant content on the main page of your site. It will not display a list of recent posts.

What is a tag

Tags are keywords that capture information in an article. It is one of the taxonomies in WordPress. A tag is also called a tag or label.

What are revisions

Revisions in WordPress are a handy feature that allows you to track changes to your site's content. The revision is saved each time you make a change.

What is paging

Pagination divides content across multiple pages. Helps navigate site visitors. WordPress uses four types of paging.

What is a WordPress theme

The appearance and functionality of the page is determined by the WordPress theme used. The individual themes differ in the layout, functions and design used.

What is spam

Spam is unsolicited electronic communication. Its goal is to spread advertising. It is a form of electronic communication abuse.

What is a permalink

A permalink is a hyperlink to a page or article. The permalink setting determines the URL structure for pages and posts on your site.

What is PHP

PHP is a programming language. It is a popular language for web application and website development. It is used by almost 40% of sites.

What is a pinned post

A pinned post is an article that always appears first in the list. It will appear in the first place, even if it is not the latest post.

What is TinyMCE

TinyMCE is an open source html editor. It is integrated in WordPress as part of the visual and text editor.

What a super administrator

Super Administrator is a user role that you can create if you are creating a network consisting of several websites.

What is taxonomy

Taxonomy in WordPress refers to the system of classification, sorting and grouping of contributions and other data into organized categories.

What are shortcodes

Shortcodes are codes used to create the content of pages and articles. Shortcodes look like text. The pages are replaced by the page content.

Account and privacy settings in WooCommerce

Account and privacy settings are about setting up your customers' accounts. You have some basic settings.

List of products in the WooCommerce

You can find a list of products in the e-shop administration menu. There are several features available - such as edit, quick edit and recycle bin.

WooCommerce – Product details

When adding a new product to the e-shop page, the product data is entered. We'll talk about how to enter general and product data for a warehouse.

WordPress: glossary

Dictionary of WordPress-related terms, expressions and abbreviations. In this dictionary, I explain technical WordPress terms in common lay language.

Product shipping settings in WooCommerce

You set the details for setting up product transport in the e-shop when adding a new product in the Product data table on the Transport tab.

What is a text editor

A text editor is one of the post editors used in WordPress. You edit the content of pages and articles using text with html codes.

WooCommerce – Product publishing

Product publishing displays the product in the e-shop. You will find the necessary tools in the upper right corner of the page for adding a product.

General WooCommerce settings

The next step in personalizing your e-shop is general settings. Here you set the countries to which you want to sell, the currency and enable the calculation of VAT.

Setting the tax rate in WooCommerce

We already know how to create additional tax classes. In this article, we will look at setting the tax rate for all taxes.

VAT settings in WooCommerce

The VAT setting determines how the prices in your e-shop will be displayed - whether or not including VAT and how prices are calculated.

How to install WooCommerce

One of the solutions for creating an e-shop is the WordPress plugin WooCommerce. In the following lines I will explain how to install WooCommerce.

WooCommerce payment settings

Payment settings in WooCommerce are used to set up e-shop payments. You will find the necessary tools in the administration under the Settings function.

Site settings in WooCommerce

The pages that WooCommerce creates when installing on the website need to be set up. You will find the necessary tools for setting up the site in the administration.

Shortcodes for WooCommerce

Shortcodes are codes that can make your job creation a lot easier. We use shortcodes to create pages in a text editor.

Traffic settings in WooCommerce

There are three functions available in the administration for traffic settings in WooCommerce: Traffic zones, Traffic settings and Traffic classes.

Email settings in WooCommerce

E-mail settings in WooCommerce allow you to set up the sending of e-mails in the event of a change in the order and the appearance of the e-mails themselves.

Product types in WooCommerce

There are several types of products available in WooCommerce. You will find the settings when adding a new e-shop product in the Product data window.

Product settings in WooCommerce

You have several tools in WooCommerce for setting up products. We'll talk about the settings, under WooCommerce ›Settings.

WooCommerce – how to insert a picture and gallery

WooCommerce allows you to create a clear online store. It is not difficult to insert a picture and picture gallery for the goods.

How to add a product in WooCommerce

To add a new product in WooCommerce, click Add Product above the product list. The product addition page opens.

WooCommerce – order modification

Editing an order provides several editing options. To edit a specific order, click on its number in the list of orders.

Clear statistics in WooCommerce

WooCommerce processes various statistics for you. Thanks to them, you will have a detailed overview of the number of orders and product sales.

WooCommerce – import and export of products

WooCommerce offers import and export functions for product management. You can find tools for importing and exporting products in the e-shop administration.

WooCommerce – add orders

When operating a WooCommerce eshop, you will need to work with orders. In this article, we will explain how to add orders.

Product features in WooCommerce

Product features are color, pattern, size and the like. They are a tool for filtering goods. They are displayed on the page of a specific product.

The best WooCommerce plugins for every situation

Are you looking for the best WooCommerce plugins for your eshop? See my list of favorite plugins for different situations.

WooCommerce – brand assignment to a product

Brands serve for better customer orientation. You can find the necessary tools for branding a product on the product addition page.

Product categories in WooCommerce

You can group products in the e-shop into categories. You add product categories using the tools on the Add New Product page.

WooCommerce – REST API and Webhook settings

One of the steps in setting up WooCommerce is to set up the REST API and Webhook. You make both settings in the site administration.

WooCommerce – creating discounts

There are a number of plug-ins available for WooCommerce. To make your choice easier, I made this little choice.

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