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WProom.com is a portal focused on news from the world of WordPress, WooCommerce, hosting, eshop platforms, website creation tools and other online tools.

A team of authors and volunteers contributes here.

The portal is managed and managed by Vladimír Juroško .
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If you are interested in a paid service , write to me at vladimir.jurosko@gmail.com .

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If you also need to share an image, you can do so by uploading the image to prnt.sc and inserting a link in the comment .


We try to devote ourselves fully to the creation of WP.sk, so unfortunately we do not have room to provide other services. However, we work with several experts, so if you are interested in any of the services mentioned below, do not hesitate to contact us. Based on your requirements, we will recommend a suitable expert:

History of WP.sk

The WP.sk portal has a rich history, which is closely connected with the history of WordPress itself in Slovakia. You can find out more about it on this page .