Elementor – a popular WordPress builder (Review)

Review of the popular WordPress builder Elementor . We will show you what this plugin can do, its advantages, disadvantages and my experience with it.

Elementor - recenzia tohto obľúbeného WordPress builderu

What is Elementor

Elementor is one of the most popular page builders for WordPress. This plugin provides a simple interface for creating creative pages in WordPress over the active šablóny options.

It uses a practical drag and drop function, with which you can easily arrange the individual blocks created on the page exactly according to your ideas. The modifications do not require any technical knowledge. The average user can use them without the need for coding interventions.

What Elementor can do

If you have a website created in WordPress and you are not satisfied with its design, you do not need to change the entire šablón immediately. The Elementor plugin will help you. This builder will help you create individual pages regardless of the installed šablón .

For example , you can choose not to have a header and footer like other pages on your site. Or you choose to divide the page into columns or use other elements. The plugin also allows you to insert buttons, various tables, Google maps, icons for social networks or effects on embedded images.


In addition to the useful features mentioned above, this page builder has many other advantages :

  • It is compatible with many šablóna me .
  • You can edit all text content directly on the active screen . This will make it easier for you to write new but also edit existing content.
  • Lets you set global colors and typography . This feature gives you a consistent design across the web.
  • It uses more than 800 Google fonts and allows you to add new ones.
  • It is compatible with many other plugins . For example, with WooCommerce , for which Elementor has several practical widgets ready.


  • The free version is truncated by a number of functions compared to the version.
  • Higher price for versions.

? Tip: You can extend the builder’s capabilities even further with addons such as the popular Essential Add-Ons .

How to use Elementor

Editing or creating a page using this plugin is easy. Open the page you want to edit, or create a new one and click the Edit with Elementor button at the top.

edit with Elementor
Edit in Elementor

A page with individual functions will open. The whole interface is very intuitive. It only takes a few minutes to understand how all the features work. Then you can start creating a new page. You will have the individual functions available on the right side when working. You will immediately see all the changes made on the left side of the screen.

How to use Elementor
How to use Elementor

Click at the beginning plusto add a new section. Click to see a selection of possible page layouts.

Select your structure
Page layout selection.

If you click the button Add template, a library of šablón to choose from is displayed.

You can insert content into each section. For example, text or images, as in my example:

Elementor new section
Insert content into a page section

How to use individual elements

Elementor offers you a number of elements when creating a page. You move individual elements – widgets that you have available to the right side of the screen with the mouse. This is how you insert Google Maps, forms, captions, and more.

Below each element is a panel of its settings. For example, to add a new button to a page, use the Button option and drag it to the Drag widget here. On the right side of the screen you will be able to fill in the name of the button, select the appearance of the icon for the button and so on.

Elementor insert button
Insert a button

Click the arrow next to the Publish button at the bottom of the page to save all changes. There are two options. You can save the created page as a draft or as a custom šablón . You can use it later on other pages of your site. If you want to use it, you can find it in the administration of the page under the Templates option.

Click the Publish button directly to publish the created page.

Options for customizing the appearance of the page

Elementor offers many features to customize the look of the site. You can adjust each part of the page using features such as section height, column size, text or image alignment, and text color.

Elementor customization options
Customize the look of the site

He is responsive

Elementor is fully responsive. This will make your site look good on your computer, tablet, and smartphone. To see what the page will look like on each device, click the screen icon in the lower-left corner of the screen . There are options for each device. The right side of the screen shows the appearance of the page on the device you select.

Responsive design element
Responsive design

Elementor’s responsive display capabilities do not end here. When editing each page element, you’ll find a setting option for each element under Advanced . You can use it if you want some widgets not to be displayed on selected devices and others to be displayed.

Advanced responsive element
Set up responsive page elements

Can undo or redo changes

You have a history of all versions when creating pages. Thanks to it, you can safely go back to the previous version or just one or two steps back. You will find the history access button at the bottom left of the screen.

Elementor history
History of each page editing step

Free versus Pro version

Elementor is available free of charge. The free version includes all the above mentioned features. This will allow you to use a variety of widgets and other features to create unique page layouts.

Elementor Pro price

The version costs $ 49 (at the time of writing). For this amount, you get Elementor Pro for one page. It’s $ 99 for three pages and $ 199 for an unlimited number of pages. Each license purchased allows you to use the Pro version for life. To do this, you will receive updates and technical support for 1 year.

The Pro version offers, among other things, a wider selection of widgets, reports on pages and articles according to set criteria, and the ability to link the site to email marketing tools.

Addons (extensions) for Elementor

As I mention in the review above, Elementor himself can do a lot. However, if you want to extend its capabilities even more, there are a number of extensions from other creators :

You can also find free versions of some of these addons at WordPress.org .

Online training

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Elementor Review – Conclusion

Based on my experience with this builder, I can say that it has several useful features that you will use when creating a website. With intuitive controls and access to individual functions, it does not lag behind other WordPress builders.

On the plus side, you won’t find any redundant features here, so after a while of testing, even novice site developers are familiar with it . Elementor is ready to use without the need for code intervention .

? Tip in conclusion: Elementor also has an official theme that is available for free – Hello theme .

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