WordPress themes for ecommerce – TOP 30 for 2019

In this article, I chose the best WordPress themes for ecommerce in 2019. The top 30 of the free and premium WooCommerce themes that have captivated me with their looks, speed and creativity. As a bonus, I will tell you which two of WooCommerce themes have proven best to me.

WordPress themes for ecommerce

Finding conforming WordPress themes for ecommerce may not be easy. Not because WordPress doesn’t offer quality solutions. Just because they have so much to offer. You may be so overwhelmed by the richness of choice that you won’t be able to choose just one. Maybe my little review will help you in your selection.

A great advantage of WordPress themes for ecommerce is its link to the WooCommerce plugin, which is rich in feature selection to create ecommerce, and thus a great solution for any online store. The individual themes differ from each other.

Especially free themes are a real surprise. Though less in number than paid themes, they offer enough features for a well-arranged page layout. Paid themes, of course, offer more options. You will find a suitable solution for every ecommerce.

Before choosing a specific theme I recommend reading the instructions on how to choose a WordPress theme.

And this is my TOP 30 of premium and free themes for 2019:

1. Emporos


Emporos is one of the multifunctional WordPress themes for ecommerce. It is fully supported by WooCommerce. It can be used by various types of online stores. It offers multiple product layout options and practical product parameter settings. Users will also appreciate optimization for maximum load time.

It is probably not necessary to remind you that the developers have not forgotten SEO optimization and compatibility with all devices, without which no online store can work today. Using this WooCommerce theme, your ecommerce will certainly be different from others. Despite the many options, it is easy to set up. Emporos has various demos for different types of goods.

More info and demo

2. Halena


Halena is a fully responsive WordPress WooCommerce theme for ecommerce. I was intrigued by its minimalist design, thanks to which the sold goods stand out in a unique way. It includes four ready-made pages and multiple ways of products layout.

The user can easily customize it to their liking. It also includes features such as auto zoom of image, filter and search. It is suitable for any product.

More info and demo

3. The Hanger

the hanger

The Hanger contains all the necessary features to create ecommerce. It has a modern look. This WooCommerce theme is compatible with multiple WordPress plugins and fully responsive, so the goods stand out well on a small screen.

It also includes a blog sub-page. It is suitable for products of various kinds. There are many options for setting menus, images, product pages and categories. It is installed and personalized relatively easily with the user’s guide.

More info and demo

4. Handmade


Fully responsive WordPress theme specially developed to sell handmade products. You install it with one click. It offers multiple page layouts and product layout options. What attracted me most about this WooCommerce theme is the quality of colours and the possibility of animation.

When you insert it in an ecommerce, nothing of the product’s originality is lost. The perfection of the theme is complemented by the presentation capabilities of Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plugins.

The theme is suitable for all kinds of handmade products. The WooCommerce plugin provides the necessary features to sell them from being put into a shopping cart, through shipping to a payment gateway.

More info and demo

5. Merchandiser


Merchandiser is a modern-looking WooCommerce theme for ecommerce. The minimalist design of the website created with this theme attracts increased customer attention to the product. The theme is fast and reliable. Certainly, no visitor will leave the website due to long product load times.

The fully functional and unique website of the online store can be created quite simply. The Merchandiser theme is fully responsive. Customers can conveniently view products, read all necessary information, and shop from any device.

More info and demo

6. June


June is a multifunctional WooCommerce theme for ecommerce that can also be used to create pages with a different focus. According to the look of the pages created with this theme, let me say that the intention of the developers was to captivate customers. The theme combines modern, inviting design and functionality.
There are more than 200 ready-made layouts of pages and products available. With this theme, you can create online stores for any product. It is also suitable for large supranational ecommerce. It includes multiple built-in plugins such as Layer Slider, Visual Composer, Apple Live Photo, and more.

More info and demo

7. Classico


WordPress theme for ecommerce Classico is a good choice for retailers who want to reach the customer with an impressive and representative page. It offers a choice of multiple pre-arranged designs of website appearance from simpler with combined image layout to more complex graphics with full-screen images.

Suitable filters, menu layouts, product images, and sliders can be selected in the theme. It is installed with one click. The Visual Composer plugin is part of the theme for a more beautiful look.

More info and demo

8. Vitrine


Vitrine contains demos for several types of products, from fashionable clothing, through furniture to electronics. Its developers have been thinking about effective sales throughout the creation of the theme. User will appreciate SEO optimization, speed, more than 70 ready-made pages and compatibility with multiple plugins, such as Multi-vendor.

