SEO Tools: Top 40 Tools to Optimize Your Website

SEO tools are an essential part of any website and online marketer who wants to optimize their website for Google as quickly and efficiently as possible.

SEO tools

There are currently hundreds of different tools that focus on each SEO industry and offer unique data to help you better evaluate your marketing strategies.

Based on this, we have selected 40 popular SEO tools that will make your life easier when optimizing your site – whether it is keyword analysis, content optimization or even on-page and technical SEO.

The best SEO tools


Ubersuggest is a simple SEO tool for keyword analysis , thanks to which you can find an incredible amount of useful information in one place.

The tool itself offers several clear data after entering the main keyword:

  • General Keyword Overview – Search Volume, SEO Performance, Competitive Performance in Paid Search Results, as well as Average PPC Ads Per Keyword
  • New keyword suggestions – suggestions, questions, “long-tail” keywords as well as various combinations that can help you find other topics for your “niche”
  • New Content Ideas – Generating Competitive Websites to Help You Bring Your Keywords Across Your Search

In addition, Ubersuggest also shows the approximate traffic of competing websites, the number of backlinks they have, as well as the number of social media shares.

Ubersuggest offers a free but also a paid version of its tool – with the free version, the user can use 3 analyzes for specific keywords per day.

With the paid version, of course, the tool offers much more complex and specific data.


Ahrefs is a robust “all-in-one” SEO toolkit that covers almost everything you need to analyze and optimize your website.

Ahref as such consists of 5 main tools:

  • Site Audit – a tool designed to analyze the performance of your site, from the perspective of on-page SEO. Site Audit offers an incredibly large amount of useful data – page load speed and performance, HTML tag analysis, orphan page detection, redirectors, and a host of other important information.
  • Site Explorer – with its help you can immerse yourself in the profile of backlinks and organic traffic of any website or page. The tool provides its users with a survey of organic traffic (or which keywords your competitors rank for), backlink control (where the website gets external backlinks from), and paid traffic research (or what paid advertising campaigns the site uses).
  • Keywords Explorer – is one of the largest tools for searching and analyzing keywords. The tool provides thousands of keyword ideas for dozens of countries and languages, along with useful data such as search volume, keyword complexity, keyword search click throughput, and many other important data.
  • Content Explorer – this SEO tool will simply help you discover and analyze the best and most powerful content in your “niche”. Thanks to the Content Explorer tool, you can find out the estimated traffic for a given content, the number of backlinks and domains that link to a given topic or content, the number of shares on social networks, etc.
  • Rank Tracker – with it you can quickly and effectively monitor the performance of your website in Google search engine and compare it with the performance of your competition. The tool monitors the ranking of your content for both mobile and desktop devices, the position of your website for individual keywords and the form in which you appear in search results – all in clear tables and graphs arranged into different groups and segments.

However, in addition to the above paid SEO tools, Ahrefs also offers a large number of free tools such as:

  • Ahrefs Webmaster Tools – offers limited access to Site Explorer and Site Audit, allowing you to monitor your website’s performance, backlink analysis, and keyword analysis.
  • Backlink Checker – a free tool for analyzing backlinks and domains with metrics for the strength and complexity of the links.
  • Website “Authority” Checker – a simple tool for evaluating “authority”, resp. The “strength” of your domain.
  • Keyword Difficulty Checker – A tool to quickly and efficiently evaluate a keyword’s Google search performance
  • Keyword Rank Checker – you can use it to easily find out what position your site is in for a particular keyword.

In addition to the above-mentioned free SEO tools, Ahrefs also offers many others such as Keyword Generator , SERP Checker , SEO Toolbar , WordPress Plugin , Website Checker , etc.


Mangools is a set of 5 comprehensive SEO tools that will help you quickly and efficiently with the analysis of keywords, websites as well as with the analysis of the competition in the search results.

The main advantage of Mangools tools is their visual presentation and ease of use – you don’t have to be an SEO expert to be able to find your way around each tool and know how to use it.

