Create a professional eshop via Fast-webstore (Review)

Making a site for your own e-shop is no longer a problem thanks to the various tools available. In the following review, I focused on Fast-webstore . What does it offer you and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

webareal review

What is Fast-webstore ?

Fast-webstore is an e-shop creation tool suitable for beginning and existing online stores that are looking for a solution with many advanced features. It is operated by the Czech company Bohemiasoft sro Since 2007, when it started operating, Fast-webstore established itself in the Czech, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian, Spanish and other markets.

What Fast-webstore offers

Fast-webstore offers all the functions needed to create a functional e-shop for everyone, regardless of programming knowledge. It promises a clear interface in which the creation and operation of the e-shop can be done by everyone with the possibility of adding functions to increase turnover. You can try a fully functional solution, including technical support, for 15 days for free without any obligations.

Responsive šablóny

In today’s competition, it is essential to use responsive šablóny in today’s competition. That’s why Fast-webstore šablóny work on all devices. The templates are designed for business in several industries.

You can choose a suitable solution for the automotive industry, toys and games, food and beverages, fashion, jewelry, sports and other areas. The appearance of each šablón walks with the times. In addition to modern design, it also offers clarity and an easily accessible menu.

The e-shop itself is not only responsive. You can also log in to the site administration on your mobile or tablet. So you can manage your sales from anywhere.

Webreal šablóny
Fast-webstore templates

Basic functions

When ordering Fast-webstore services, you get:

E-shop functions

  • your own domain – if you don’t have it yet, you can register it via Fast-webstore ,
  • 5 GB hosting for e-shop data and e-mails,
  • unlimited data transfer for unlimited e-shop operation,
  • 5 x e-mail address (you can create them directly in the administration),
  • up to 40,000 products (with a larger number, the system does not guarantee fast and trouble-free operation of product-related functions),
  • dozens of šablón with the possibility of editing,
  • the possibility of live administration directly on the public part of the website not only in the administration,
  • automatic data backup.

Product features

The service also includes functions for working with products:

  • creation of variants of goods,
  • offers for the best-selling and related goods, news, goods on sale, second-hand goods,
  • possibility to attach a file (warranty letters, instructions …),
  • product filtering,
  • SEO parameters of the goods,
  • attach multiple photos and videos
  • setting the availability of products and their parameters,
  • discussion of goods,
  • stock monitoring,
  • collective actions for changes in the assortment,
  • prices in two currencies.


E-shop functions also offer better orientation in orders , their filtering, bulk editing and generation of reports and invoices. You can activate SMS notifications for customers.

Shipping and payment

Support for different modes of transport and adjustable transport prices according to the weight of the order are available for transport and payment. You can also choose from other payment gateways .

Marketing features

Even the best goods will not be sold without sales support. You can use the creation of a loyalty system, remarketing, e-shop personalization, discount coupons, discounts for registered customers, blog, online chat and more.

Import and export

You can load products in any CSV and XML file format. It is also possible to connect the e-shop with the accounting systems Pohoda and Money S3. Fast-webstore supports data export for search engines and product comparators, for bulk editing and backup, export of registered users, orders and the like.


There are:

  • file manager for adding, editing and deleting data,
  • creation of own forms,
  • image or product rotator,
  • support for social networks,
  • my ID service for logging in to other services,
  • CSS style editing,
  • password protection of all or part of the e-shop.

SEO and statistics

The following are ready for tracking and further sales support:

  • clear statistics on e-shop traffic, turnover and profit,
  • detailed analyzes of traffic, keywords used, etc.,
  • own names, descriptions and keywords for the whole e-shop, individual categories and products,
  • Automatic Sitemap generation.xml
  • Robots.txt editing option
  • knowledge section where you will learn how to operate an e-shop to be successful.

Premium features

If you order premium features , you get:

  • 99.9% e-shop availability guarantee, in case of its decrease, one month of the Premium service for free,
  • automatic import of products,
  • newsletter distribution,
  • unlimited space and e-mails,
  • priority technical support,
  • automatic feed generation.

Turnover increase features

In addition to the basic functions of the e-shop, such as sales buttons, payment gateways, connections to suppliers, Google, Heureka and the like, you can also use advanced functions. There are advanced personalization, remarketing, loyalty system, blog and Facebook e-shop . New features are still being added to the system without increasing the price.

Advantages of moving the e-shop

Fast-webstore is gaining new customers not only among beginning e-shops. For e-shops that decide to move to Fast-webstore , there is a good offer of up to 2 years of free operation .

99.9% availability

Thanks to constant improvements, optimization and modernization of servers, Fast-webstore guarantees 99.9% e-shop availability.

Technical support

If you need advice on creating and managing an e-shop, technical support is available. You can contact her by phone, email or Messenger.

Create an international e-shop

9 language versions provide space for the creation of an e-shop with international scope. The offer of connection to local services, goods comparators, carriers and the like is adapted to national conditions. Local technical support is also available.

Prices of services

You can try Fast-webstore for 15 days for free . Then you have a choice of four service packages with the option of payment per month, quarter, half year, year or 2-5 years.

Webreal price list
Fast-webstore service packages

START, STANDARD, PROFI, EXCLUSIVE service packages differ in the number of products you can have in the e-shop, disk space, the number of API requests per day, the availability of šablón and other services. If you would like to add more services, you can purchase a Premium service in addition to your package.

