Mentortools – a tool for creating an online academy (Presentation)

An introduction to the popular Mentortools software for creating an online academy for your digital products – its benefits, price, feature overview, administration and appearance of the software.

Are you thinking of creating an online academy to offer your online courses or other digital products? Mentortools software allows you to create your own membership section for online products, without the need to know how to program, all quickly, easily and intuitively. You can start monetizing your skills and professional experience within a few days. At the same time, you will bring your customers a great experience and comfort in the form of quality online education.

Why create an online academy now?

Providing expert information on social networks for free has long been insufficient to acquire and maintain paying clients. It is therefore appropriate to start creating an online academy for your customers as an added value for their optimal growth and satisfaction.

The members’ section, unlike social networks, offers:

  • systematized, professional information materialized into products,
  • the entire portfolio of your products + discussion forum under one roof,
  • automating the presentation and sale of your digital products,
  • the customer registers in the member section through an email address to access the content.

Most people already enjoy the convenience of shopping online, and this also applies to online education. And thanks to the online academy, you will give them access to the desired materials 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can purchase your course at any time and learn at their own time.

You create online courses for your online academy at a time and pace that suits you and you sell your products through an automated sales funnel even when you are not at your computer.

Who is Mentortools for?

  • for experts from various fields who do not yet start a business and plan to sell their knowledge and skills in the form of digital products and services,
  • for offline business professionals who want to acquire customers for their offline business or expand their portfolio with online services.

Why create a members section now?
in Mentortools?

  • simple, intuitive work in creating products,
  • modern look of the member section with a lot of themes ,
  • connecting the online academy to payment and marketing tools,
  • creating promo pages for products directly in the academy,
  • clear statistics on the activity of your customers,
  • testing students’ knowledge through self-assessment quizzes,
  • open or paid discussion forums for customers in the members’ section,
  • dozens of available functions in the price of one tariff for using the software,
  • optimized for computers, tablets and mobiles,
  • active customer support in the Slovak language,
  • support for “downloading” the academy even when switching from other software,
  • 14-day trial period to test all software functions without functional limitation.

Free trial period

You can create an online academy with your courses in a few hours and for a 14-day trial completely free of charge. During this time, you will adapt the academy to the style of your corporate design and create the first products.

The software offers a wide range of features, thanks to which you can easily set up your online academy and also connect with various other software, such as email marketing or a payment provider.

During these 14 days, you can also test the first sharing of lead magnets or start offering paid online products. The trial test version has no functional limitations.

If you want to try Mentortools for free for 14 days, just fill in your details in this short registration form and then you will receive the access details to your email.

Universal offer of online courses

Online courses are useful for creators in many fields because they allow them to easily and effectively share their knowledge and experience with an audience. Digital products in the form of free mini-courses and lead magnets also help creators increase their brand awareness and attract new clients.

In Mentortools, you can create and offer different types of online products that will make it even easier for you to work with your customers:

  • Paid online products – e-books, online courses, monthly subscription club, course parts for coaching products,…
  • Free online products – the so-called lead magnets, e.g. e-book, preview of the first module from the paid course, mini-courses, checklists and instructions

You can set both free and paid products as needed:

  • Active courses that are visible in the academy and customers can either open them directly or, in the case of paid courses, they can purchase them via the order form
  • Secret courses that you make available to customers via a special link and otherwise will not be visible in your academy
  • Courses for a monthly subscription in combination with a discussion forum – the so-called clubs
  • Courses with time-limited access
  • Courses with gradual opening of lessons

The main role of Mentortools in the sales process

Mentortools software emphasizes a simple user interface and a high level of interaction with customers. Mentortools ensures the automated sale of digital products in the members’ section via promo pages with a link to the order form and subsequent automatic sending of access to the purchased courses.

The following functions are available to you as part of automation:

  • Linking Mentortools with payment software
  • Linking with email marketing tools
  • Sending product access data directly from Mentortools
  • Creating simple promo pages (sales page, promo page, thank you page, one more step page…) to help you present
  • and sell products through advertising
  • Downloadable landing page and online course templates
  • Creating opt-in processes to automate the customer journey

Use of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is also a breakthrough tool for course creators. In Mentortools, you can already work with the first UI function: Creating a course structure using artificial intelligence. This feature will generate several suggestions for a suitable course structure based on your preferences within seconds. Mentortools is planning more great AI features like video scripting, automated forum posting, and quiz creation.