Each tool offers unique features:

  • KWFinder – is one of the most popular tools from Mangools, which offers keyword analysis with clear metrics about search volume, difficulty, keyword trend history and a lot of other important data.
  • SERPChecker – a site analysis tool in Google that provides you with clear tables of individual search results – the number of backlinks for each website, the authority of individual domains along with performance metrics ( DA , PA , CF , TF ), etc.
  • SERPWatcher – The tool is designed to monitor the performance of your site in Google search. SERPWatcher can provide you with daily updates on site positions for specific keywords, your site’s performance index, individual Google site previews, and site-by-site results monitoring.
  • LinkMiner – is a tool designed to check backlinks. With it, you will be able to ” extract ” important information about the strength of the competition’s backlinks and your site, current backlink positions on individual pages, along with metrics about the strength of each external backlink – all under one roof in clear tables and tables.
  • SiteProfiler – SEO tool for any website. With it, you can get useful information about the authority of the domain, along with metrics from MOZ and Majestic, the number of shares on social media, analysis of content that is popular and many other great information.

💡 Tip: In addition to paid SEO tools, Mangools also offers several useful tools that are free:

  • Browser extension – a simple extension for your browser that can summarize all important metrics in one place
  • SERP Simulator – handy and simple tools to simulate Google search results. With it, you can try and test different versions of your Title Tags and Meta Descriptions, along with URLs and structured data, and compare them to current Google results for any keyword.
  • SERP Volatility – a straightforward online tool that you can check at any time to make sure there is no major update in the Google algorithm that would significantly affect Google search results.


MOZ is one of the most famous SEO software used by hundreds of users around the world.

This tool focuses on several industries in SEO – from website traffic analysis, through improving Google positions to visibility in search results.

MOZ offers several packages, each of which focuses on different industries in the SEO industry:

  • Moz Pro – This is an ” all-in-one ” package of SEO tools that covers all the necessary services for analysis and optimization – from search and keyword analysis, monitoring the position of your site in search results, through auditing your site to search for linkbuilding opportunities.
  • Moz Local – focuses primarily on local SEO and local business management in Google search engine but also on social media. It also offers a robust system for review management in Google and Facebook, a clear report on visitors, clicks, etc.
  • STAT – A monitoring service to check and analyze thousands of keywords, competing sites, and pages in Google Search.


Semrush ranks among the giants in the field of SEO tools, which has been operating since 2008.

As such, the brand covers dozens of useful tools for marketers that cover everything you need for online marketing:

  • SEO analysis and optimization – from keyword search and analysis, through on-page and technical SEO to monitoring every SEO aspect of your site
  • Content marketing – research of new topics, content strategy as well as management of new content – all under one roof
  • PPC Advertising – New suggestions for PPC ads, as well as improvements to existing paid campaigns for Google.
  • Competition Monitoring – SEMrush offers a wealth of ways to track your competition and their websites – whether it’s SEO, external backlinks, content strategies or paid advertising.


Screamingfrog is a British marketing agency that developed one of the most popular tools in the field of technical SEO – Screaming Frog SEO Spider .

It is a tool that will help you audit and analyze the technical SEO of your pages.

Screamingfrog offers a free (download and check up to 500 URLs) as well as a paid version of its tool.

SEO Spider Tool can effectively visit your site as a crawl bot and extract large amounts of important data for you such as:

  • Broken lines
  • Check redirect on the site
  • Analysis of Title Tags and Meta descriptions on the site
  • Search for duplicate content
  • Check commands for Google bots
  • XML Sitemap generation
  • Checking and rendering JavaScript elements
  • And many other SEO aspects

In addition to this tool, Screamingfrog also offers Log File Analyzer – a useful tool for verifying the identity of bots on the site, their behavior and activity on your site.


Majestic is a company that became famous in the field of SEO thanks to its two important metrics – Citation Flow (CF) and Trust Flow (TF) , which are still used by dozens of SEO tools to measure the strength and value of backlinks and domains.

However, Majestic has also developed interesting SEO tools:

  • Site Explorer Preview – is a package of various SEO tools, thanks to which you can perform a comprehensive analysis of your website, performance and content audit, anchor text analysis, number of referring domains, etc.
  • Majestic Million – offers a huge database of important websites and sites, with a list of performance metrics that are vital for marketing agencies (and various SEO tools).

In addition, Majestic also offers a browser plugin (oriented for Firefox and Chrome), with which you can analyze individual websites free of charge (eg number of linking sites and domains, strength and trustworthiness of links, overall backlink profile, etc.).