For ease of use, there is a tutorial that guides the user through website setup, product inserting and important product information, filtering options, payment, shipping, and more.

More info and demo

9. Bronx


Bronx is a stylish premium theme for ecommerce. The item inserted to website created with this theme looks just good. It offers many options for setting individual page features. The background has a simple design, thereby bringing the marketed product to the forefront.

The menu is clear, the customer will not get lost in the store. Part of the theme is a blog. You can choose the classic or masonry arrangement of articles here.

More info and demo

10. Polaris


Minimalist WordPress ecommerce theme with fantastic look. It contains everything for a fully functional, successful online store: pre-arranged options for organizing a clear menu, various types of goods layout, product descriptions and their parameters. Multiple design styles are tailored to each product type.

Polaris theme is suitable for food, restaurants, fashion, jewelry and antiques. And we have not yet exhausted everything. It is fast and fully responsive. You will also find practical little things like Google maps, online chat with customers and payment gateways with different options. It is installed with one click.

More info and demo

11. Velo


This responsive WooCommerce theme specializes in ecommerces for cyclists. However, this focus is not fixed. Velo can also be used for other types of goods. Theme is fast, trouble-free and looks really professional.

The Revolution Slider, Visual Composer, and Advanced Custom Fields plugins are built into the theme. It has more than 20 pre-arranged unique designs.

More info and demo

12. WooPress


WooPress is a professional WordPress WooCommerce ecommerce theme. Its modern look makes an elegant impression. In addition, its functionality and setup options will also appeal to the user. Includes more than 20 different page layouts. It is widely used.

It is suitable for online stores with toys, furniture, flowers, cosmetics, jewellery, men’s and women’s clothing, as well as restaurants.

More info and demo

13. Labomba


The theme itself suggests a lot about its appearance and purpose. Website created with this theme will surely differ from others. It provides endless possibilities. Here you will find everything you need for an e-shop, a quality portfolio presentation and a blog.

The developers have identified this theme primarily for the latest fashion and fashion design. Therefore, they also emphasized its colour. Using Visual Composer, the theme is easily adjustable.

More info and demo

14. Noraure


WordPress WooCommerce e-shop theme Noraure provides the opportunity for quality and impressive product presentation. When creating a website, you will appreciate the many built-in plugins, widgets, endless color options, quality google fonts and one-click installation.

The ecommerce site created with this theme will have a modern and appealing look. It is designed for fashion, cosmetics and multipurpose online stores.

More info and demo

15. Savoy


Savoy is among the minimalist themes for ecommerce. It is fully responsive. Its minimalist, stylish and contemporary design stands out on small screens. Use this theme to create a quality foundation for your online store. If you want to expand its capabilities, buy more plugins to the built-in Slider Revolution plugin.

More info and demo

16. Oxygen


Oxygen is a theme that was developed on the Bootstrap framework. When it was designed, developers thought specifically about ecommerce. Theme is SEO optimized. It offers many variations of home page, font, and blog settings. Includes Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plugins. It is also compatible with the Retina plugin.

You can browse through the images quickly and page browsing is optimized for touch devices.

More info and demo

17. Shopkeeper


Shopkeeper is a multifunctional WooCommerce theme for e-shops. With the Revolution Slider, it offers quality processing of embedded images and the ability to display them in full screen.

It has 10 ready-made home pages and, of course, a variety of image layout variations and page header styles. You’ll also find a blog here. This theme can also be used to create a product catalogue.

More info and demo

18. Nitro


Theme Nitro is suitable for creating ecommerce with fashionable clothing, jewellery, furniture, household goods, electronics, sporting goods and online goods stores of various kinds. It’s fast. The design of the theme is minimalist, thereby drawing attention to the product.

It contains more than 200 pre-arranged page layout options. And also, practical plugins that every retailer will appreciate when creating their online store: Size Guide, Advanced Product Filter, Revolution Slider, Visual Composer, and more. Of course, it is also compatible with other popular plugins.

More info and demo

19. Blance


Minimalist WordPress theme suitable for ecommerce. It offers a variety of homepage and product page variations. Its clear design, in the midst of which stands out the merchandise sold, looks professional.

You can choose from six pre-arranged home pages, multiple headers, and product layouts. It has an easy installation. With the online tutorial, even a beginner can handle it.

