Review: Is it worth using Webnode to create a website?

Detailed review and my experience with Webnode + a guide on how to create a website or blog for free easily and without programming.

Webnode: review and my experience

Introduction: What is a webnode?

Webnode is an online tool for creating and managing websites. It has functions for creating web presentations without the need for installation or configuration. By dragging the mouse (known as drag & drop) it is possible to easily place many interactive elements on the site, such as Polls, articles, discussion forums, blogs, FAQs, forms, etc. [source: wiki ]

webnode logo
new logo
Webnode - previous logo
Previous logo

Webnode comes directly from the Czech Republic – it was developed by Westcom sro based in Brno. It has become a very popular tool all over the world, in addition to the sk and cz versions it also exists in many other languages such as English, German, Portuguese, etc.

This tool has been on the market for over 15 years and has been used by more than 45 million users worldwide. One of the main reasons for its success is the ease of creating websites.

Tutorial: how to create a website for free

This detailed review also includes step-by-step instructions on how to create a free website at . This will help you better understand how this tool works. It’s really simple:

1. Go to the website and click on Create website :

Click on Create website

2. Fill in the site name , email and password :

webnode registration

3. Choose whether you want a website or an online store:

Page type
Page type

4. Choose your šablón u. You can preview it before selecting:

webnode - preview šablóny demo
šablóny preview (demo)

5. The tool will create a website url for you. Go to edit page :

Site and domain editing
Edit page

6. Customize the look and content of the website in a drag & drop editor and click the publish button:

Builder and save changes

Your free site is ready and available online.

Creating multiple websites

To see what the page would look like with a different šablón , click the menu button in the upper right corner. Here, select My Projects and then click Create Page . This way, you can create multiple pages while trying out different looks.

Login to Webnode

To log in to the administrative panel next time, click on Log in on their homepage (top right next to the menu button). You can enter your login there.

Page settings

You can access the individual settings of the website by clicking on the Settings item in the menu. It is possible to set the site name, search engine indexing, etc. here. Some items are only available for premium packages.

Webnode - settings
Page settings

Add a page

To add a new page, click on Pages in the menu. You will be taken to the site management. There, click on Add page :

How to add a page
How to add a page

Select šablóny for the page

You can then select šablón for the page. The following page types are available: blank page, products, blog, photo gallery, about us, contact, price list, locked page, portfolio, services, two columns, three columns and references.

Select šablóny for the page
Select šablóny for the page

Webnode video tutorial

If you prefer video tutorials, I recommend watching this video tutorial :

Tip: If you do not know how to do something despite the instructions, visit the website and Viliam will advise you free of charge.

What’s in the free version?

The basic version of Webnode is free. But what does this free version actually contain? Like it, here is a list of its basic features:

The website has no time limit – its url address is permanently available. However, there are limits to how much traffic your website can handle. So, if a lot of traffic starts to flow to your site, may cancel your site after reaching the limit.

The website can have a maximum of 100 MB and a monthly data transfer of 1 GB (for display to visitors):

Free version restrictions
Free version restrictions

The address is on a subdomain – for example: jurosko9. , which I created for this review. It doesn’t look very professional.

Advertising – You will see a Webnode ad on a free site. Ad serving can only be canceled in the STANDARD premium package.

The free version does not allow language versions , so you can’t make a multi-language website on it.

Price list of premium packages

In this part of the review you will find a brief overview and price of individual premium packages with comments. If you want to see the current Webnode price list and list of features, I recommend looking at the official website .

Price list of Premium Services
Price list of premium services

LIMITED package

The price of the package is € 2.95 per month.

This basic premium package practically allows you to add your own existing domain from other hosting sites to your website, or buy a completely new domain in Webnode .

The LIMITED package has a significant reduction in traffic (1 GB of data transfer) and storage space (100 MB), so a larger package is required for larger websites. Another disadvantage is that you will continue to see the Webnode ad on the site as in the free version.

MINI package

The price of the package is € 4.95 per month.

The MINI plan offers a free domain for the first year. From the second year, the domain can be extended for a standard fee. It also offers 500 MB of storage and 3 GB of data transfer, 1 e-mail box, a form creator, web statistics and background video. As a negative, I perceive that, like the previous package, the MINI also contains advertisements.

STANDARD package

The price of the package is € 9.95 per month.

STANDARD is the most popular choice for creating a professional website. Therefore, it is the most common paid package. This plan has a storage capacity of 2 GB and a bandwidth of 10 GB, which is sufficient for higher traffic. In addition to the MINI package, it also has Google Analytics , 20 e-mail accounts and no advertising . This package also allows you to open an online store and have a bilingual website.

PROFI package

The price of the package is € 16.95 per month.

The PROFI package is best suited for large websites. This plan includes all the features of the STANDARD package, plus more storage space and no restrictions on your website’s internet traffic.

* The listed prices are from the price list valid at the time of writing this review.

Tip: start with the STANDARD package and if your site grows too big, change it to a PROFI package.

Tip 2: You can purchase a premium service package for at least one year. By purchasing a package for several years in advance, you will save tens of euros. A multi-year subscription will save you worries as well as money. You will not have to renew the services manually every year.

Free or paid version?

Wondering whether to choose the free or paid version? I recommend using the free version for testing only. If you are serious about your own website, I recommend that you buy at least the premium version of LIMITED so that you have your own domain – I know from experience that it looks more professional , will help you in SEO and thus build your own brand.

