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Do I need customer emails?

What does the newsletter mean?

How to make email lists in WordPress?

What is an email list?

An email list, or newsletter, consists of visitors who have volunteered to receive news or updates. It allows closer contact with visitors as potential customers. You can send news about exclusive products, discount vouchers or simply ask for their opinion.

Do I need an email list?

Why build a mailing list?

  • Gaining attention – Social media posts have a limited shelf life. After a few hours, it is no longer possible to find a post. Another advantage is that people read emails more carefully than news on Facebook.
  • Better targeting – You can target your email to your requirements. You can send emails for different countries or target customers according to the page on which you registered or their gender.
  • Availability of information – everyone will receive an email and it is up to them whether to open it or not.

The question arises: Isn’t it better to use social networks? Why send something to people when they read everything on Facebook?

Email is so far the most reliable form of electronic communication. Sending emails is easier than building a fan community, to achieve the same message delivery effect. Facebook delivers messages from the site to only a small percentage of users (depending on the number of fans and other factors). This is how you will announce your news to everyone.

We’re not saying you don’t have to form a community on social media, but it’s easier to share important content with your fans via email.

How to build it?

You must first choose a reliable email sender. By using a special company, you will avoid problems with email delivery. Otherwise, your emails may be marked as SPAM. We recommend saving time and purchasing one of the available services. That’s why big companies like Facebook, Apple, and eBay use other companies to send emails.

Can you tell me why to use the email service if I can solve it with the module?

If you still decide to use the module, use MailPoet. There is still a problem with email delivery, but it is reduced by the support of sending via external SMTP services.

Which company to use to send emails?

There are a large number of companies offering excellent value for money. We chose a few of them:


Aweber is one of the most popular email services. It allows you to track emails, manage subscribers and offers email tracking. It has many useful features. It can create new emails from posts, sequentially sends emails and targets emails according to various criteria.


Another popular service is MailChimp. It offers: email distribution (not surprisingly), customer management, email tracking, statistics browsing, auto-replies, modern email šablóny , customer targeting and campaign splitting.

The best thing about this service is the price. MailChimp is free (maximum 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails per month.)

Note: After exceeding the limit, it is necessary to pay according to the price list .


Module for WordPress used for sending information leaflets. Its advantages are mainly availability, the possibility of setting up an external SMTP service and a simple drag-and-drop interface. The module is available free of charge, but is limited to 2,000 subscribers. If you want to send emails to multiple customers, you must purchase the premium version according to the price list ($ 99 per page / year)

Get new subscribers!

Once you have a way to send emails, now you just “need” to attract visitors. Depending on the design of your site, you need to choose a suitable form placement. Your success depends on it!

Pop-ups (WordPress Popup, Ligthbox Popup)

The most successful form of registration form is a pop-up window.

WPBeginner uses the OptinMonster module. They registered a 600% increase in customers without the effect of losing traffic, developed by their founder Syed Balkhi. This module monitors the mouse as you move around the page and displays a pop-up window before the visitor leaves the page. This form of alert has proven to be the least invasive and ensures the highest conversion. It also allows you to test A / B forms and change windows for different pages.

Bar at the bottom of the page / floating footer

At the bottom of the page will be a scroll bar that will scroll along with the browser.

Registration on Friday has less conversion than pop-ups, but it’s still a better way to attract customers. In addition, it is a non-violent form, nothing jumps out at the visitor and is always available to the naked eye.

Sliding windows

A window that pops up from the bottom or side of the page. The scrolling form gains more user attention than static placement. Webmasters use this less invasive form of email retrieval rather than pop-ups. They achieve less conversion, so we consider them less effective.

Contact form

He will talk about forms in general. The registration form, contact form or other type of form may contain a check box, I agree to receive news. This technique is used by large companies to obtain emails. Coding such a feature is difficult, but there is a Gravity Forms module, with a drag-and-drop interface that is simple enough for everyone.

Respond to customers

Once you have a visitor list, it’s important to communicate with them. The most important is the regularity of information. It is not necessary for every email to contain an advertisement for the product. If you send users interesting news or simple advice, they will love you. Build on regular shipping and ask for feedback. Find out what your customers are missing and what you can improve.

Share your successes in getting interested in user emails. We wish you good luck collecting.

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