Eshops for rent – which are the best? (list)

A list of the best e-shops for rent, including an introduction to their features. Which will be the best fit for your business?

What is an e-shop for rent?

Do you want to start selling online? Then you need a suitable solution for creating and operating an e-shop. For those who are discouraged by the costs and time required to create a custom e-shop, an e-shop for rent, also called a boxed e-shop, is an excellent solution.

So e-shops for rent offer the opportunity to start selling almost immediately without any knowledge of programming.

I have selected several of the best e-shop solutions for you, including a brief overview of their functions :



The Czech Webnode also offers a platform for e-shops. There are more than 100 šablón in a modern design adapted for different types of goods. All are responsive to support mobile sales growth.

For visibility in search engines, you will be able to use SEO settings with page title and description, keywords and URL editing . However, with Webnode you will create an e-shop with your own domain from the paid version in the Standard package for € 9.90 per month. It is especially suitable for small and medium-sized shops.

You can create an e-shop with Webnode and the system also offers the conversion of an existing Webnode page into a store. This platform promises easy addition of products, in the clear administration you will also find traffic statistics, manage orders here and the like. Different transport and payment methods can be chosen for perfect shopping comfort. There is also the possibility of setting discounts, adding product variants, importing goods and exporting to price comparators.

For more information, I recommend checking out my Webnode review .



Anyone looking for a solution to start a business can create an e-shop with the Czech Fast-webstore platform , it is also suitable for existing online stores. In a clear user interface, it offers many advanced functions for creating an e-shop even for beginners . If you are unsure about something, you will find a number of instructions at Fast-webstore Academy directly on the website. All functions of the online store can be tried for free for 15 days. Paid service packages start at € 7.25 per month. They differ in the number of products in the store, the amount of disk space, the number of usable šablón and other parameters.

Fast-webstore offers more than two dozen responsive šablón with design tailored to different industries. The administration of the e-shop is also responsive, with the possibility of SEO setting up the goods, creating their variants and attaching photos and videos . Features like:

  • stock monitoring,
  • bulk shares,
  • prices can be entered in up to two different currencies,
  • choice of transport and payment,
  • generating reports and invoices.

There are also important functions for marketing and SEO . The system also supports data export for price comparators, interconnection with accounting systems and the like. The advantage is the possibility of up to 9 language mutations. Multiple e-shops can also be managed in one administration if a connection with Dropareal is available.

For more information, I recommend checking out my Fast-webstore review .



Eshop-rychlo is a platform in which you can create a functional online store within a few minutes. It is suitable for start-up businesses, small and large e-shops . Paid versions allow you to use your own domain, rent hosting and email. Prices start at € 15.60 with 5 GB space.

The administration of the e-shop is adapted to ordinary users and you will quickly find your way around the clear menu. Statistics of orders, traffic and the rate of leaving the store for various time periods are available. You can use several tools for SEO optimization, for example :

  • meta title and description,
  • description for Facebook,
  • SEO product settings.

With, you can adapt the design of the store according to the focus of the store by selecting a suitable šablóny . You can also customize the appearance of the šablóny itself, header, footer, font, and so on. Data import and product variants will help you manage and add products. Plus are clear order management, automatic messaging, payment settings and transport adapted to Slovak conditions .

To support sales, you can use marketing tools such as discount coupons, product reviews, import reviews from Eureka and export to product comparators. In addition, the entire system can be connected to the accounting systems Pohoda, Money S3 and Ekonom.

For more information, I recommend looking at my Eshop-rychlo review .



I also included the Czech tool FAPI among the most famous platforms for e-shops. It is basically a sales form that is intended for smaller companies and will also be used by self-employed people. With FAPI, you add a sales form to your existing site to sell both physical and online products and services. You can also use it to charge for premium site content.

Like other tools, FAPI is designed for users who have no experience with site programming. It can accept orders, issue invoices, confirm their payment, send goods and supports the export of data to the accounting system . FAPI enables regular invoicing, deduction of payments from a payment card and purchase on installments. It will also monitor legislative changes.

The FAPI creators also thought about sales and responsiveness reports. The number of forms you add to your site is unlimited . There are also clear sales statistics.

For more information, I recommend checking out my FAPI review .



SimpleShop is another tool that you can use to add a sales form to your website . It promises ease of use and clarity for anyone who chooses to sell courses, e-books, videos, memberships and access to premium content. You can also use it to sell physical products.

SimpleShop offers a number of functions :

  • issuing invoices,
  • sending orders,
  • delivery of online products.
  • providing discount coupons,
  • export of documents for offices,
  • connection to Google Analytics,
  • connection to Czech and Slovak banks and payment gateways,
  • payment matching
  • regular deduction of card payments.

It also supports sales abroad and links to the accounting programs Pohoda and MoneyS3 . You can customize the appearance of the sales form. You can also use the connection to well-known e-mailing tools, such as MailChimp, SmartEmailing and the like.

You can use SimpleShop for free, you only pay a 5% commission on the sale per month. If you do not sell anything in a given month, you do not pay anything. The maximum commission will only climb to a price of approximately € 58 (CZK 1,500). The method of payment is an advantage especially for beginning entrepreneurs. They can turn their site into a store at no extra cost.



WEXBO is an online platform for e-shops and websites . It provides all the necessary tools to create and manage a functional online store. You test the system for free for the first 15 days, then you can order one of the service packages. A cheaper package for the e-shop will cost you € 11 per month (possibility for a maximum of 300 invoices issued per month).