Siteliner is a simple online tool that can scan and find duplicate content on your website – an important aspect of optimizing pages for Google

Among other things, Siteliner also offers analysis of broken links, search for the most powerful pages on your website and a clear report on key information for each page.

Siteliner is offered to its users in free (analysis up to 250 pages per month) and paid (25,000 pages at any time) versions.


Collabim is considered the most popular SEO tool in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

By simply registering and embedding your site, you can get an incredible amount of important data in an instant, which is essential for Google search engine optimization.

Collabim can help you in several SEO areas:

  • Keyword Ranking – Find out how you can rank for keywords in Google search engine
  • PPC ad monitoring – you get an overview of competitors for specific terms in the PPC area.
  • Website and site analysis – displays all important tags for optimization (Title tags, Meta descriptions, H1 – titles, etc.)
  • Competitive Analysis – Collabim will provide you with clear data about competing sites and compare them with the performance of your site.
  • Backlink checker – monitors and updates any changes that take place on your website, resp. changes to backlinks to your site.
  • Finding link-building opportunities – using the Site Finder in Collabime, you can find out which sites could provide you with a valuable link to your site.

Although Collabim is a paid instrument as such, also offers a 14-day limited free version, thanks to which you will be able to decide whether this service will pay off for you, or simply try out each aspect of this tool.

Marketing Miner

Marketing Miner is a popular SEO, PPC and content tool in Slovakia but also in the Czech Republic thanks to its comprehensive website analysis, which can be used by people from various online environments – from freelancers to copywriters to SEO specialists or web administrators.

The tool itself consists of so-called “ minerals – each of which focuses on different SEO aspects of the website. MarketingMiner offers more than 40 minerals, the most popular of which are:

In addition, Marketing Miner also covers the profile for backlinks (as well as the possibility of obtaining backlinks), analysis of the competition and their content, control of technical SEO on the site, and many other important data.


In a way, EasySEO from Websupport can be considered a helper, or a tool that will literally guide you through the entire SEO site optimization for Google.

It is extremely useful especially for complete beginners and medium-sized entrepreneurs who need to be ” safe ” and perform SEO on their own and without problems.

EasySEO will not only help you better understand the concept of SEO and site optimization, but will also create a plan with ” step-by-step ” tasks with which you can optimize your site on your own.

In addition, however, this SEO tool also offers a selection of relevant keywords that you will need to optimize your site.

It is a matter of course for this tool to check the on-page and off-page SEO factors, on the basis of which you can immediately see any shortcomings that could occur on your website.

This tool can also compare you with your competition, resp. how you are doing in terms of optimization.


ContentKing is an SEO tool that specializes in SEO audit and web site monitoring in real time, 24 hours a day.

As a cloud platform, it offers its customers a unique opportunity to detect and monitor any changes that may take place on and off the web.

The strengths of this tool include:

  • Website Audit – ContentKing constantly monitors and evaluates the changes you make to the website and reports any errors and suggests improvements.
  • SEO monitoring 24/7 – since Google never sleeps, so even ContentKing must not sleep and must constantly monitor the situation on your website.
  • SEO Alerts – In the event of a technical issue or unexpected change in your content, ContentKing will immediately alert you to a disaster and help you resolve issues before Google or site visitors notice.
  • Clear report – ContentKing collects an incredible amount of data from your website, whether it is the latest revisions, snapshots of previous versions, the number of visitors, clicks, etc. – This SEO tool collects them all and displays them in clear graphs and tables.

ContentKing is a paid service, but it also offers a free trial for uncertain or curious potential customers.


Sistrix is an ” all-in-one ” SEO software that focuses on improving visibility in organic results for the Google search engine, analyzing competition in Google, improving website performance as well as optimizing for other commercial search engines such as Amazon, Instagram, etc.

The main advantages of this software include simple and intuitive operation, thanks to which you can get a relatively quick overview of the performance of any website or specific page.

Sistrix offers the so-called modules that focus on the analysis and optimization of several marketing industries. These include:

  • SEO
  • Link profile
  • PPC Ads
  • Social media
  • Marketplace

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is a simple SEO tool for keyword research and general analysis.

This tool is great for complete beginners and serves as an alternative to Google Keyword Planner – as it generates more relevant keywords.

