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Secure your WordPress

Attacks on sites running the WordPress content management system are now commonplace, despite the system's well-secured core. In the following post, we offer you...

Installing WordPress on localhost

We will show you tools that will help you quickly and easily run WordPress on your computer, whether you have Windows, Linux or OS...

The first part of the WP series of errors and their...

When working with the WordPress system, we may encounter some specific problems that often surprise less technically proficient users. WordPress should be as simple...

WP Errors and Solutions – White Screen of Death

Everyone has perhaps experienced first-hand the phenomenon known as the Blue Screen of Death, or the Blue Screen Of Death (you Apple fans too,...

What to do first after installing WordPress?

It only takes a few minutes to install WordPress , and you can start using it right away. But then what? It's still that...

WP errors and their solutions – stuck maintenance mode

If for any reason the notice on your site that speaks of  temporarily unavailable page from  due to ongoing work (which normally only appears...

WP errors and their solutions – UX edition for beginners

Many WordPress users do not have the technical background to troubleshoot programming code errors. However, after the installation itself, the future of the website...

Introduction to filters and actions

Since 2004, when the light world of WordPress 1.2 was seen, filters and actions have been among the cornerstones for the development of themes...

WP errors and their solutions – fatal error

The average user or less technically skilled administrator usually has no problems with WordPress, just clicks happily, installs themes, and adds modules as needed. Sometimes,...

Gravatar – your global avatar

You must have noticed the photos of people in their comments. These avatars help identify your articles and comments on blogs and web forums. Gravatar is...

How to find the password for a WordPress account?

The world is full of slogans. To computer, to mobile phone, password for wifi, password for fb, password for chat ... If you have forgotten...

WordPress installation instructions

Installing WordPress is very simple. Just follow these few steps and you can start creating content on your own site. Step 1 - Domain...

Snippets – little big helpers

Small pieces of code, extending the functionality of WordPress. This is how snippets could be characterized in one sentence. That modules also play this...

If the newsletter

Do I need customer emails? What does the newsletter mean? How to make email lists in WordPress? What is an email list? An email list, or newsletter, consists...

What to do second after installing WordPress?

After installation, WordPress needs attention in terms of security and loading speed. In the first article, we covered the basics of setting up a WordPress site for you, these tips will make your site more visitor friendly.

WordPress optimization for SEO

WordPress and SEO. How to optimally set up a page for better search rankings.

See what WordPress can do

It's unbelievable where WordPress has come in the last 10 years. It is a reliable and proven site creation tool. Modules, themes and features...

Create a navigation menu in a few simple steps

The last articles that were published on the blog were mainly about marketing and various tips on how to improve your WordPress site. Today...

Advanced Ads – a simple and powerful solution for managing advertising...

Managing ads on your site can be a daunting task. Especially if you want to have ads from different sources placed in different positions...

Devil’s name inbox

Hand up all those of you who have email connected to your cell phone. Inbox control with e-mails is highly addictive. We can even...

Where to buy the best WordPress šablóny ?

Wondering where to buy quality WordPress šablóny ? Have you decided to invest in Premium šablóny , but you don't know where to get...

Big brands create their own font. What fonts will be in?

According to estimates, by 2017 it will own more than 1/3 of the world's smartphone population. 42% of them will be Apple products (iPhone,...

Semantic search. Have you heard of him?

The search algorithm has been modified several times over the past few years. The changes have moved from a strict keyword search to a...

6 Tips To Recover Lost Motivation

Motivation is fundamental in any professional field. The problem usually occurs when the motivation begins to fade inconspicuously. The loss of motivation is most...

5 ways to provide great customer service

When a customer decides to spend money with you, convince them that this decision was really right. What you should want is for our...

What exactly are cookies in the browser?

The topic of last month in September was Instagram and its paid advertising. I consider Cookies to be a winner this month. I'm not...

Child Themes or Derived Themes. Make full use of them.

You ask what child theme is, in Slovak "derived theme" is and why you should use it? How will your WordPress page change and...

Index the page and let Google know about you

Do you have your new WordPress site indexed? Not yet? You should not forget that. Especially if you want Google to know about you....

Create your own sidebar on your WordPress site

Custom sidebar is undoubtedly one of the must-have modules that you should not miss on the site, especially if your visitors can become members...

