Where to find free pictures for the web – the best stock photography

If you own a website, you know that getting quality pictures for free is not easy. I have therefore prepared this list of photo banks for you.

Kde nájsť obrázky zadarmo pre web - top 15 fotobánk

Free image sources

The use of images in the text is not just a design element for better graphic processing. People pay more attention to this text. In addition, images increase the likelihood that readers will remember your post.


Probably the most famous source of free images is Pixabay . Find more than 1.8 million photos, illustrations, vectors and videos on Pixabay. You can use them all freely on websites, social networks and media platforms, even for commercial purposes. The advantage is the ability to search by specified topic. Some images are not made in a modern style, but this may suit some sites.

Pixabay’s popularity is also its downside. If you are looking for originality for your site, you may be disappointed that you can easily find selected images on other sites.



Canva is a complete online graphics tool. This means that you can easily insert text into images here, creating thumbnails for articles, book covers, social media images, logos, greetings, and more. You will find many pictures, icons and font options here.

Canva is known for its simplicity. Creating your own graphics is really easy. That’s why I use it to create images for articles as well as on social networks.


You will find more than 1 million photos on Unsplash . This site is a paradise for all who are looking for pictures made in professional quality. This is because photos are added to this database by professionals. At Unsplash, you can search for photos with different focus as well as art photos. And not only that. You will also find textures and background images here.

The images are sorted into collections with different focus, but you can also search using the search engine on the site. All images from Unsplash can be freely used for commercial purposes.


Pexels offers a large number of images with various themes and new ones are added daily. All are available for free use for personal and commercial purposes. The downside is that you’ll find images from other sources, such as Pixabay. Some users may lack categorization. Search is only possible using the search engine. However, all images are in a professional, modern design in high resolution.


At Gratisography you will meet creativity, originality and imaginativeness. The site was founded and created by artist Ryan McGuire. You can find common and funny motifs here. The disadvantage is the smaller number of photos. All images are grouped into categories, but you can’t search for them by entering a keyword. Like other free image sources, Gratisography provides all images for free use.

Negative Space

Negative Space is another free image source that is worth mentioning. The purpose of this site is to give photographers a space to share their images. Here you will find photos divided into 16 categories. You can use the search engine to search by keyword. The photos are high quality and available in high resolution. When you scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll also be able to filter them by color.

Pic Jumbo

Picjumbo was founded in 2013 by photographer Viktor Hanacek. You can search for free images here by categorization or by a search engine. All photos are in high resolution and new ones are constantly being added. While browsing, I was fascinated by the different design of the site itself, which seemed to deviate from a number of other image sources.

If the database of freely available images is not enough for you, you can order one of the premium packages , where you will get much more. Its price ranges from $ 59 per year depending on what other benefits of the paid version you want to take advantage of.



Splitshire offers a number of high resolution photos. The disadvantage may be a smaller number of images. However, they are all available for both personal and commercial purposes. You can find the right photo using a search engine. You can also use the available categorization. In addition to pictures, free videos are also available on Splitshire.

Life of Pix

Life of Pix makes many quality photos and videos free to use. Unlike many sites where multiple photographers publish their shots, Life of Pix can also look at the faces behind the camera. The downside of the site is the absence of categorization. However, a specific image will help you find the search engine.


The non-traditional Superfamous website welcomes you with its interesting and original design. It offers resources for creating portfolios, e-shops as well as blogs and other types of sites. You can select šablóny , backgrounds, fonts and photos here. However, you will not find a traditional number of topics in the photo gallery. High resolution images of nature are available. In addition, you will also find an extensive collection of quotes here.



Flickr is one of the best known free image sources. You will need to register to use it. Then a lot of photos and videos with different focus are waiting for you. You can find the right photo by categorizing or using a search engine. However, when downloading, it is necessary to make sure that the selected photo is intended for free use.

Google images

Google Images can also help you find free images. You will need to filter all the images that you can continue to use. You can do this in the Tools menu . You can search for reusable images for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Google images
Google images

The best premium stock photos

If the offer of free image sources is not enough for you, you can visit premium photo banks. Their main advantage is the exclusivity of high quality images.


One of the most famous paid image sources is Shutterstock . In this page you will find a wide range of photos, vectors and videos divided by categories. You can also use the search engine, which allows you to search for images by the entered word.

All pictures are in high quality. This is thanks to the approval that every author who sells their photos on Shutterstock has to go through. The advantage is also the availability of the site in the Czech language.

You can try Shutterstock for free. If you want to upgrade to the paid version, the package offer starts at € 29 per month. Various personal, team and business plans are available.



iStockphoto offers pictures, illustrations, backgrounds, video and audio files. All media are clearly categorized. Also on this site, each author must go through an approval process, which results in really high quality images in high resolution.

To download images or other media from iStockphoto, you must order one of the available service packages. Their price starts at € 29 per month. To use the iStockphoto service to download only a few images, you can only purchase credits to download them.


123RF has millions of photos, vectors, videos and audio files ready for its users. In addition to categorization and keyword search, you can also filter images. For example, by orientation, style, or color. You can view the site for free, you only pay for downloading files. The advantage is also the availability of the site in the Czech language.

123RF will please you not only with the quality of the available media but also with its price. If you buy an annual plan, the lowest price rate starts at € 24 per month.


Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is a premium photobank where you can find photos, illustrations, vectors, videos, šablóny and 3D images. You can download a preview of the images after registration. You have to pay for the right to use the pictures.

As with other photobanks, the search is simplified by the ability to search by keyword. You can refine your search by filtering by size, color, price or commercial use and so on.

The advantage is the ability to link the site to other Adobe applications. Package prices start at € 29.99 per month.


Depositphotos will suit all users who are looking for a quality source of images in the Czech language. Here you can choose from more than 140 million images, vectors, videos and photos for newspaper articles divided into clear categories.

At first glance, the professional quality of the photos is obvious. Online support and mobile applications are also available. Prices for paid packages start at € 29 per month.


Dreamstime is a quality source for premium images, where you will find more than 120 million photos.

Envato Elements

Envato Elements contains thousands of photos, fonts and šablón .

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