More info and demo

20. Storefront


Storefront is the most popular free WordPress theme for ecommerce. It was created by authors of WooCommerce plugin. It is also compatible with most of its extensions. Its goal is to provide a complete online store solution connected to WooCommerce.

It is simple, easy to set up and clear. SEO optimization and compatibility with computers, tablets and mobile phones is a matter of course. It has multiple layout and colour options.

Theme has multiple extensions available. Many of them are free, some of them you must buy. Storefront can easily be customized with Child themes. You don’t have to worry about losing existing data and settings.

Themes named below are Child themes for Storefront.

More info and demo

21. Deli


The official WooCommerce website says about Deli theme: „A theme for stores with character.“ I can only agree with this statement. Deli has a tempting, natural-looking design that complements its clarity and functionality. It is suitable for ecommerces offering food, ready meals, handmade products, healthy food and organic products.

It is freely available – no charges. Its installation won’t take much time. A manual is available to set all functions. Its integration into the Storefront theme provides WooCommerce integration.

More info and demo

22. Hotel


A Hotel theme is intended for accommodation facilities such as hotels, guest-houses and the like. Provides clear set-up of appointments and services. Its look is simple and clear. It is easy to personalize to the conditions of a particular accommodation provider.

More info and demo

23. Boutique


Boutique is a free theme. As its name suggests, it is designed for smaller e-shops and boutiques. This free theme has a nice, simple design and clear layout. Allows you to create your own logo and colour settings.

It has a side panel with mini-apps and a page content layout menu. Its drawback may be that it is not compatible with Storefront Designer and Storefront Customizer.

More info and demo

24. Galleria


Galleria is a premium theme for ecommerce. It is mainly used by traders with fashionable clothing and design accessories. Its stylish look is refreshing. Especially mostly sold products will get into the attention of customers thanks to the simplicity of colour design.

It uses the so-called masonry layout. It’s about organizing individual photos, regardless of their height. Thus, the store gets a luxurious touch.

Using the Galleria theme and some Storefront extensions, it is possible to create a unique and fully functional website of online store. There are three demos available: men’s clothing, women’s clothing and art and design items.

More info and demo

25. Homestore


Homestore gives the online store a classic and pleasant look. It belongs to premium themes. It is suitable for small but also big stores with different kinds of goods. All the goods on it look just good. The layout of each item is clear. The customer will appreciate its efficiency, which allows him to easily orientate himself.

More info and demo

26. Outlet


Outlet is one of the premium themes from the WooCommerce team. If you are looking for something nice and functional, don’t miss this theme. It offers an abundance of possibilities. It is clear, practical and stylish. It is suitable for all types of technical shops.

You can use it to sell small accessories, electronics, spare parts and large appliances. There are unique home page and merchandise layout options. The developers considered all the necessary details of technical goods dealers in all respects.

More info and demo

27. ToyShop


ToyShop is suitable for sellers of toys, garden tools and supplies, flowers and decorations. It has a playful outdoor design full of colours that fit the goods. What I like very much about ToyShop is that individual page design themes can be changed according to seasons. Thus, the website always has a new and appealing look.

More info and demo

28. Stationery


A theme Stationery is intended for sale of office goods, art supplies and components. You can also use it to create an online store with decorations and handmade products. The goods on the website stand out very well. It is clearly arranged; the customer can choose different sorting options.

More info and demo

29. Bookshop


Bookshop is designed for all book sellers. It includes a homepage with an attractive layout of product categories. In addition, customers can choose to sort books by genre, author, and even format. As a book lover, I can say that the customer feels very comfortable on this page. Developers recommend this theme also for wine vendors.

More info and demo

30. Pharmacy


Pharmacy is a premium ecommerce theme for online pharmacies, health care products and services vendors. Its design has a pleasant and credible impression. It has a simple and clear design. And of course, thanks to the Storefront theme, it is fully compatible with the latest versions of WooCommerce.

More info and demo

BONUS: Flatsome


I mention Flatsome theme as my bonus secret tip. It’s the best-selling WooCommerce theme on Themeforest and not unreasonably. More than 60,000 sales testify to its quality and multi-purpose. Speed, diversity, a large community and support for multilingualism make it a reliable business partner. I like its design even up to the cart icon.

More info and demo

WordPress themes for ecommerce – Summary

I introduced you to the themes that interested me the most.From premium themes, I have good experience with StudioPress and Flatsome and from the free ones, Storefront,the official theme from the WooCommerce team. Which theme do you like? Let me know in a comment. ?

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