Tailor-made eshop: Is it worth creating a website according to your wishes?

A tailor-made eshop is a website that was created based on your requirements and ideas. Read about its pros and cons.


Tailor-made e-shop – every entrepreneur’s dream.

Stores that are custom-made according to your requirements are a very popular alternative to e-shops for rent.

Thanks to the tailor-made e-shop, you can create your own online store with everything you need for it.

Let’s now take a look at what exactly a tailor-made e-shop is, what are its pros (and cons) as well as whether it’s worth it or not.

What exactly is a tailor-made e-shop?

A custom-made eshop is a website built with pages based on the ideas of its owner.

In essence, it is about programming all aspects of the website according to precisely specified requirements – from appearance, through functions, layout of elements on pages, etc.

A tailor-made e-shop is an alternative to e-shops for rent, or “box solutions”, which are diametrically different from it.

Is the tailor-made e-shop worth it?

A custom-made e-shop has its advantages and disadvantages (just like other e-commerce solutions).

If you have some capital, enough energy, time, and above all, you already have an exact idea of what your dream e- shop should meet and how it should look, then a custom-made e-shop could be right for you.

The main advantages of the tailor-made e-shop include:

1. Custom design

A tailor-made eshop is essentially the dream of every entrepreneur – there are no limits to how your online store should look.

With other types of e-commerce solutions, you usually get a website that you can modify to a certain extent, but basically you can’t change anything on it.

In this case, the custom-made e-shop is the clear winner, as (if you have an experienced programmer) you can set the entire page layout, visual elements, buttons and overall appearance to your liking.

2. Functions without restrictions

Similar to the design, there are no limits in the case of customized e-shops.

If you have a special request or function that you would like to implement on your website, a custom e-shop is definitely the right choice.

With boxed e-commerce solutions, you usually get access to basic functions that will help you with website management, but that’s where it ends – in addition to basic settings such as settings for shipping, currency, payments, warehouse management and delivery of goods, etc. you won’t get anything more.

3. Uniqueness of the store

This point probably doesn’t need to be explained too much – if you are a creative person who likes to innovate, your online store can get a unique design and functions that will distinguish it from the ” šablón ” of e-shops almost immediately.

Although even with e-shops for rent you can set certain things according to your own so that you stand out from the competition at least a little, nothing can compare to a tailor-made e-shop, where you set your own conditions, appearance, etc.

4. Possibility of customization

Building a website is one thing, editing and customizing it is another . With custom-made e-shops, you will always have the opportunity to change something in the future – this cannot be said about e-shops for rent.

It can often happen that you come up with a great idea, how you could improve your e-shop, or correct an error or implement something truly unique.

In that case, the customized e-shop will always leave its doors open to you, as it is your website, which was built just for you, and therefore you will always have the opportunity to modify it.

5. Ownership of the e-shop

If you plan to sell products online for a long time, a custom e-shop can be a very profitable investment for you.

After the initial payment and the creation of the website, you basically do not have to invest in anything else related to the creation of the website.

This cannot be said about e-shops for rent, where you have to regularly pay monthly or annual fees for the operation and functions of the website.

What are the disadvantages of tailor-made e-shops?

1. You are on your own

If you are considering a custom-made e-shop, you must realize that the website will not just be created for you – if you are not an experienced programmer, you will have to find someone who can code it for you.

Finding a suitable programmer or web developer can sometimes be more difficult than it seems.

Based on your idea of the e- shop , it can be a matter of a few weeks or even months.

2. High initial investment

Financial difficulty is a relatively big stumbling block that you may encounter with e-shops.

If you will not be able to create the e-shop yourself and you will have to find a person or an agency to do it, definitely count on the initial costs.

3. Potential maintenance issues

With custom-made e-shops, it is necessary to realize that you will eventually need a person to help you with its maintenance or any technical problems.

In this regard, it can be quite a big complication for many entrepreneurs – especially if you don’t currently have extra capital for a person who will supervise your website.