How To Make A Successful Online Business

The online world with offline is connected like never before. Ying-Yang in which one does not exist without the other. Recently, I have been...

How to choose a suitable payment gateway

If you are currently working on e-shop settings, or are just about to do so, accepting your customers' payments should be part of this...

Create a Christmas card on the web using the Xmas Widget

Not only crowded shopping malls, cities, but also households of most families have been breathing a Christmas atmosphere for some week now. So why...

UX design trends that you should master

Emotion, efficiency, experience, loyalty. These are basic UX indicators or user experience. In the Slovak translation of the user experience.UX helps build customer satisfaction,...

Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing: Differences

Let's face it. It no longer makes sense to underestimate the power that marketing has today. Don't make him a necessary evil or even...

Posts, pages and categories

There are still many people who consider WordPress to be more of a blogging platform. Yes, it's true that WordPress started like this, but...

What is the REST API and what does it mean for...

Almost every internet post in which the REST API is inflected attracts attention. The REST API stirs up the waters of Internet discussion and...

10 tips on how to write a good article

"I want to write a really good article." A friend told me a few days ago. At that moment, I thought about the phrase...

WordPress Multisite – 15 great usage examples

Whether you are a timid (non) professional designer or a professional professional, you are sure to know the word WordPress Multisite. You may have...

Custom input fields in the administration – custom meta boxes

A few days ago we had another meeting of Wordpress enthusiasts - developers in Košice . We met in Halmi caffe , this time...

How to increase traffic to a website optimized for Google

Have you figured it out yet? The cruel truth they just create a good article or website is not enough and it does not...

How to maximize the loading speed of your WordPress site

Have you recently created a website for yourself or someone else? So you should definitely know that ideally it should load in 2 seconds. Do...

How to start your own blog – a simple guide

A simple step-by-step guide on how to set up your own blog easily, quickly and with quality. Also suitable for beginners without technical knowledge.

How to create your own blog via WordPress even if you...

You want to start writing your own blog. Great idea. But how and where to start? There are many tutorials and tips on what...

Automatic backup of WordPress site (Instructions)

In this tutorial, we will show you step by step how to easily make an automatic WordPress backup in 30 minutes using the UpdraftPlus plugin.

Instructions on how to work with the new Gutenberg editor

As of WordPress 5.0, users of this CMS system have a new web content authoring editor. When creating a site, it uses the so-called...

How to create a website quickly, cheaply and without programming

A simple step-by-step guide on how to create a website easily, quickly and with quality. Also suitable for beginners without technical knowledge.

How to create a contact form in WordPress

Step-by-step tutorial on how to create a contact form in WordPress and embed it on a web-page via the Contact Form by WPForms plugin.

WordPress tutorial for beginners

The largest online WordPress tutorial. A simple, complete guide for both beginners and advanced users. Does not require programming skills.

WordPress GDPR – everything you need to know [Tutorial]

Are you confused by GDPR and how will this affect your WordPress website? This tutorial will show you everything you need to know.

The most common WordPress errors and their solutions

List of the most common errors in WordPress. I also mention specific solutions on how to fix them and avoid them in the future.

How to change password in WordPress (4 ways to reset)

How to chnage password in WordPress: 4 ways to do it - by administration, lost password function, by phpMyAdmin or functions.php.

WordPress – editing user profile

Editing a user profile in WordPress - instructions on personal settings, login, resume, profile photo and user account management.

WordPress navigation menu – how to create and manage it

How to work with navigation menu in WordPress. How to create it, add elements to it, insert your own link and manage menu locations.

WordPress – import and export tools

How to import and export in WordPress? In this tutorial, I will show you how to use basic WordPress tools and plugins.

How to update WordPress, plugins and themes [tutorial]

Beginner's tutorial about how to update WordPress, plugins and themes. Describes the automatic and manual update method.

What is WordPress widget and how to add it?

What is a widget? WordPress widgets are independent elements of the site. They add functionality to the sidebar, header, footer etc.

WordPress: Page header and background settings

Are you wondering how to set the page header and background for WordPress? This tutorial helps you to edit the headline and set background.

WordPress users: adding, roles, permissions, deleting

Instructions on how to add users to WordPress, how to choose the right role for them and how to limit their permissions.

What is the WordPress plugin? How to install it?

A plugin is software that extends the functionality of a WordPress theme. This allows you to add many features to your site.

