How to edit an image in WordPress

How to edit an image in WordPress – I’ll show you how to change its headline, alt text, alignment, size, link, how to crop an image, all through the administration.

How to edit an image in WordPress

In WordPress, you have several options to adjust your image layout. The first one is editing by clicking on the image. You’ll see a small toolbar that lets you make adjustments like alignment, deletion, and basic image editing functions.

More about these features, I wrote in my post: How to add an image in WordPress.

WordPress základná úprava obrázkov
Basic image editing
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How to edit an image in WordPress

Clicking on the image editing icon will display the “Image details” window.

WordPress úprava obrázka detaily
Image details

There, you will find:

Title – the title appears in your post below the image.

Alternative Text – appears if your browser is unable to load an image. Use a descriptive naming or image description. It will also help SEO optimization of your website. The search engines are unable to view images and are dependent on the Alternative Text.

Alignment – choose how you want to align the image: right, left, center, or not align it at all.

Size – you can choose from the options listed or set your own size.

Link to – here you choose where you want to link the picture.

Image Attribute Title – displays a description of the image when you move cursor over it in your browser.

CSS Image Class – WordPress assigns several CSS classes to the image. Use this field to add another CSS class.

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Image editing

Edit the original — click to go to the next image editing. Image editing allows you to rotate, flip, and crop the image to the desired size.

Replace — click this button to delete and replace the image with another one. You will be redirected to a media library where you can choose a new image.

WordPress editácia obrázka
Image editing

Make sure to save your changes by clicking the “Update” button. If you don’t want to save your changes, simply close the window.

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