If the given disadvantages of a custom-made e-shop put you off a bit, an e-shop for rent may be a suitable alternative for you.

Tailor-made eshop vs. eshop for rent

An e- shop for rent is a great e-commerce solution for anyone who simply doesn’t have the technical skills, time, energy or capital to create their own website, so to speak.

These “box solutions” bring with them several interesting benefits:

  • Quick start-up of the website – with most rental e-shop providers, you just need to simply register, pay a fee, and you will immediately get a functional website, where you just need to set up the appearance, functions, products, etc.
  • “Relatively” low fees – although you simply can’t avoid fees with e-shops for rent, you don’t have to pay crazy monthly prices right away. If you plan to start selling only in a small way from the beginning, you can choose a price package that is really worth it.
  • Great technical support – with e-shops for rent, you always have the technical support of a provider who will help you with problems with the website, or give advice on how to get the website up and running.
  • Domain and hosting – unlike custom-made e-shops, with an e-shop for rent you get a hosting server in addition to a functional website, and you can also choose your own domain (if available) in just a few clicks.
💡 Tip: Choosing the right hosting is crucial for a fast website ⏱ . I recommend betting on verified quality ➡️ Bluehost or SiteGround.

If you would rather be interested in an e-shop for rent, where you can start your business in a few minutes, you might be interested in these popular pproviders of the so-called “box” e-shops:


Webnode is one of the most popular online tools for creating websites in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

This platform has been with us for more than 10 years and provides its ecommerce solutions to thousands of users.

Webnode is proud of its complex functions, which were able to fit into a very simple interface.

Thanks to this, it is considered a very strong competitor to the rest of the world’s e-shop providers.

In addition to the paid versions, Webnode also offers a free trial version, where you can try all the functions of the e-shop, together with the appearance, šablóna mi, shop settings, etc.

💡 Tip: If you are interested in this platform, be sure to read my article Review: Is it worth using Webnode to create a website? , where you will learn basic information about this provider, along with an overview of its functions, settings, etc.



MioWeb is a popular e-commerce solution from the Czech Republic, which focuses on smaller entrepreneurs – after a few minutes of registration, you can easily start building a website, choose šablón or set up sales.

This platform supports practically all the functions you need to run an e-shop – from responsive design to marketing tools to shipping and payments.

💡 Tip: If you would like to learn more about the MioWeb platform, I recommend you read my article: MioWeb: review and my experience with this tool .


Shoptet , like MioWeb, is another popular platform for creating and managing e-shops.

The advantage of this boxed ecommerce solution is that it is very easy to use – because Shoptet tries to provide its users with such an interface that even a complete beginner can handle it.

Thanks to this, you can start setting up the appearance of your store, add products or modify the layout of the pages within a few minutes.

💡 Tip: If you are considering starting an e-shop on the Shoptet platform, be sure to read my review: Shoptet – is it really the market leader?



Shopify probably doesn’t even need to be introduced too much – it is a unit on the world market for creating and managing e-shops, which was founded in 2004.

As an e-commerce solution, Shopify offers its users “all in one”: from creating or moving an e-shop, through various types of sales, tools for online marketing or even managing applications.

If you are a really demanding entrepreneur who would like an e-shop for rent but with a massive amount of freedom and functions, Shopify could be the right solution for you.

💡 Tip: For more information about what the Shopify platform can offer you, you can read my article: Is Shopify the best solution for eshop? (Review).

Customized eshop – price

The price for a custom-made e-shop is a very individual matter – there is no uniform price list for such shops, as it depends on the size of the website, your requirements and the complexity of the shop.

The price can range from several tens and hundreds of euros to thousands (in extreme cases).

In the end, you will find out the final price only after consulting with a programmer or agency, where you will clarify what exactly you need and how much it will cost.

💡 Tip: If you are considering a custom-made e-shop, but you are not sure who to contact, you can write to me at the email address: vladimir.jurosko@gmail.com .

If you are interested, I can recommend high-quality online store creators with many years of experience who will help you create and launch your own e-shop.

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