Instructions on how to create an e-shop with Fast-webstore

You will have your e-shop ready for editing almost immediately . After registration , you will receive an e-mail at the address you entered, in which you will find all the necessary data for logging in to the administration.

Webreal introduction to the e-shop
Home page for e-shop

Welcome to the homepage and you can get started. If you scroll a little lower, you will also find three important steps that you will need to take to start the e-shop:

  1. Add a product
  2. Choose a design
  3. Join the domain

Can’t handle something? A contact form and technical support contacts are available directly on the administration’s home page.

Product list and addition

You can add the first product by clicking Add Product on the administration home page.

product addition home page
Three important steps to creating an e-shop

To add more products, go to the E-shop in the administration> Products . This page shows you all the goods in the e-shop. You can filter it by categories or search for specific goods. You also have options for each of the products:

  • adjust,
  • delete
  • display (displays it in a new tab directly in the e-shop),
  • duplicate
  • stock card,
  • creation of product variants,
  • view activities with this item.
List of products
List of products

To add more goods, click the Add new product button. A page will open where you can fill in the basic data about the product (name, price, image, etc.).

Adding a product
Add new product basic information

You can enter additional data when scrolling below. For example, the number of pieces in stock, availability in stock, VAT rate, EAN code, unit of measure and others. Here you can also allow discussion of the goods, the possibility of applying a discount coupon, free shipping and displaying a watch dog.

Additional product data
Addition of product – additional data

After scrolling, you will enter a product description below. You enter text using a text editor with a standard format editing menu .

product description
Insert product description

Below it is a window for category assignment, attachment of images and products, product variants, attachment of downloads, and export feeds. You’ll also find advanced settings here:

  • insertion of meta title and description,
  • keywords,
  • product name, description and image,
  • custom URL.
Advanced product settings
Advanced product settings

After filling in all the information, don’t forget to click Save Product.

Choose a šablón from

Fast-webstore offers 23 own pre-prepared šablón . The number of šablón you will have available depends on the service pack you choose. You can select the template directly in the page administration menu. Go to Web Design> Graphic šablóny .

šablóny settings
šablóny settings

You will see the preset šablóna well as a list of others. You can try each šablón by clicking on the Demo button and set it by clicking on Choose šablón . You can also set up templates, including sample data. This option can be a great help especially for beginners. In the Web Design menu, you can further edit the selected šablón , add banners, create menus and the like.

Add a domain

You can add a domain, including its registration, directly on the home page by clicking on Join domain . By joining the domain, you are switching to paid use of Fast-webstore services.

Additional features

I will briefly mention some other administration functions.

Introductory overview

To have an overview of what is happening in the e-shop and how the individual products are sold, go to the Introductory Overview in the administration of the page. The number of orders with the option to set an annual or monthly report is displayed here. You will also find information like:

  • the most buyers,
  • the best-selling products,
  • daily profit,
  • monthly turnover,
  • number of new orders,
  • questions in the client section,
  • discussion posts.


If you’re interested in more detailed reports, go to the Insights tool. The collected data will tell you where the visitors came to the e-shop (from the List, Google, directly entered URL). You will also find out how many unique visitors came, how long they stay on the site, and the bounce rate. Additional statistics are also available to help you plan new marketing tools to support sales.

Web content

This part of the menu is intended for creating the structure of the website (menus, free articles, news, content for the left and right columns, page header and footer). Under site content, you can also post articles, front page content, add a photo gallery, and respond to discussion posts.

Web structure
Web structure


Here you create a blog, its articles and sections, announcements, custom forms, surveys and the like. There are also social networking options, an image rotator, banner advertising tools, and more.

Another services

In addition to ordering Premium Services, professional consultants and graphic designers, you will find the very useful Fast-webstore Academy here. You will learn everything you need to know about Google Analytics and the Google Search Console.

If you are looking for a solution for dropshiping, everything you need is offered by . You will promote the products in your e-shop, but you do not have to send goods and receive payments.

Dropreal logo

You do not need your own warehouse space or capital to set up an e-shop. You will only care about marketing and communication with customers. Order processing will be done wholesale for you. Prices for start at € 9 per month and you can try it for free for 15 days.

Advantages and disadvantages Fast-webstore

Fast-webstore is without a doubt a comprehensive tool for creating and operating a fully functional e-shop . In addition to creating the product page itself, it offers a number of tools and reports that will help you not only start the e-shop, but also further develop and support sales.


  • a simple interface in which you can quickly find your way around,
  • intuitive button labeling for various actions,
  • free trial,
  • šablón responsiveness,
  • modern design and clear šablóny ,
  • reasonable prices,
  • possibilities of connection with Pohoda and Money S3,
  • technical support with multiple contact options,
  • advanced features like remarketing and the like,
  • export feeds for Heureka and others,
  • you also manage several e-shops in one administration,
  • data import and export,
  • clear statistics,
  • up to 9 language mutations,
  • Fast-webstore Academy,
  • help for individual functions directly in the administration,
  • possibilities of connection with Dropreal,
  • connection with payment gateways,
  • SEO tools.


  • While creating the e-shop, I met with out-of-date information about the possibility of using the Comgate payment gateway free of charge. The Fast-webstore offer stated that it was free. However, after clicking on more information, I found out that the free payment gateway promotion ended 4 months ago.
  • Some customers may also be concerned about occasional spelling errors in the text on the Fast-webstore site .
  • Not suitable for stores with more than 40,000 products.
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