The best tools for email marketing

Presentation of the best Czech and foreign tools for email marketing – their individual functions, price and use.

e-mail marketing tools

Among the important components of online business development is email marketing. This form of direct communication with customers informs about various news, services or promotions.

Its goal is to build trust and encourage interest in further purchases among existing customers, but it does not have to be of an advertising nature.

There are various email marketing tools for contact database management, message preparation and distribution, and other related activities. I will briefly introduce the best of them to you in the following article.



SmartEmailing brings a platform for collecting contacts, sending e-mails and SMS. This Czech tool contains various functions that will help you automate the entire process. It works 24 hours a day even without your intervention , you only need to set a suitable time for sending messages. There are:

  • web forms for collecting contacts,
  • responsive e-mail šablóny ,
  • contact database with the possibility of sorting
  • sending greetings and many other features.

If you’re looking for the best way to reach your contacts, you can test your email campaigns . Statistics are also an effective help, providing you with valuable information for creating additional campaigns.

You can try SmartEmailing for free for 14 days. Upon further use, the price of SmartEmailing is determined based on the number of contacts. Up to 500 contacts, the monthly fee is CZK 193 (EUR 7.60).

Learn more in this SmartEmailing review .



Another tool from the workshop of Czech creators is Ecomail. It allows you to individually set up communication with customers through multiple channels. Responsive šablóny are available to prepare your e-mails, and you can also design the newsletter yourself.

Ecomail also allows you to sort contacts according to several criteria , such as interests, age or shopping behavior. You can set up messaging and the system will take care of everything for you automatically. Campaign performance is tracked by clear statistics. ecomail can also be linked to Google Analytics.

Other interesting features:

  • holiday greetings,
  • personalized campaigns for individual customers,
  • connection with Facebook and Instagram,
  • A / B testing,
  • contact collection forms and others.

The price is a pleasure if you have a maximum of 200 contacts and do not send more than 200 emails per month. In this case, you can use ecomail for free. The monthly fee for up to 500 contacts is CZK 150 (EUR 5.93).

Mailer Lite

Mailer Lite

Among the best tools for e-mail marketing is definitely Mailer Lite . Those new to email marketing will enjoy the intuitive email editor, which is designed to be easy to use. You can use drag & drop to edit dynamic messages in which you can insert images, videos, or links to social networks. 24/7 support is also available.

There is also the ability to add a web form to the page, automate distribution, set the appropriate delivery time and test the success of campaigns. Clear statistics inform about the number of sent and opened e-mails, the number of clicks and unsubscriptions.

Mailer Lite is also suitable for e-shops with an international scope . The statistics will help you find out which countries have the most newsletter subscribers.

Up to 1,000 contacts and 12,000 messages per month, Mailer Lite is free . The lowest fee for toll services starts at $ 10.



The well-known platform MailChimp brings everything you need for email marketing. It will help you collect contacts for visitors to your site and regular customers using the online form. If you already have your e-mail database, you can import it into MailChimp. The tool also allows you to create engaging emails to promote your sales or brand. The possibility to unsubscribe from the mailing list is a matter of course.

MailChimp has gained many fans since its launch in 2001. This proven email marketing tool is used by both beginners and large companies. Pre-prepared šablóny are available for your newsletter and you can also encode your own. Would you like to have your e-mail šablón tailored to your needs? The MailChimp interactive guide will prepare original designs for you.

A / B testing and campaign performance reports are available to find out what your news subscribers are most interested in. There is also an automated sending of e-mails based on the behavior of your customers, which will increase the likelihood that they will read the message.

Up to 2,000 contacts with 10,000 emails sent, MailChimp is free . If you would like to use services that are not available in the free package, you can switch to one of the paid plans. The cheapest price is $ 9.99 per month.



GetResponse provides tools to reach your database of contacts. It helps you share interesting content that you create in pre-prepared šablóna in a professional design . It will allow you to:

  • set up email sequences for your subscribers
  • automatic messaging,
  • Increase the reach of your blog by sharing via email and social media.
  • use e-mail delivery timing
  • creation of contact segments,
  • personalized communication,
  • in the paid version it is possible to send messages via SMTP.

Like other email marketing tools, it will help you create professional, responsive e-mails.mails. Uses drag & drop when editing message design. You can try GetResponse for free for 30 days and then switch to one of the paid services. You can buy the cheapest package for 10.99 Euros.



AWeber also offers all the tools you need for professional email marketing. You can create your e-mails from ready-made šablón or create your own using a simple editor. It is possible to use the Canva graphics platform without logging out of the system.