The charm of this tool lies in its simplicity: the Keyword Tool generates a large number of “ long-tail ” keywords, which it collects from Google Autocomplete – suggestions that appear when entering specific search terms.

As a result, you can find hundreds of relevant terms that can be useful in a general analysis of your ” niche .”

Keyword Tool offers a free version with which you can get a number of relevant keywords (+ some data for the main keywords) as well as a paid version of Keyword Tool Pro, in which you are not limited by practically anything.

Answer The Public

Answer The Public is a popular free tool for generating hundreds of keywords, questions or phrases related to a given keyword.

Once you’ve entered your main keyword, this tool will provide you with a list of automatic suggestions from Google, along with the various phrases, questions, phrases, and sometimes complete sentences that Google enters for search.

In addition, you can select the specific countries and languages that you want the keywords to link to .

Answer The Public offers a free version for anyone (with a limit on the number of searches) but also a ” Pro ” version without any restrictions.


Copyscape is a free and very simple tool for checking plagiarism on the Internet .

Its main task is to find content that may be on other sites than yours and thus verify its originality.

Copyscape is used by thousands of people around the world due to its simplicity – the tool scans content from the URL you enter, compares it with other available websites and generates a list of pages where it matches, or. where it is very similar.

The tool itself is free – although it only provides limited data in the case of its free version.

For a deeper analysis of “stolen” or duplicate content on the website, it is recommended to use its paid version Copyscape Premium.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is perhaps the most famous tool that can exist within SEO.

It is a relatively simple and free service used by thousands of marketers around the world.

Google Keyword Planner focuses primarily on creating and optimizing PPC campaigns, but it can also be used for keyword analysis.

To use the tool, you need registration, which gives you access to keyword search and scheduling, discovery of new phrases, keyword pricing for PPC ads, and the estimated number of people who use those keywords to search.

Google Analytics

This tool from Google is, so to speak, the “daily bread” of almost every marketer in the world.

Google Analytics is a highly effective tool that offers an incredible amount of data about websites – all for free.

After signing up for this service, you need to embed tracking codes on your site, which will allow Google Analytics to obtain and monitor various important data – traffic to your site, the number of clicks, the length of visitors to the website or even the conversion of visitors to customers.

Therefore, Google Analytics is an essential tool for gaining a comprehensive view of your site’s performance.

💡 Tip: If you are considering using the tool, be sure to read our detailed article on how to install Google Analytics in WordPress !

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a fundamental tool of every web administrator or SEO specialist, without which it is simply impossible to function.

This SEO tool contains a lot of useful information about the technical and performance status of your website – it will give you an overview of how your site perceives Google, what keywords your site is displayed on and how many people will click on your site. web.

In addition to a marketing perspective, the Google Search Console can report technical issues on your site (if any) – from indexing to content rendering.

The tool itself is free , but you must first register with the service and paste the generated special code into your site to verify ownership.

Google Tag Manager

Tag Manager is another popular tool from Google, with which you can integrate different types of tags into your website without having to edit the site codes themselves.

Google Tag Manager helps you effectively measure website conversions, find potential technical and security flaws, and support multi-testing of various marketing strategies.

In addition, Tag Manager works with other types of third-party tags, which can increase efficiency and save time when measuring or implementing new elements on your site.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a relatively simple tool with very important functions – it can determine the popularity and occurrence of keywords in the world.

With this tool, you will be able to find out to what extent a certain person, brand or other thing is trendy, whether within a certain period or seasonally, and optimize your campaigns accordingly.

Google Trends can also provide a variety of interesting data on keyword occurrence and popularity across regions, as well as provide suggestions on related search topics.

The tool is very easy to use and completely free – thanks to which it is enjoyed by thousands of people around the world.

Google PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights is a free SEO tool that helps you measure the loading speed and performance of your web pages.

Because web speed is one of the most important factors for Google, PageSpeed Insights is considered one of the fundamental tools you can use when setting up your website.

PageSpeed Insights evaluates a site’s performance on a scale of 0 to 100 and can determine exactly how fast it is based on several metrics.

In addition, it can offer several solutions, or. Suggestions for improving website performance, so you can improve technical optimization for Google (but also for visitors themselves).

💡 Tip: If you can’t help optimizing the speed of your site, be sure to read our ultimate guide to speeding up WordPress sites !

