Divi – the best WordPress theme in 2019? [Review]

Divi Theme – detailed review of this multifunctional theme from the workshop Elegant Themes. I’ll show you what it can do and its individual pluses and minuses.

WordPress theme Divi

Elegant Themes is a popular builder of premium WordPress themes on the market. It offers really a lot. Its success is evidenced by more than 0.5 million customers, who have bought the Divi Theme to date.

Usage options

Theme is suitable for creating a website of any focus and size. With it, you create a complex, structured website with multiple menus, but also a simpler site. It is also suitable for one-page web.

It can be used on corporate websites, online magazines, e-shops with different focus, websites of photographers, artists, design studios and fashion agencies, as well as restaurants and hotels. And I certainly did not name all the options.

Divi theme offers everything you need to create a website. It is easy to use. In spite of many possibilities, the beginner can also get acquainted in it very fast. The setup menu is compendious and takes you through the individual steps of creating a page. It also includes several WordPress plugins for contact forms, photo gallery and sliders, setting comments, and so on. Let’s look at this a bit more in detail.

Demo Divi

You can watch the demo on this link. In this preview, you see a theme with basic settings.

This image contains a preview of various pre-prepared designs that can be used:

divi demo

For a better imagination of the theme you can watch this video introducing Divi 3.0.

What everything does Divi contain?

Divi builder

This link allows you to test the demo of a new visual builder.

Builder gets users across the individual steps with no need for special knowledge about creating websites or programming. It allows you to create a visual layout of the page. Essentially, everything can be customized: colours, fonts, font height and width, amount and layout of paragraphs, motifs and header style, menu layout, logo placement, and so on.

Divi Visual Builder allows you to instantly see individual changes and further edit them. Creating a page is also facilitated by Drag&Drop feature.

Pre-arranged layouts

It contains 20 pre-arranged page layouts. Using these settings, the website can be created within few minutes. The user can further customize them according to their wishes.

Divi rozloženie

Custom design suggestions

The advantage of Divi Theme is that design of theme does not prescribe specific page settings. You can also create your own design suggestions and page layouts. Unused settings can be saved to your own library for later use.


Responsive design

With themes of this type, a responsive design in WordPress is a matter of course. WordPress Divi Theme can be easily customized for all devices. When creating a page, the user has a live preview of how the page looks on a different type of device thanks to Visual Builder.

The speed

Divi Theme is fast. When loading text and images, the user does not waste time with unnecessary waiting. Writing texts is simplified thanks to Click and Type feature so you do not have to open the settings panel if you want to write something on the page. You just simply click directly on the page and write. The active right mouse button also contributes to the speed of the themes.

Translation into 32 languages

The undisputed advantage of this theme from Elegant Themes is its translation into 32 world languages, English is the original language. It also supports writing from right to left (RTL). Both fonts and site creation menus are tailored to different languages.

Themes for e-commerce

WordPress Divi Theme includes pre-set themes for creating an online store and is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin.

divi eshop woocommerce

Multiple users’ access

Theme allows access to multiple users. You can also set specific features that users can access.


The indisputable advantage of the Divi Theme is the emphasis of its developers on security. This is ensured in cooperation with the experts of Sucuri. Based on the Elegant Themes blog, the theme is subject to a regular audit of this security authority.

divi bezpečnosť sucuri


The great advantage of this theme is that its license is unlimited. The user can use it as many times as he wants. In addition, buying Divi Theme also provides access to 86 Elegant Themes and multiple plugins. You can choose to buy an annual or a lifetime license.

SEO optimization

Theme is optimized for search engines. Below you can see the basic settings. You can enjoy it in all types of devices. Of course, I recommend using it in combination with the free Yoast Seo plugin.

divi seo

Creating a page using Divi Theme

After loading the theme, you will find a compendious menu on the left side of the page. You can choose one of the pre-made page designs or create your own.

When loading pre-made designs, you must expect you’ll see their appearance only after opening them. However, you can also choose by name, such as Interiour, Café or Elegant, which tells you a lot about the design. Loading will take place within a few seconds. Then you just need to insert your own page content.

divi nastavenia

? Tip: Elegant Themes builders create new specific designs for Divi Theme each week. All of them can be downloaded free of charge directly through the theme, or sometimes they are published via their blog.

Menu of theme

The menu in the theme will take you step by step through setting the page layout, colour background and typography. It provides a great deal of options.

Header setting

One of advantages of the theme is the ability to choose from several options for logo placement, size, and header placement. For example:

divi menu

Navigation setting

The theme offers a choice of vertical or horizontal navigation, depending on what you prefer.

divi vertikálna navigácia

Footer setting

Just like the rest of the page, the footer also offers several features, including social networking.

Home page without headers and footers

If you want your site visitors to be welcomed with a clear, undistorted design, the theme allows you to hide the header and the footer on the home page.

Divi modules

The Divi Theme contains more than 40 modules that make content in Divi Builder. You can find image, gallery, portfolio, side menu, text, and WordPress plugins, such as WooCommerce and other features.

divi builder

Cloning Tool – Content Duplication

The advantage of this theme is the possibility of cloning, i.e. duplicating of line or section content. Thus, you do not have to create each section separately. All you need is one click.

Text, blog and rubric options

In the theme, you can set up several kinds of posts, such as galleries of pictures, videos, audio, or text. You can also create a text section so that it has an image on its background. You can also set the transparency of the image.


Divi has a special section for portfolio which offers the ability to filter individual images and more options for their presentation.

A/B testing

You can test which page view is more suited to visitors (half of the people will see one design; the second half will see the other one).


Advantages of Divi

  • A great deal of page layout options. It is flexible and does not limit in any way.
  • The ability to edit everything you see on the screen.
  • Divi Theme is easy to control. Even a beginner can work with it.
  • Unlimited license.
  • Multiple options for text, images, headers, footers, and menus.
  • Support for video and audio files.
  • Compatibility with multiple WordPress plugins.
  • Works with the WooCommerce plugin.
  • Continuous development.
  • Quality support.
  • Security.
  • Responsiveness.
  • SEO optimization.
  • Quick controlling and creating pages.
  • Divi Theme is available in multiple languages.
  • Access to other Elegant Themes and multiple plugins.


No product is perfect. In case of Divi, I can see several minuses. I let you know how I solve them.

(1) The biggest disadvantage of the theme is that rebuilding a page created using a Divi Builder on a page using another theme is quite demanding. This is because this step deactivates the builder and the text is also displayed including short codes that are otherwise hidden. Many settings are lost at this step.

Solution: try to make minor subpages in a normal WordPress editor and use Divi Builder only for essential pages like homepage and the like. Furthermore, I recommend creating blog articles through a normal editor. In case you need to cancel a builder, first copy the texts directly from the website. This will help you get clear, shortcut-free texts that you can use.

(2) Storing pages created via a builder over a frontend seems to me relatively slow, especially for large pages with many elements.

Solution: the backend editor of Divi Builder is faster.

(3) Although WordPress Divi Theme boasts that it is translated into many languages, most of them are machine translations.

Solution: fix bad translations via free plugin Loco Translate.

WordPress Divi Theme – conclusion

To summarize it briefly, I think the Divi Theme is suitable for most WordPress users who do not have technical / programming capabilities, but still they can do nice websites just with few clicks. I consider Divi to be comparable to Avada Theme.


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