Canva Review: Is This Online Tool Worth Using?

Whether you own a simple blog or a complex e-shop , at some point you will simply need a graphic tool for creating and managing images, illustrations and other visual elements.

But what to do if you are not a professional designer or graphic artist?

In that case, you should definitely consider the online tool Canva – a simple program with which you can create banners, posts or even posters quickly and conveniently.

Canva review

In this article, we will introduce what exactly Canva is, how it works, and we will also look at several useful functions of this tool.

What is Canva?

Canva is an online tool for creating various graphic elements, images and unique design.

With it, internet users have the opportunity to create and edit their own themes , logos, banners for social media, etc.
Canva can be used in the free version (with certain limitations) or as a premium package (with extra options).

Who should use Canva?

As a graphics tool, Canva has countless uses. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a freelancer or just need to create some graphics on your website, Canva can do it quickly and easily.

You can use Canva, for example, for:

  • Blog – if you are a blogger or content writer, you will definitely appreciate Canva as a simple tool with which you can prepare illustrative images, graphs, etc. for your site.
  • E-shop similarly to a blog, you can use Canva for your images for your products, design designers on e-shop pages, icons and many other visual elements that you simply need in an e-shop.
  • Company website – Canva is also a great tool for coordinating the design on a company website. Thanks to Canva, you can design logos, corporate graphics or posts on the web that will be uniform across all web pages .
  • Social media – one of the main reasons why Canva is so popular is precisely because of the creation of illustrations, images and posts on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram. With Canva, you can prepare themes in advance, which you can then regularly use for your posts.
  • Advertising flyers and banners – whether you own a restaurant, brick-and-mortar store or simply organize an event, Canva will help you quickly create flyers, posters, banners or other promotional material.
  • Merch – Canva can also be used to create prints and photos on merch such as T-shirts, mugs, calendars, etc.
    Postcards, name tags, etc. – do you need to quickly create a beautiful postcard or invitation for your family and loved ones? In Canva, you can do it quickly, easily and, above all, for free.

What can Canva offer?

1. Flexibility of function

Canva hides countless functions, themes and options for creating and editing your own graphics. The most interesting features include, for example:

Filters – with the help of filters, you can edit photos for posts on social media quite quickly and easily. the media.
Grid – if you plan to create collages, you can use grids to help you with them.
Icons – Canva offers countless icons and stickers that you can directly implement into your images.
Font creation and editing – in Canva you can choose from a wide range of fonts, or upload and edit your own font.
Team administration – Canva provides the ability to add users to your team, thanks to which you can share and edit all the necessary graphic elements for your website.

2. Language support

If you are not very proficient in the English language, you can easily set the Slovak or Czech language (or another language) in Canva.

3. Simple interface

Canva as a tool is very intuitive (and cool). After registration, you will immediately be greeted by an interesting and entertaining interface, in which you will be able to navigate without any problems.

4. Great support

In case of any problem, you can write to Canvy’s customer support – they will usually be able to answer you the next day.

How to use Canva?

To use Canva, you must first register – of course, registration is free and only takes a few seconds:

1. Visit the Canvy home page .

Canva registration 1

2. Click the button “ Register for free ”.

Canva registration 2

3. When registering, you have the option to register using e-mail or via another platform (e.g. Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, etc.).

Canva registration 3

4. Fill in the registration data (e-mail address).

Canva registration 4

5. Enter the account name and confirm the registration at the email address (using the registration code)

Canva registration 5

Canva will then create an account for you and you can start working! Now let’s look at a basic overview in Canva.


With the free version of Canvy, you will be greeted with a simple toolbar that you will use when creating a design. These include features such as:

  • Docs – basic document for creating visual content in documents.
  • Table – creation of simple and beautiful tables.
  • Presentations – here you can prepare different types of presentations in various sizes.
  • Social media – creating images and editing photos that you can use on popular social media. networks such as Instagram, Facebook or Linkedin.
  • Videos – although Canva focuses mainly on static graphics, you can also use it to create and edit simple videos that you can then use on social media and YouTube.
  • And many more – In Canva you have countless formats that you can use, just click the “Next” button and you will see various design options and formats.
Canva overview

In addition to the main design menu, you also have a side panel to help you manage your graphics and share your design with other users:

  • Home – a simple button that takes you back to the main Canvy overview from anywhere.
  • Templates – this is a wide assortment of “templates” – themes, from which you can choose both in a free and a paid version.
  • Projects – an administrative folder in which you can save and categorize individual graphic elements as you like. Although the free version also has this feature, you only have a limited number of folders you can create.
  • Brand – a premium feature, but you can try it for free for 30 days. This tool helps you create a consistent look for branding, colors, fonts, logos, and other visual elements.
  • Content Scheduler – also a premium feature, with which you can schedule the publication of content on different platforms according to the calendar.
  • Discover applications – a library with various small functions that you can use when creating and editing images.
  • Smartmockups – themes or object models that you can insert and modify as you wish in your graphics.
  • Create a team – a function to connect individual Canvy users to one place. This gives you the ability to share and edit content with other people and manage your graphics efficiently.
  • Trash – a simple function for discarding unwanted content.
Canva side menu

A simple example in Canva

Now let’s see how easily you can create and edit a logo in seconds:

  1. Enter the name “ logos ” in the Canva search engine.
  2. Then choose one of themes that you like.
  3. After selecting, click on the button “ Customize this themes u
  4. In this example, you have the option to edit individual elements of the logo (background, name, font, subtitle, etc.).
  5. You can also add additional elements directly from your computer by clicking on the button ” Uploaded files ” in the panel on the left.

In addition, Canva offers countless elements and texts that you can use when creating a logo.

Canva example

Canvy price list

Canva can be used in 3 versions:

  • Canva Free – a free version of Canva that can be used by practically anyone immediately after registration (but with limited options).
  • Canva Pro Trial – a free premium version of Canva that you can try for 30 days for free.
  • Canva Pro (€11.99/month) – premium version of Canva without any restrictions.
Canva price list
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