Self-assessment quizzes

For better dynamics of the course, you can create simple quizzes with text, voice or video questions, with many settings.

  • Quizzes make it possible to assess the depth of students’ understanding of the theoretical material
  • Knowledge check can be useful not only for you as a creator but also for your client – great feedback when creating new products
  • Quizzes ensure active customer access
  • With self-assessment quizzes, you can ensure that the customer prepares, e.g. to consult with you, go through the necessary lessons and take a quiz to check your knowledge
  • Self-assessment quizzes improve the quality of study in that you can close the following modules and lessons after the quiz until the student passes the quiz
  • You can also issue certificates based on quizzes

Community and discussion forums right in the members section

Online entrepreneurs often try to build an online community on social media. Although closed groups are a popular solution, many times entrepreneurs are at the mercy of the algorithmic changes and rules of the platform they have chosen.

Mentortools allows you to create communities right inside the members section. Here you share news with your community, inform members about new products, and they themselves can ask questions or discuss with each other. Discussion forums can be open to anyone who is registered in your members section, or they are tied to the purchase of a specific course.

The price

The software is accessible in the form of monthly payments, so you do not need any large investments to start your membership section. There are no complicated tariffs in the offer, no limitation on the number of created courses, you have everything in one fixed price. All features are available to everyone and it’s up to you how much you use your potential through your digital product offering.


  • Connection with your own domain or without the need for your own domain – Mentortools domain is available to you
  • Hosting included in the subscription price for all texts, videos and other media
  • Fast and secure server in Germany, subject to all security standards and legal regulations, cookie banner, easy way to insert Privacy Policy and General Terms and Conditions
  • Sales statistics, activity and success of customers in quizzes
  • Protection from downloading your materials – e-books or videos

You can find the complete list of functions and the price on the page .

A demo of editing your online academy

After each login to the administrator account , a clear list of all your online products awaits you:

In your editing environment, you intuitively create new modules, lessons, quizzes, and insert content directly inside . Or you can use the help of artificial intelligence, which will generate several suggestions for your course structure based on the keywords and phrases you enter in your course description.

If you want to enliven your courses and give customers a dynamic experience in acquiring knowledge, you can use the creation of self-assessment quizzes . When building them, you have many options to set according to your preferences. For example, you can set a percentage of success, or unlocking other modules and lessons only after successfully completing the course.

Whenever you modify the design settings of the members section or create and insert content into the course, you can always check the Preview of how your client will see the members section.

The design of the member section – how your client sees your online academy, you can set it according to the default themes or according to your preferences. Thus, the online academy can have the same design as, for example, your website. Therefore, each member section created through the Mentortools software is unique, and your client will not even notice the move from the website or e-shop to the online academy.

In the My Members section, you will find a complete database of your members and all information about their accesses, as well as statistics on which courses they have access to and what they have already completed.

In addition, in the settings, you can decide for yourself whether you want to use discussion forums in your members’ section or not.

How the customer sees the member section is up to you:

Courses can be sorted according to the categories you set. Then the members of your members section see all your available products -grouped into groups-, even those that they have not yet purchased. This way, every visitor to your membership section can see the entire range of your products and can buy them at any time.

The Mentortools team is constantly working on the development of new functions and thus responds to the needs of its customers – coaches, online entrepreneurs, lecturers, or e-shop owners who also want to offer digital products. It goes without saying that quality customer support in the Slovak language , as well as the possibility of marketing education and individual coaching . If you don’t have enough time, you can also find the service of full technical setup of the members’ section by the experts of the Mentortools team. Free migration from previous hosting (another membership section) to the Mentortools membership section is also a frequently used service.

Are you looking for a simple and effective way to share your knowledge and skills with others in the online world and at the same time increase your sales and income? Mentortools software is the right choice for you.

Try creating your online academy for free

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