WordPress installation instructions

Installing WordPress is very simple. Just follow these few steps and you can start creating content on your own site.

Step 1 – Domain and web hosting

To create your own site, you first need to register a domain and select a web hosting provider .

Several hosting companies offer the option of automatically installing WordPress in the web hosting administration. For such an installation, just enter the URL where you want to install WordPress, your email and the user’s password. The automatic script will take care of everything else. So you don’t have to create a database or upload WordPress via FTP. If your hosting provider also provides an automatic installation of WordPress, you don’t need to read any further. You have WordPress installed in seconds.

Automaticka instalacia WordPress
Automatic WordPress installation

If your hosting provider does not provide automatic installation, continue reading.

Step 2 – Download the installation files

You can always find Slovak WordPress on sk.wordpress.org and on WP.sk. After downloading, unzip the zip archive.

stiahnutie WP
Where to download WordPress?

Step 3 – Upload WordPress files to your hosting

Now you need to upload the extracted files to your web server using FTP. Files should usually be uploaded to a directory named web , public_html , or htdocs .
Caution: Do not upload the entire directory named wordpress , upload its contents (files and subdirectories).

ftp upload
Upload files via FTP

You can use the online hosting uploader or one of the programs such as Filezilla , WinSCP or Total Commander for Windows, or CyberDuck , or Transmit for Mac. You will need three details to connect: server address, login and password.

Step 4 – Create a MySQL Database

WordPress needs a MySQL database for its operation, or its new alternative in the form of a MariaDB database. You create it in the administration of your hosting.

Warning! The created data will need to be entered into the installation, so don’t forget to mark them.

Creating a database

In a WordPress installation, you will need a database name, database user, and password. Make a note of all this information and try to choose a password that is not easy to guess.

Step 5 – Installation

Until now, we only took preparatory steps, now we can no longer install the installation itself. Enter the URL of your site in the browser in the form http://www.wp.sk and you will be notified by WordPress that the site does not contain the file wp-config.php. Just click the button and create it.

Note: The file can also be created using FTP. There is a file wp-config-sample.php in your directory, which you just need to save under the name wp-config.php!

Creating the wp-config.php file

On the next page you will see all the information you need to install. Prepare everything you need and click the Let’s Go!

Installation preparation

Enter all the database information and click Submit.

Note: If you have WebSupport hosting, you must enter the information you will find when creating the database in the form : /tmp/mysql51.sock or : /tmp/mariadb55.sock (with one colon at the beginning) in the Database host field.

nastavenie databazy
Completion of database data

WordPress checks all the necessary information. If everything is OK, you will be prompted to run the installation. Just click the button!

Note: If you have just created a database and WordPress shows an error: The connection to the database could not be established, check that the data entered is correct. In some cases, it is necessary to wait a while for the database creation to complete.

Start the installation

The last screen requires information about your site, administrator, and search engine visibility. Enter the site name, username, password, and email.

Installation confirmation

All done! Just click the Install WordPress button.

Congratulations! You have just installed WordPress. Just logging in to the site separates you from creating your own content and editing your site. By default, this can be found at the link: www.your-domain.com/wp-admin , where you just need to enter the username and password.

Prihlasenie do WordPress
Login to WordPress


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