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Mobile-Friendly Test is a user-friendly tool that will help you immediately evaluate the optimization of your site for mobile devices.

Nowadays, a ” mobile-friendly ” site is an essential part of SEO as Google evaluates the content of websites according to how they are displayed on mobile devices.

The Mobile-Friendly Test from Google is therefore a very useful software as it can measure the extent to which the site is optimized for other devices than a standard computer , evaluate the visual elements on the site, take a screenshot of the site for a mobile screen and give an optimization score, along with proposals for its improvement.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a great visualization tool for building interactive tables, reports and graphs – and all of this for free!

Most of the features in this tool are very easy to use and useful for sharing between individual members of the marketing team.

Google Data Studio looks like Google Analytics – but on steroids.

The main benefits of this tool are visual trends and comparisons of campaign or website performance across time periods but also for measuring key KPIs – whether for you or your clients.

Although not an SEO tool, Google Data Studio is used by a large number of marketers due to its simplicity.

Google Markup Helper

Structured data (or in other words) is an essential part of almost every website for a simple reason – it dramatically increases the visibility of pages in Google search.

This data is especially important for e-shops, as they can display important product information (such as prices, sizes, useful links, etc.) in search results.

One of the ways to implement structured data on your site is Google Markup Helper .

This fairly straightforward tool will help you literally tag individual pieces of content that may appear as ” rich-snippets ” on Google search.

After tagging, you can then generate HTML code, which you can then simply paste into the header of your HTML page.

The tool is completely free and very intuitive for anyone – its main advantage is that you don’t have to be an HTML expert as this tool will help you choose exactly the structured data you need.

Rich Result Test

Implementing structured data is one thing – but testing its functionality is another.

It is recommended that you first test any changes to the structured data for each website to see if they are spelled correctly and will display “rich snippets” as you envision them.

Based on this, this official tool from Google – Rich Result Test – was created, which will help you very quickly test your pages for structured data and find out how they will look in the Google search engine.

For testing, simply paste the URL into the tool or copy the structured data from the page and run testing.

Schema Markup Validator

Schema Markup Validator (formerly known as “Structured Data Testing Tool”) is another tool from Google that is used for testing structured data.

However, with one major difference – instead of testing only that data that is only intended to visually enrich the search results for Google, this tool tests virtually all types of structured data from the library.

Other types of structured data can help you increase the relevance of your site to search engines other than Google, or ” explain ” to search engines what your site is about.

The Markup Validator scheme, similar to the Rich Result Test, is very easy to use.

Simply paste the required URL into the tool and run testing – the tool will then show you any code errors or detected items that it knows from


SEOprofiler is one big package of comprehensive SEO tools that will help you with visibility in the Google search engine as well as with overall optimization.

This tool covers almost all SEO industries:

  • Keyword search and analysis
  • Analysis and building backlinks
  • Check your position in Google search engine
  • SEO audits
  • Website monitoring
  • Web analytics
  • Local SEO

In addition, this brand also offers on-page and off-page optimization, with various suggestions on how to improve your site.

SEOprofiler also focuses on mobile SEO, which makes it possible to improve the position of your site for mobile devices.

Although SEOprofiler is a paid toolkit, it also offers a free trial for a 7-day version, so you can try out its services and see if it’s right for you.

💡 Tip: SEOprofiler also offers a free OpenLinkProfiler tool , thanks to which you can search for and analyze external backlinks to any URL at any time.

Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Xenu is, so to speak, an ” old school ” SEO tool that has been with us for more than 10 years.

It is a relatively straightforward computer program that checks for broken links on websites.

Xena must be downloaded and installed, then you can use it to regularly check all your URLs – the tool will be able to report to you whenever you need it.

Although reminiscent of Ice Age software in its UX, it performs its role of link control seamlessly and efficiently – not to mention that it is a free tool that anyone can use.


BuzzSumo is one of the popular tools for identifying trends or popular topics for content marketing.

Since 2013, it has been helping content creators for websites to find out what people are searching for and what they show the highest interest in in particular niches.