Templates to choose from

Webnode currently offers a choice of approximately 100 different šablón . All themes in Webnode are free:

Webnode - themes
Available šablóny to choose from

You can filter templates by the following categories:

  • The latest
  • Favorites
  • Company website
  • E-shop
  • Personal pages
  • Blog
  • Restaurants & Food
  • Music
  • Portfolio
  • Wedding

The administration does not include a CSS editor , so advanced CSS-aware users do not have the ability to further customize the design.

Various elements to customize

The administration provides various options to customize the appearance of the website to your liking. You can customize your site layout, colors, fonts, image galleries, text boxes, web forms, social media buttons, background colors, YouTube videos, and even integrate Google and Bing maps into your website.

How to add content
How to add content


Websites built with the Webnode editor are responsive – so they display properly on all devices with different resolutions, such as mobile phones, tablets, and monitors.

Custom domain

As for the domain, Webnode offers two options:

  • join a domain you already own (from a hosting provider or registrar)
  • register a new domain for the website through them.

Backup and recovery

With the standard Standard and Profi packages, you can make regular backups of your websites . You can then restore them to their original form at any time.

Simple administration

This tool was created for non-technical people with an emphasis on simplicity , so even a layman can create a nice website in a few minutes. The administrative environment is intuitive and is completely in Slovak.

SEO settings

This tool offers basic SEO settings – it allows you to insert a page title, page description and keywords . It also allows you to hide the page from search engines.

Webnode - seo
SEO settings

The tool also allows you to connect to Google Analytics, Google Search Console or an external email marketing tool. It also allows you to insert HTML code into the page header and footer.

Eshop – price list

In this review, I also focused on e-commerce. Possibility to create your own eshop is available in the STANDARD, PROFI or BUSINESS premium package:

webnode eshop price list
Price list of online stores

I recommend the premium Business package , which, in addition to the lower packages , offers the following useful functions :

  • sell an unlimited amount of products,
  • edit e-shop emails,
  • display prices in different currencies,
  • saves time thanks to automatic invoicing,
  • manual editing and creation of e-shop orders.

E-shop settings

All standard items such as currency, VAT rates, contact details, shipping methods and payment methods can be set up for e-commerce.

webnode - eshop
E-shop settings

Ways of transport has set basic modes of transport such as Slovenská pošta, DHL and personal collection. These modes of transport can be renamed, deleted or added . So you can also set and name your own modes of transport, their price and even the url for tracking the shipment.

Payment methods

From the payment methods it is possible to set up payment in cash, cash on delivery, PayPal, bank transfer and payment by card (via the GP Webpay payment gateway), or use some own method of payment – enter its name and price.

Conversion tracking

You can link the e- shop to your Google Ads account or Facebook pixel and see if the ad leads to conversions. You can also paste your own conversion tracking HTML code into your Thanks for your order page.

Product and price comparators

Product comparators can help you reach even more customers. Webnode has prepared products files in xml format for you, which you just need to upload to your account in the selected comparator.

The following product and price comparators are currently available in the tool :

  • Google Merchant Center
  • Facebook

Blog and articles

You can also add a blog to your site. Webnode lets you choose your preferred layout, optimize posts with available SEO tools, and even set up deferred publishing:

Blog - article management
Blog – article management

The article editor allows you to add elements such as videos, titles, text, images, links and more:

Content editor
Content editor

Multilingual website

The possibility to create language versions of the website is possible from the premium STANDARD package. Having a multilingual website is especially important if you have international traffic.

FAQ, help and support

If you have a problem or question, you can see the help on the official website or contact support . It is possible to contact support via the contact form or by email at support @ . They are available 7 days a week and try to respond within 24 hours. They guarantee priority support within the premium packages.

User reviews and experiences

If you’re interested in previews of pages created in Webnode and reviews and real-world user experiences , I recommend looking at:

webnode - user reviews
User reviews and experiences

The pros and cons

As part of this review, I wrote the individual pros and cons of Webnode in the following table:

+ Extensive šablón database.– Paid packages are required for several functions.
+ Unlimited sites per account.– Own domain possible only in the premium package.
+ You don’t need programming skills.– Free package display ad.
+ Ease of use.– Only suitable for a simpler e-shop.
+ Speed – basic website created within 5 minutes. 
+ Ability to create a multilingual website. 
+ You don’t have to deal with web hosting. 

Coupons and discounts

If you are looking for a discount coupon for premium packages, see the current coupon offer .

Webnode alternatives

If you still don’t like reading this review and trying out Webnode , you can try these alternatives :


Many people are considering whether to choose Webnode or WIX. is a competitive tool with similar features, so I recommend trying one too.

Weebly is another popular site creation tool . is a similar website creation and blogging tool to the previous two. For more information, see vs. .

WordPress is open source. This means you can use it for your own website for free. But to create a site, you must have your own domain and web hosting , so I recommend it to people who are interested in solving these technical issues as well.


Shopify is a platform for creating e-commerce. It runs on a cloud, so you don’t have to worry about hosting.


WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin for WordPress that allows you to create your own eshop. You will find more information in this complete WooCommerce guide .

BiznisWeb is also worth a try.

Review and my experience with webnode – summary

Based on my experience, the service is suitable for simpler websites – presentation sites, blogs, company websites or a simple online store. Its advantage is especially the ease of use. For more complex websites, I would choose WordPress. I also used it on my blog

Tip in conclusion: You can purchase a premium service package for at least one year. By purchasing a package for several years in advance, you will save tens of euros. A multi-year subscription will save you worries as well as money. You will not have to renew the services manually every year.

Did you like this Webnode review? Do you have experience with this tool? Please write me your comments in the comments below.

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