You can send e-mail messages automatically at preset times and segment customers according to several criteria:

  • according to the opening of a specific report,
  • click on links,
  • shopping behavior,
  • traffic to your site
  • the area in which they live,
  • age.

Automatic blog content sharing is available, and you can take advantage of email personalization , which increases clickthrough rates and sales. There are also clear statistics from which you can find out how your e-mails affected sales.

AWeber is free for up to 500 contacts , while the offer of some more advanced functions is limited. In terms of price, this email marketing tool is among the more expensive ones. You can have all the features of up to 500 contacts available for $ 19.99 per month.



Mailgun offers email marketing and sending transactional emails to up to 15 million addresses. You can automate your email campaigns, prevent them from being classified as spam and monitor their effectiveness. A drag & drop editor is available to create a professional messaging design. You can also choose one of the pre-prepared šablón . Mailgun helps you build successful email marketing strategies using several tools:

  • registration forms,
  • email automation
  • contact list management
  • real-time statistics,
  • advanced segmentation options,
  • dynamic content
  • A / B testing for up to 10 different versions,
  • maximize delivery.

Mailgun goes even further in some areas than other email marketing tools. For example, it allows multi-user access for even faster and more efficient e-mail creation . Email address validation is also available. Reports and statistics allow you to examine the effectiveness of email marketing in individual segments or individuals.

Mailgun’s higher prices match the rich offer. The trial version allows you to send up to 5,000 e-mails for free, paid packages start at $35 per month.



ActiveCampaign offers everything you’ll need to manage your marketing and sales for a positive customer experience. For email marketing, you can use tools to create email campaigns targeted at your audience . Whether it’s emails you send to an entire contact database, messages based on shopping behavior, or targeted emails to customers selected by other criteria. There are also automatically sent messages according to the actions performed by customers on the site, the possibility of setting up birthday distributions and the like.

You will use a drag & drop editor and a number of prepared šablón to create e-mails via ActiveCampaign. With segmentation tools, you can easily divide your contacts so that you send everyone what they are most interested in.

Based on the customer information obtained, e-mails can be personalized to be as personal as possible. Help in scheduling additional email campaigns are reports on revenue growth and number of purchases. There is also a delivery measurement tool so that your messages do not end up in spam.

There are several tools that make your job easier on ActiveCampaign:

  • edits for multiple team users
  • revision history,
  • managed delivery,
  • connection with more than 850 applications (PayPal, Facebook, WooCommerce, Shopify),
  • Responsive e-mail šablóny
  • active links in e-mails,
  • custom fields
  • recording the geographical location of contacts,
  • integration with Google Analytics to track the actions of your contacts.

ActiveCampaign is free for 14 days . After the trial period, you can choose one of the price packages for the various features. The cheapest one costs $ 15 per month for 500 contacts in the database.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact

C onstant Contact tools for e-mail marketing will allow you to stand out from the competition with an original design. There is an intuitive tool for creating your own e-mail , you can also choose from hundreds of pre-prepared responsive šablón .

For successful email campaigns, you can use:

  • marketing automation,
  • welcome emails for new newsletter subscribers
  • contact segmentation and list creation,
  • resending e-mails to subscribers who did not open them,

Constant Contact promises everything to keep the attention of customers and site visitors so that they become loyal customers. Real-time email tracking tools help you find who is opening, sharing, and tracking your email. There are no opportunities for social marketing and analysis to monitor the performance of campaigns or advertising on social networks.

Constant Contact is available free of charge for one month. Service package prices start at $ 20 per month.



ConvertKit’s email marketing tool will help you grow your newsletter subscription audience. Registration forms and customizable link pages are available to collect new contacts . Use the e-mail editor to create interesting design messages. An interactive designer will help you design their appearance so that you can fully concentrate on writing content. You can add and change individual email elements as needed to customize the design to your brand.

ConvertKit promises a high e-mail delivery rate , ensuring that your messages don’t end up in your undelivered mail. When sending messages, you can use:

  • contact filtering,
  • scheduling sending for a specific day and time,
  • adding tags based on customer actions,
  • segmentation based on different criteria,
  • automatic emails.

You can use graphs and statistics to understand the interaction of your audience. Find out which emails performed best.

The price for ConvertKit is not high. You can try it for free for up to 1,000 contacts in the first month. Individual packages are further charged based on the number of email subscribers, with the cheapest up to 300 contacts being paid $ 9 per month.

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