BuzzSumo consists of 4 key components that can help you with content marketing and maximize your campaigns:

  • Content Discovery – This is a search for keywords along with monthly traffic for specific terms, time trends, as well as identifying key trends in different regions.
  • Content Analysis – In addition to searching for keywords, BuzzSumo can identify the most popular types of formats for a given topic, compare content across periods, and discover popular content in your competition.
  • Influencer Search – Because BuzzSumo focuses on content that ” fits “, it also offers the ability to search for famous people in a given topic or niche who can serve as potential partners in promoting your content.
  • Trend monitoring – in addition to generating content ideas, Buzzsomu can also constantly monitor any changes in your competition, brand or within the given ” brand “.

BuzzSumo offers its services in several paid packages – each of them provides more and more searches or analyzes (according to customer needs).

In addition, it also offers a “free plan” with free use for 10 searches per month (+ several bonus benefits).


BuzzStream is a link building PR platform that can help you find influencers, prospects for external backlinks or promote your content to other groups on the Internet.

In principle, it is a highly effective tool that can simplify the search for potential backlinks, manage contacts and gradually create an email database.

BuzzStream is based on 4 fundamental principles, each built into the platform:

  • Link building search and research – the tool helps you navigate and check brochures for backlinks and automatically finds direct contacts along with useful information and metrics about external websites
  • Email communication – BuzzStream can segment the list of higher searched contacts and filter the ones you need together with the management of the emails themselves, email šablón , time of sending e-mails by brochure, etc.
  • Campaign Management – Checking and monitoring your campaigns is essential, as is BuzzStream. Thanks to it, you can have a constant overview of your contacts or other campaigns that you are currently running with your team
  • Campaign report – last but not least, BuzzStream offers clear results about your linkbuilding campaigns and an evaluation of their success.

BuzzStream is a paid platform that offers a comprehensive package of services, thanks to which you can very effectively manage opportunities for creating new online contacts.

In addition to paid packages divided by the number of users, it also offers free use of its services for the first 2 weeks!


Secockpit is one of the popular SEO tools for searching and analyzing keywords.

Thousands of businesses trust this tool when it comes to optimizing for Google, Bing or other web search engines.

As part of keyword analysis, Secockpit can help you with:

  • By searching for the best keywords – as this tool downloads data from various sources (such as Google Keyword Planner, Youtube and Amazon), it offers a comprehensive overview of what and how people search the Internet
  • Monitoring your positions – Secockpit also has a built-in rank tracker that can monitor and update your positions on Google on a daily basis, or monitor your competition
  • PPC analysis – in addition to suitable keywords, Secockpit can filter out keywords that would be suitable for your PPC campaigns

Although Secockpit is a paid tool, it also offers a free 7-day trial.

You do not need to install anything to use this tool – just register and you can use it through your browser.


CognitiveSEO is a toolkit that is guaranteed to help you optimize your web pages.

Whether you are an SEO specialist, a marketing agency or a product brand, CogniviteSEO can help you in a variety of industries: from increasing traffic, through monitoring your website to analyzing backlinks.

This SEO toolset covers everything you need for optimization:

  • Keyword and content analysis – whether you need to find suitable content for copywriting or find out what the intention is behind the keyword, the “Content Optimization Tool” will show you all the necessary data.
  • SEO audit and on-page optimization – CognitiveSEO also offers tools for detecting weaknesses in your site and makes recommendations for improving their search engine optimization
  • Backlinks Analysis – This will allow you to find backlinks for your competitors, or links that would be able to increase your position in search results.

In addition, CognitiveSEO offers many other tools such as detection of unnatural and potentially harmful links, local tracking for all regions and languages, unique data for analyzing your competition strategy and much more.


SEMOR is one of the interesting Czech SEO tools that can make it easier for you to analyze keywords or check backlinks.

This tool offers several features that set it apart from the rest of the competition:

  • Datamining – SEMOR can find information about domains that may not even belong to you.
  • Backlink checker – with this tool you can quickly and easily obtain, download and analyze a backlink report for any domain
  • Keyword search and analysis – SEMOR provides information on keyword search for Google as well as for, thanks to which you can expand your overview of keyword popularity for the Czech market as well. The tool also specializes in keyword searches using the “ Keyword Golden Ratio ” (KGR) metric, a metric that is calculated based on a keyword’s search and the number of actual results that are shown to that keyword for Google.

Another interesting feature of the SEMOR tool is its method of payment – you do not necessarily have to pay a monthly fee to use it, but you only pay for those functions that you really need and use.


