What is hosting

Čo je to hostingHosting (web host, webhosting) is the space on the server where your website is stored. This space is used to store all site data. It is rented by a hosting provider, in other words a hosting company.

How to choose quality web hosting

When looking for a suitable hosting , you have a choice of several options. Some companies provide free space . However, this solution has several disadvantages. For example, you’ll need to place an ad on your site. If you’re serious about your site, it’s better to rent paid server space. Prices vary depending on the space and services provided.

Which one to choose?

Choose a hosting that:

  • has an SSL certificate,
  • guarantees 99.9% availability,
  • is fast
  • is suitable for WordPress sites,
  • provides quality technical support.

For WordPress sites, I recommend Siteground , WebSupport , WP Engine , Bluehost or Webglobe – Yegon .

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