Product shipping settings in WooCommerce

You set the details for setting up product shipping in your WooCommerce e-shop in the process of adding a new product in the Product Data table. The third tab in this table is Shipping.

Nastavenie dopravz vo WooCommerce

Product shipping settings

Fill in the following data in the product data table:

WooCommerce údaje o produkte doprava
Product data – transport

Weight (g) – as shipping and postage prices vary based on the weight of the goods, it is important to enter the weight of the product in the shipping settings.

Dimensions (cm) – Dimensions are important for transportation needs if you sell oversized products or products that exceed the dimensions allowed for the post office or courier company.

If you need to set other units of dimensions or weights, go to the WooCommerce ›Settings Products tab in the site administration.

Traffic Class – To create traffic classes, go to WooCommerce ›Settings tab in the site administration. I wrote more about general traffic settings in the article Traffic settings in WooCommerce . Assign a specific shipping class to the product as needed, or leave the No shipping class option.

Setting up related products

The next tab in the Product Data table is the United Products tab. Using this tab, you will insert other goods on the page of a specific product, which you will offer to the customer together with it. These are related goods. The linked product will appear on the product page in your e-shop. For this purpose, there are two tools on the United Products tab:

WooCommerce údaje o produkte - spojené produkty
Product data – related products

Increase sales

In this line you enter goods that are more expensive or more modern than the offered goods, resp. this is a newer version . To enter a product name, enter the first three characters of its name. Woo will then offer you a list of matching products to choose from.

Additional sales

The goods you enter in this line will appear in the list of purchased goods in the cart. Therefore, it will not be offered to the customer on the product page but on the cart page. Suitable products that you can offer as additional sales are accessories for goods and the like. The customer will find a list of products set as additional sales under the list of purchased goods.

For more information, see the official documentation:

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