SurferSEO is a unique tool for optimizing your content on web pages so that it is able to compete with the top results in Google search.

It is one of the few platforms that uses an incredible number of algorithms for analyzing competing content, thanks to which you will get a comprehensive overview of how and what you should improve on your website in a few minutes.

SurferSEO offers an incredibly large number of features, covering for example:

  • Content strategy preparation – thanks to SurferSEO you can save tens of hours of preparation for content optimization and content strategy creation
  • Content Outline – With this tool, you can enhance your content, headings, subheadings, paragraphs, or even the tone of your writing in minutes.
  • Suggestions for improving content – SurferSEO can analyze competing websites and offer you a lot of important information – whether it is the size of the content, the number of images on the competing content, the content structure, the keywords used, etc.
  • Content audit – in addition to creating the content itself, you can also check it to find out which topics you do not cover, or find a ” hole ” in competing content.

Thanks to the above-mentioned benefits, you will never have to bother manually analyzing articles on the Internet and looking for improvements that would normally take you hours.

SurferSEO offers 3 paid packages of its services (BASIC, PRO and BUSINESS) with a 30-day money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction with the tool.

Authority Labs

Authority Labs is a tracking SEO tool that provides reliable and accurate data on keywords, local and mobile positions in Google results as well as providing keywords that you simply cannot find.

This tool specializes in several SEO industries:

  • It monitors the SEO performance of your site on Google
  • It provides very accurate local search results data even for very small regional keywords
  • Shows search results for mobile devices as well
  • It offers global tracking of sites or domains within any region or language supported by Google, Bing, or even Yahoo!

Although Authority Labs is a paid tool, it also offers a free trial for anyone who is unsure of the utility of this tool.


Spotibo is an SEO agency that also offers an interesting SEO audit tool for quick and easy analysis of your content on the pages along with various technical details (such as problems with indexing, redirect pages, duplicate content, etc.).

By simply entering the URL, you will immediately get an overview of whether the given page has any technical problems.

Spotibo analyzes sites from several SEO technical perspectives such as:

  • Title tag issues
  • Problems with headings and subheadings
  • Meta descriptions
  • Pictures
  • Redirect commands
  • Duplicate content with canonical tags
  • Links and their implementation
  • Crawl and index issues
  • Server issues

Thanks to Spotibo and its on-page analysis, you will save tens of hours of time and literally get an overview of potential problems with your website in just a few clicks.

Spotibo offers its tool for one month for free (with limited services) and then you can continue to use it for a relatively small fee.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is an addon for Chrome and Firefox browser which, after simple installation, will help you display keywords , along with their number of searches per month, price per click as well as data about competing websites and their keywords.

Its unique advantage is that it saves a lot of time when analyzing keywords – instead of wasting time copying data from one website while comparing it with data from another, Keywords Everywhere will simply help you view it.

This tool pulls data from a variety of sources (such as Google and Bing) and displays other useful data in addition to keywords, such as:

  • “People Also Search For” data along with their number of searches
  • Historical search volume (thanks to data retrieved from Google Trends)
  • The number of visitors to the site from Google search

The tool offers a paid but also a free version, thanks to which you can try it before the actual implementation.


Deepcrawl is a technical SEO platform that can help you find options for the growth and protection of your website – it is a popular SEO tool used by many successful companies such as Adobe, Microsoft or even Paypal or Disney

Deepcrawl divides its SEO functions into 3 main categories:

  • Deepcrawl Detect – This is an SEO Analytics hub that will help you get an overview of the “health” of your website technically thanks to its own crawler (SEO spider), which browses and analyzes your data.
  • DeepCrawl Protect – It is an automated SEO hub that performs tests on your site and looks for potentially dangerous SEO errors that could negatively affect your site in search results.
  • Deepcrawl Connect – a useful hub for consolidating the acquired data, which you can then integrate into other tools (such as PowerBi or Tableau).


Algoroo is a very simple but useful online SEO tool – it detects any changes or fluctuations in the search results for Google.

Any positive or negative changes are thus visually displayed on the timeline along with the so-called value ” roo ” – a value that indicates how much change or update occurred in Google algorithms.

As a result, you can always keep track of whether the changes in your search results are yours alone or a global update.

In addition, Algoroo also records official timeline updates that Google has made known.

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