SmartEmailing – Czech tool for e-mail marketing (Review)

A detailed review and my experience with the SmartEmailing tool and how to easily start email marketing with it.

E-mail marketing can effectively promote sales. However, it is often accompanied by a lot of routine work that can be easily automated. I also focused on one of the tools that will help you in this in the following review. It is SmartEmailing.

What is SmartEmailing

SmartEmailing is a Czech tool for sending e-mails for entrepreneurs and companies regardless of size . It promises reliability, a platform for collecting customer contacts and automating multi-channel communication by sending e-mails and SMS.

SmartEmailing functions

For well-functioning e-mail marketing at you will find:

Web forms

You collect e-mail addresses from your customers and site visitors using a form. You can choose from several pre-prepared forms on which you can edit the text according to your needs. Various variants are available: classic and pop-up forms . You simply paste the form on the page and start using it.

E-mail šablóny

An original email design will set you apart from the competition, but you don’t have to create it yourself. You can further modify the ready-made SmartEmailing e-mail šablóny to adapt them to your brand. Custom email creation is also available.

SmartEmailing šablóny

Practical sorting of contacts

You can easily sort the number of contacts from your customers into different segments according to different criteria . For example, according to what they bought, age, you can also sort those who have not bought anything from you yet. It will allow you to target the information you send more precisely.

Personal text and personalization

Impersonal e-mails seem advertising at first glance and often end up in deleted mail. SmartEmailing therefore offers message personalization. In addition to addressing, it is possible to send an individual text to everyone.

Automation of distribution

You can individually set different e-mail sending times . You can set it for the time when you expect the recipient to read it. The system works 24/7 without you having to supervise anything.


All elements, such as pre -made email šablóny and forms, are fully responsive . They adapt to display on both mobile devices and computers. Their display in the most frequently used browsers and freemails is also tested.


Do you want to offer discounts for a birthday or other holiday? Since SmartEmailing uses the Czech and Slovak calendars, it will allow you to send them to names too . Attach the greeting along with your special offer for the birthday person in an email or SMS.

A/B testing

Don’t know how to reach your contacts? SmartEmailing features allow you to test different campaigns . You will find out the result according to the rate of opening messages or clicks.

Statistics for more effective email marketing

The administration of SmartEmailing also includes statistics in which you will find out which recipients opened your message and when, which elements interested them the most , which content brought the most clicks to your page, and so on. This will give you quality materials for further campaigns.

Unsubscribe link

Contacts from your database are also automatically unsubscribed. Therefore, you do not have to worry about sending unsolicited advertising. The unsubscribe link is placed in the footer of messages .

Pricing for SmartEmailing

You can try the entire system for free for 14 days with the ability to send up to 1,000 e-mails. If you decide to continue using SmartEmailing, the price is determined based on the number of your contacts. The lowest tariff for up to 500 contacts costs CZK 193 per month (EUR 7.60). If you decide to pay in annual intervals, the monthly fee will be cheaper.

Credits will need to be purchased to send SMS messages.

SmartEmailing prices

Each e-mail is counted only once, regardless of whether it is included in only one or several lists . Opted out contacts are not counted.

Account setup services and workshops

Several services are also available:

  • account setting,
  • switch from another tool,
  • e-mailing settings for Shoptet,
  • creation of custom email šablón and coding,
  • complex outsourcing of e-mail marketing.

SmartEmailing also offers a comprehensive account audit , which includes a check including answering all your questions. Based on the obtained data, you will be recommended procedures to increase the effectiveness of e-mail marketing.

Technical support

Technical support is available during business days. If you need advice on something, you can contact her via online chat, by phone and by e-mail. You should receive a reply to your message within a few minutes.

In the system administration you will also find a link to the help center, where you can find a number of clear instructions on various topics. You can also view video courses for beginners here. Can’t figure something out? You can sign up for an online workshop for beginners, employee training can be ordered for companies.

SmartEmailing tutorial list
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SmartEmailing guide

If you want to try SmartEmailing for free , just fill in your details and you can start using it. After logging in, you will be greeted by a clear administration panel, which you can easily find your way around .

Here you will find options for contacts, including import and export, functions for creating campaigns and web forms.

Are you interested in statistics? The main statistics can be found on the administration board, more detailed reports have their own functions, which you can find in the menu.

SmartEmailing message board

Creation of e-mail šablóny

You can create a new u šablón for sending e-mails from pre-prepared solutions, or have a custom u šablón created. There are šablóny thematically adapted to different occasions and focus. In addition, you can choose basic šablóny , the elements of which you create yourself. As an example, I chose a new product called DARKmode.

SmartEmailing šablóna for creating e-mail

Beginners will certainly appreciate the efforts of the SmartEmailing developers to help at every step . By the time you get to grips with the entire system, you will surely appreciate it often. Without having to look for a link to help, you have the most important information located just below the question mark at the top of the page. Others will guide you through the steps of creating an email.

Editing elements

All elements can be edited on e- šablón . You can change the image, texts, name the buttons, insert links and much more. All editing options are shown to you after clicking on the corresponding element, and you can also delete it . Here you will find tools for text colors, fonts, headings, alternative text or image captions, and others. After completing individual edits, you save your work by clicking the End edits button on the right side of the page.

SmartEmailing tools for editing šablóny

There are tools for adding new elements such as spaces, headings, texts, buttons, products with an image on the right or left, links to social networks, a signature and various benefits (free shipping, returns within xx days). You can find these tools in the panel on the right side of the screen.

Saving and sending e-mails

After editing is complete, it is recommended to submit a preview first. This function offers sending to up to 10 different addresses, you can find the corresponding button after scrolling to the bottom of the page. Sending a preview allows you to see how the email will look when it arrives in the recipient’s mailbox. This way, you will avoid the fact that you only notice the need for further adjustments after sending.

Advantages and disadvantages of SmartEmailing

SmartEmailing is a tool that makes sending emails more efficient to all business entities, regardless of size. It will also suit those who have no experience with similar systems.


  • clear and intuitive administration
  • a collection of picture tutorials and video tutorials
  • is in the Czech language
  • fast customer support
  • personalization of e-mails
  • import and export of contacts
  • contact segmentation
  • uses the Czech and Slovak calendars for sending birthday SMS
  • a comprehensive solution for e-mail marketing with clear statistics
  • rich options for editing individual šablón and specific elements
  • automation
  • pre-prepared šablóny and customized solutions
  • A/B testing
  • helpful and fast customer support


  • images can be resized but cannot be cropped
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