10 Real Ways To Make Money On The Internet

The Internet is like a world of unlimited possibilities. You will find everything from information, through bargain shopping, to entertainment and conversations with friends. There are many opportunities for those who want to make money online.

how to make money on the internet

Create your own blog or website

If you know how to write and master spelling, creating your own blog may be right for you. You don’t have to ruin the world with surprising findings. Simply write about what you enjoy.

You can easily create your own blog via Webnode .

To get started, find a suitable topic and create a blog on your own domain . Your own domain will cost you only a few euros a year. Create quality content. Choose topics that interest people. All you need are tips for sports, a healthy lifestyle, child care or cooking. Gradually, you will gain an audience.

In order to make money on a blog, you have to monetize it. That means starting to make money on his traffic. There are several options:

  1. Affiliate campaigns – you can recommend specific goods or e-shops for a commission.
  2. Paid cooperation with manufacturers or sellers of products. For example, offer them to write reviews about products that are related to the topic of your blog.
  3. If you have high enough traffic, you can sell your own premium content or premium membership.
  4. Allow companies to publish PR articles on your website.
  5. Come with your own product, e-book or service.
  6. Sell ad space.

We will look at some of these methods in more detail.

Provide Google AdSense space

Google ads may also appear on your site. This earning opportunity will bring you enough profit if your site has high traffic. Google will match the ads to your site based on your content and the content that your visitors follow on the web. In Slovak terms, don’t expect high earnings for your ads. However, it is a nice possibility of production.

Sell your own services

The online space also creates many opportunities for freelancers. You can use sites that offer freelancers such an opportunity to promote their services. You can also create your own website to describe your services and promote it. As a freelancer you can:

  • write articles, PR articles and texts on websites,
  • create and program websites,
  • translate texts,
  • offer interior design services,
  • offer online marketing and SEO site optimization,
  • manage social networks,
  • record and edit videos, compose music,
  • organize weddings, celebrations and other events,
  • offer online coach services,
  • offer online language lessons and the like.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing works on the principle of promoting and recommending products or e-shops. You will receive a pre-arranged commission for the promotion. It is actually a sales mediation. The basis for affiliate marketing is a website with high enough traffic. In addition to quality content, you get the emphasis on SEO optimization.

If you are planning to start affiliate marketing, also gradually create an email database of people who are interested in the topic of your site. In order to achieve earnings, it will be necessary to constantly work on your website traffic using SEO optimization tools, PPC advertising or email marketing.

The area you choose for affiliate marketing is important. In order to achieve the expected effect, it must be goods or services that are related to the content of your site.

Sell premium content and membership

You can have two types of content on your website. One will be for regular visitors, the other only for those who pay a premium membership. It is important that the premium content has some added value for the reader. It should be interesting information and articles that are not commonly available on the web and for free.

How do you make money as an influencer?

An influencer is a person who influences the shopping behavior of others. You can become an influencer if you are popular enough and have a circle of fans of your site, YouTube channel and the like.

Influencer helps promote products or services to companies that pay for it. And on your own page, channel, Facebook or Instagram page. Such activities have proved most effective in the field of fashion, fitness, travel, cosmetics and lifestyle.

Do you take pictures? They also make photos

If your photos are different from the average, you can sell them. However, don’t expect to sell photos captured by your smartphone this way. You will need a digital SLR for sufficient image quality. You can sell your photos on Shutterstock or iStockphoto , for example.

This way you can gradually make money. Expect in advance the need to upload two hundred or more shots per month. It is important that you take pictures of the things that people are looking for on the internet. Therefore, look at the categories and themes of the photos in the photo banks. Copying ideas doesn’t pay off in this case. Try your own original ideas.

Don’t forget the right name and keywords. Proper labeling will ensure that your photo visitors see your photo in search.


Dropshipping is another way to make money online. It’s something between your own e-shop and affiliate marketing. Dropshipping promotes products as in the e-shop. However, you do not send or accept payments to the buyer. All you have to do is promote and communicate with the customer. The goods are delivered by the seller, who is part of the dropshipping.

The advantage of this type of business is that you do not have the capital to buy goods or a warehouse. You act as a sales agent. The seller charges a wholesale price for the goods. The end customer pays the retail price. You get the difference between them.


If you want to follow ads on advertising portals, you can also try the Sale of Things. Sales work by watching ads with interesting offers. You buy the selected goods, take quality photos and sell them again at a higher price.

Choose goods that sell well and don’t focus on areas you don’t know about. It is also important to choose the categories in which you have more secure sales of purchased items. Areas where supply pressure is above demand, such as children’s clothing, are not very suitable.

Create a YouTube channel

If none of the previous ways to make money on the Internet have hit you, you may be interested in making money through YouTube . YouTube offers videos with different focus. You will find really everything here.

If you know how to shoot an interesting video, try your own YouTube channel. Here, too, it is interesting that interesting, funny and original content is interesting. Pay attention to something that people will want to watch. And don’t forget the sound and picture quality.

You will also need to promote your YouTube channel in order to receive high views. For example, promotion through social networks is appropriate. In addition, the video titles should contain the appropriate keywords to appear in search.

The last step is to set up an ad to show on your channel. It can be ads in your video or a lot of it, skippable video ads, and so on. In order to start earning money from your ads, you need to get enough traffic.

You can also make money through the YouTube channel through affiliate marketing. All you need to do is recommend certain products in your videos.

Advice at the end

If you decide to make money online, don’t expect quick money. However, over time, in one of these ways, you can create the possibility of earning or even the main earnings. In advance, take into account that in the beginning you will have to invest your time and a lot of work.

If you’re choosing to make money online, try these tips:

  • Pay attention to what you enjoy. Do you like to take pictures? Try selling photos or even your own photo blog. If you love animals, create a page for breeders.
  • Be persistent. It will not work without consistent and persistent work. Making money on the internet always takes time.
  • Promote. If no one knows about your site, YouTube channel or services you provide online, you will not make money. Try to promote through advertising portals, social networks or using Google or Facebook ads.
  • Pay attention to what you earn. Some things will work for you more, others for less. Gradually develop those that work. If something doesn’t work, stop doing it and choose a different strategy.
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