Like other systems for creating websites and online stores, WEXBO built on clarity and ease of use. It can therefore also be used by beginners. You can customize the default u šablón to give it an original look by moving individual modules, adjusting the background, header, and other elements.

Already in the basic package of services, you get additional modules, such as contacts, news, ratings, links to social networks and the like. E-mail boxes, payment gateways, invoicing and transportation services are a matter of course. You can also create versions in other languages and sell in multiple world currencies. WEXBO supports connection to the Pohoda accounting system.

When selling, you will certainly appreciate the various features:

  • stock records,
  • creation of variants of goods,
  • adding discounts,
  • bulk import and export,
  • product comparison,
  • SEO optimization tools such as meta title and description, keywords, friendly URLs, alternative image descriptions and more.

Statistics don’t just include sales reports. They inform you about the most frequently searched phrases on the site and you will find out which articles people read the most.



Mioweb is a Czech tool for creating websites and e-shops. It offers a complete online business solution for smaller businesses . Pre-created šablóny tailored to different business areas are used to create the site design. Responsive design is a matter of course. This service is among the more expensive, it will cost you € 95 per month.

The range of Mioweb features includes daily data backup, product variant creation, sales buttons, express purchase buttons and connection to payment gateways . There is no lack of warehousing, connection to invoicing tools and EET support.

For marketing allows you to use advanced marketing settings and SEO tools. It supports Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Search Console as well as social networking. You will also be able to connect your e-shop to e-mail tools such as MailChimp or SmartEmailing. It also offers links to many other tools and clear statistics.

For more information, I recommend checking out my Mioweb review .



UPgates brings the benefits of a customized e-shop in a boxed solution. This tool will help you create a fully functional e-shop without having to use the services of professionals. You don’t have to rely on the graphics of pre-created šablón (they are all responsive and user-friendly). You can customize the graphics to your liking. You can change the color, font, hide parts you don’t need, layout, logo orientation and much more. It is also possible to make detailed edits in HTML and CSS using a code editor. UPgates is available to try for up to 30 days for free. Then you choose one of the 4 price variants of sharp operation. The cheapest package for € 19 per month is enough for a shop with up to 50 types of goods.

With UPgates you run an e-shop with many functions and the possibility of creating language mutations. Features include automated order management and invoicing for both retail and wholesale. Of course, there is a connection to transport options, payment gateways, price comparators and connections with suppliers and customers. Purchasing facilitates product filtering and sorting. It is possible to offer alternatives for each product and add instructions, articles and external URLs and create variants.

Marketing tools include a loyalty system, adding discounts, ratings and reviews, social networking links, and a record of unfinished baskets. You can also include the “watchdog” function and recommendations for buying additional goods in your e-shop. There are also tools for SEO business optimization and clear statistics.

For more information, I recommend checking out my UPgates review .



Shoptet is one of the most popular Czech providers for creating, managing and maintaining an e-shop.

It is a platform for e-shop solutions, which focuses mainly on budding entrepreneurs or complete beginners who do not yet have much experience in creating online stores.

Shoptet can be proud of a long tradition, an incredibly large number of satisfied customers and positive references – it has been operating since 2008 and was founded by Miroslav Uďan (after his departure in 2021, his successors took over the management of this company).

Currently, more than 22,000 people around the world use Shoptet as an e-commerce solution.

If Shoptet should be characterized in just a few words, it is, in short, a very simple and quick solution for anyone who is going to set up a reliable e-shop.

For more information, I recommend looking at my Shoptet review , where you will also find a useful ebook as a bonus



Mozello is an e-shop platform that was developed in Latvia. It offers a quick creation of your own website or online store in a modern design. Anyone can create a responsive page here, even in several language versions.

The e-shop created with Mozello contains all the functions for automatic sales, accepting payments and supports several delivery options. Marketing and SEO features are available to support site traffic. It is possible to edit colors and images, layout and font on pre-prepared šablóna . Further modifications are possible via HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Mozello does not offer its own solution for tracking statistics, but you can use Google Analytics.

You can use a website without your own domain for free, your own domain is available in a paid version from € 6 per month. The basic version also allows the operation of a fully functional e-shop. If you would like to use some advanced features (discount codes, import and export products) you will upgrade to the premium version.



The BigCommerce e-shop platform is intended for all those who would like to develop their online sales. It is suitable for businesses at every stage of growth, from startups to large enterprises. Simply put, BigCommerce is here to help merchants sell more.

With BigCommerce you will create an e-shop in an original design that will set you apart from the competition. This will allow you to drag and drop, customize pre-prepared šablón using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Do you have a page created in WordPress? If you choose BigCommerce, you can easily add it using the plugin. Sales can be supported with more than 70 discounts and promotions, SEO optimization tools or various payment methods. Statistics, product import and export, and other features are also available.

With BigCommerce, you sell not only in the form of your own online store, but also through social networks or Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping. You can use this platform for sales in any language, payments can be accepted in more than 100 currencies through locally used payment gateways.



Shopify is used by businesses in more than 175 countries around the world. It offers a solution that anyone can use to set up their online store. With Shopify, you get a platform for launching and operating an e-shop, regardless of the size of the company . You can order the basic package from $ 29 per month.

There are more than 70 šablón for trading in various areas, and the number of products is unlimited. There are no lack of marketing tools to support sales, adapted to the constant development of technology.

One platform will allow you to sell online by creating an online store and facilitate personal sales in a personal collection store. You can also turn an existing site into a store or sell it through social media.

For more information, I recommend checking out my Shopify review .

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