How to eshop via WordPress (complete guide)

Make an e-shop in WordPress and start making money today. We will show you how you can do it quickly and easily via the WooCommerce plugin .

Eshop vo WordPress cez plugin WooCommerce

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that adds e-shop functionality to the website. It is one of the most frequently used e-commerce platforms. It is powered by 28% of online stores in the world.

The plugin is freely downloadable from the WordPress repository . It is compatible with many WordPress šablóna me and most of their extensions.

Why make an e-shop in WordPress?

Making an e-shop in WordPress via the WooCommerce plugin brings many benefits. I consider the following to be the most important benefits:

  • Even a beginner can install and set up individual functions of the site. You do not need to have any knowledge of programming.
  • For easier and faster search of goods, it allows you to add several categories, colors, sizes and the like to each product.
  • Displays product ratings directly on the individual product page.
  • Allows you to set several types of product order : from newest, cheapest, most expensive, by popularity, or by rating.
  • It supports external payment gateways – specifically more than 140 specific payment gateways. You can accept credit card payments, via PayPal, Amazon Payments, Stripe or bank transfers. Payment can also be set upon delivery of the goods.
  • Of course, you can also adjust the currency settings .
  • Allows you to add many features to a page. For example: booking of goods, Google maps, online chat, links to social networks and cost calculations based on the customer’s geolocation.
  • Available plugins for accounting and invoicing.
  • You do not have to worry about data loss when changing web hosting providers. With the Woo plugin, you have all the data under control.
  • Supports mobile devices -> is responsive .

Does WooCommerce seem too complicated to you? Try FAPI , SimpleShop or eshop-fast .

How to make a WordPress eshop?

You can make a WordPress e-shop by installing and setting up the WooCommerce plugin . If you do not know how to do this, see this guide on how to install the plugin .

Do you need a more detailed procedure? See the complete WooCommerce guide for beginners on how to make an eshop. This is the most comprehensive free online WooCommerce guide in Slovak, so you will find everything you need here.

What is needed to create an e-shop?

In addition to the plugin itself , you need :

Web hosting and domain

Hosting is space on the server. You need this space to store the files of your site that are important for its functionality. In addition, you need a domain – page name. The domain points to the place on the server where your data is stored.

When choosing hosting , keep in mind whether it is optimized for WordPress. It should also provide sufficient loading speed for your site, be secure and offer 24-hour customer support, and be available without frequent server downtime. Also compare the prices of hosting providers.

💡 Tip: Choosing the right hosting is crucial for a fast website ⏱ . I recommend betting on verified quality ➡️ Bluehost or SiteGround.

Template suitable for eshop

Once you have the hosting and domain selected, you also need a suitable šablón that is compatible with the Woo plugin. For inspiration, you can see this list of the top 30 šablón for e-shops .

I have a good experience with Flatsome from premium e-shop šablón and from free ones with the official Storefront theme directly from the WooCommerce team.

WooCommerce plugins

You can extend the functionality of the e-shop with appropriately selected plugins. Of the premium plugins, I recommend official plugins and plugins from YIThemes .

💡 Do you want a faster ⏱ website? Website speed is important for both visitors and SEO. I got the best results thanks to the WP Rocket plugin, which I highly recommend.

Payment gateways

You can use different payment gateways for your e-shop. The following plugins are most often used to implement payment gateways in WooCommerce:

  • can be found here WooCommerce plugins for payment gateways and invoicing.
  • – specializes in WooCommerce plugins for the Czech and Slovak e-shop environment. Here you will find useful plugins for shipping, payment gateways, invoicing and accounting, product comparators, dropshipping, XML feeds and more.

If you want to know everything that awaits you in terms of laws, suppliers and other obligations, read the article how to set up an eshop .


In addition to WooCommerce, there are other excellent ecommerce solutions through which you can make an eshop. If you want to make your own e-shop quickly and easily, I recommend trying one of these services:

Official sources

Go to WooCommerce

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