How to choose the best WordPress theme [tutorial]

How to choose the best WordPress theme for your website. I compare free and paid themes, responsiveness, SEO, simplicity, compatibility...

How to properly configure WordPress settings

How to properly configure WordPress settings for comments, slogan, persistent links, indexing, categories, images and GDPR.

How to crop, rotate or shrink image in WordPress

Editing of images - how to crop, rotate or reduce the image in WordPress. You can use the media tools to make these basic image edits.

WordPress: how to edit CSS and PHP of themes

Do you think about how to edit CSS and PHP of themes in WordPress? This tutorial will help you edit files such as functions.php or style.css.

How to manage comments in WordPress

How to manage comments in WordPress: how to use tools for management and approval of comments to automatically identify and remove spam.

How to respond to a comment in WordPress

A tutorial on how to respond to a comment in WordPress. It is important to respond to visitors of your site regularly.

How to edit a comment in WordPress

How to edit a comment in WordPress. Edit the comment’s content, its status, time and date, or move the comment to the trash folder.

WordPress: Rejection of the comment and spam

How to reject a comment in WordPress. You may want to mark some of your comments as spam, place them in the trash folder, and not show them.

How to install a theme in WordPress

A tutorial on how to install a theme in the WordPress. A variety of free and premium installation themes are available.

Customizing the appearance of WordPress theme

Customizing the appearance of a WordPress theme - how to set up logo, title, slogan, colours and icon for WordPress site.

How to add a page in WordPress

How to easily add a page to your WordPress website. You can set a title, content, and other properties for the new page.

How to add a post in WordPress

How to add a post in WordPress via administration. How to publish it and explain the differences between the category and the tag.

How to use visual editor in WordPress

How to use the WordPress visual editor - what actually it is, writing the text, creating headlines, subheadings, and adding images.

How to use a text editor in WordPress

How to use a text editor in WordPress - what a text editor is, how to work with it, how to use html code and its effect on the displayed text.

How to add a tag in WordPress

Instructions on how to create and add a tag in WordPress. A tag can be created through administration or directly in the post editor.

How to edit an image in WordPress

How to edit an image in WordPress - how to change its headline, alt text, alignment, size, link or crop it via administration.

How to add an image in WordPress

A tutorial on how to add an image in WordPress - how to upload it from your computer and set a caption and title. How to set an image for the post.

How to create an image gallery in WordPress

A tutorial for users on how to create a gallery of images in WordPress and insert it into the post. How to edit or delete the gallery.

How to embed video in WordPress

It is possible to insert video or audio in WordPress. I’ll show you how to easily embed video from services like YouTube, Vimeo, and so on.

How to insert a link in WordPress

How to simply insert a WordPress link. HTML links link individual web pages, but you can also use them to view PDFs.

How to add category to posts in WordPress

I will explain you what WordPress categories and subcategories are. How to add category to your post and also how to create and sort categories.

What is a media library in WordPress

I'll explain you what a media library in WordPress is (also called multimedia). I'll show you how to use it. Whether in line or grid view.

How to upload an image in WordPress

Tutorial on how to upload an image to a WordPress page. How to add, edit, and delete any media file in your WordPress media library.

How to delete a post in WordPress

A tutorial on how to delete a post or page in WordPress. How to edit your page and post. How to work with the trash - recover or delete files forever.

How to set up SMTP to send emails in WordPress

Is sending emails from your website just not working? This problem can be solved by setting up SMTP in WordPress. Let me show you how to do it.

WordPress – login to website administration

WordPress login to website administration - how to login, what data to enter, how to remember login and how to log out of WordPress.

WordPress Administration and Dashboard

What is WordPress Administration? It is a part designed for website administration. After logging in you will get to the dashboard.

What is WordPress toolbar?

What is WordPress toolbar? It is a toolbar in WordPress administration. This top bar provides quick access to various page settings.

What is the difference between post and page in WordPress?

Do you think about what is the difference between post and page in WordPress? I will explain the differences between them and the ability to manage posts and pages.

How to add Google Analytics in WooCommerce

Need to add Google Analytics in WooCommerce? These statistics will help you find important information about your eshop.

How to install Google Analytics in WordPress

Do you want to install Google Analytics in WordPress? These stats will help you to find out important information about your visitors.