WEDOS – the best-selling hosting in the Czech Republic (Review)

All essential information about WEDOS pokope: provided services, hosting parameters, my experience + discount coupon for readers.

WEDOS review

What is WEDOS

WEDOS stands for Quality WEbhosting, Cheapest Rewards and Excellent Serverhosting. The company is the largest provider of .cz and .sk domains in the Czech Republic.

It provides hosting to individuals, small, medium and large companies and large e-shops. It guarantees high performance, stability and quality, experience, expertise and professionalism.

From the history of WEDOS

WEDOS logo
WEDOS logo

WEDOS company based in Hlboká nad Vltavou was founded in 2010. The building, which was built in the past as a cover for civil defense, served as its seat at the time of its foundation.

In 2018, the company invested in the modernization of premises, procured a new transformer station, strengthened the electrical network, cooling and created two separate branches of connectivity and electricity.

In 2014, the construction of the second data center began, which is to be a unique project for up to 10,000 servers. The servers will be cooled using an oil bath and water cooling.

Throughout its existence, WEDOS has steadily pursued the goal of providing quality web hosting services. 31. January 2019 became the largest Czech registrar of .cz domains .


WEDOS offers a portfolio of services for both small and large projects. So everyone can find a suitable solution.

Web hosting

Within web hosting, you have a choice of two service packages: web hosting NoLimit and NoLimit Extra .

Do you want to use open source? You can install it on WEDOS web hosting with 1 click . You can use WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop and others.

The whole process from ordering through invoicing and service launch is fully automated. Once launched, you will be able to conveniently change the service settings according to your needs, add domains, change parameters and other settings all by yourself. All changes are immediate.

Security: Only WEDOS employees have access to the servers. The ISO 27001 certificate also guarantees the security of all stored data.


WEDOS sells domains at purchase prices and that is why they are the cheapest on the market . The ordering and payment process is fully automated.

At the time of writing, WEDOS has operated more than 350,000 domains. In addition, you can count on the purchase price permanently not only when registering but also renewing domains.

The price for the .sk domain for the first year is only 7 € per month without VAT. For a .cz domain it is € 5.60 per month without VAT and .eu only € 1.65 per month without VAT. In addition, you can choose from other extensions, such as .pl, .net, .com, .org and many others.


VPS (virtual server) services are built on the OpenNebula cloud infrastructure. As a result, performance and server resources are redistributed efficiently so that servers are not overloaded. VPS migration is also taken care of in case of technical problems.


If you need space to back up large amounts of data, then there is the WEDOS Disk service. It offers a state-of-the-art solution for online backup of company data, backup of servers, archiving of documents, videos, photos and the like.

WEDOS Disk is used by organizations of various sizes and there is also a variant for households. The paid version from 30 GB is available from € 1.80 per month without VAT.

Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers are available for demanding projects that require full server performance. With this service, you will be able to use the entire server without having to share it with anyone else. You have a choice:

  • HPE ProLiant DL320 only for 38 € per month without VAT,
  • QUANTA STRATOS S910-X31E for 91 € per month without VAT,
  • FUJITSU RX100 for 56 € per month without VAT.

The devices are fully automatic and ready for operation immediately. They offer high performance and 99.9% availability. You receive non-stop customer support and hardware service for the service.

The following services should soon be added to these services:

  • WMS (Webhosting Managed Server),
  • cloud,
  • VIP services.

Tip: Try the new WEDOS WebSite service – it’s a simple Drag & Drop editor that allows you to create your own page in minutes.

Webhosting and VPS from WEDOS

When choosing a web host , you can choose one of the following alternatives:

WEDOS web hosting
Web hosting

Webhosting NoLimit

Web hosting NoLimit is the best-selling web hosting in the Czech Republic . You can use it for only 1.25 € per month without VAT.

The service runs on HPE Moonshot servers from Hewlett Packart Enterprise. With NoLimit, you get an unlimited number of mailboxes for your domain. You have at your disposal:

  • unlimited web space on state-of-the-art SSDs,
  • unlimited data transfer,
  • unlimited number of subdomains, databases …
  • 1 GB on MySQL,
  • 5 GB for emails with the option to increase to 10 GB,
  • free 3 aliases,
  • anti-virus and anti-spam protection,
  • guaranteed availability 99.99%,
  • non-stop support,
  • 2 private data centers,
  • fast operation secured by 3.8 GHz processors.

In addition to ordering NoLimit, you can also choose one of the practical gifts. For example, free domain, energy drink, t-shirt or other.

Webhosting NoLimit extra

If you have more demanding requirements that the NoLimit service does not meet, there is noLimit Extra web hosting. By purchasing this service, you get higher processor performance, more space for databases or e-mails, better PHP parameters and other benefits. To do this, you get:

  • HTTPS on the domain in the price of hosting,
  • free daily backup and recovery,
  • if there is an outage of more than 5 minutes per month, you get a month of operation for free,
  • maximum number of PHP processes 10,
  • 2 GB database space
  • 10 GB for e-mails with the option to increase to 110 GB.

You can also choose one of the gifts for NoLimit Extra, such as a polo shirt, T-shirt or WEDOS energy drink.


VPS ON allows you to pay only for what you really need. You choose the amount of RAM, disk space, number of CPU cores and so on. You can use the service from € 2.80 per month without VAT.

The advantage is that you do not have to buy virtual server services in modules and pay for unused disks. You choose the parameters that you will use and the service is not unnecessarily expensive.

If necessary, you can increase the purchased VPS at any time. The increase is possible immediately. The reduction is only possible from the next billing period.

Hewlett Packart Enterprise’s PE Moonshot servers for giant cloud solutions keep the service running smoothly.


Virtual private servers on SSDs guarantee the highest reliability, full virtualization, root access and choice of operating system. The service is available from € 3.95 per month without VAT.

The service is ordered in modules. Each model has guaranteed DDR3 RAM, the appropriate share of processor power and HDD space. You only order as many modules as you need. If you need to increase the number during operation, it is possible. However, be aware that a restart will be required.

The VPS SSD runs on the HPE DL380 from Hewlett Packart Enterprise. It guarantees high performance, stability and reliability.

When ordering a VPS SSD, you can choose from two variants: VPS SSD or VPS SSD Profi. If you order a VPS SSD Profi, you also get:

  • internal snapshots,
  • internal daily backup and external weekly backup,
  • DDoS protection,
  • firewall (10 rules).

customer support

WEDOS customer support is available 24 hours a day. You can communicate by asking a question at .

You can also use the contact form on the WEDOS website for communication. All service settings are available to you after logging in to your account in customer administration.

Before you ask your question to any of the company’s employees, we recommend that you look through the knowledge base, where you will find many answers to frequently asked questions. There are also many written manuals and video tutorials.

Customer experience

Customers’ experiences with WEDOS services are mostly positive. They especially appreciate:

  • quality services at low prices,
  • the possibility of operating an unlimited number of domains,
  • suitability for websites of various sizes,
  • online support available at any time.

Some customers find the customer environment less clear.

My experience with WEDOS hosting

WEDOS is an excellent solution in terms of price-performance ratio, popular especially in the Czech Republic. It worked for me mainly for the following reasons:

  • one-click automatic WordPress installation
  • stability – high availability and few outages),
  • helpful support and extensive helpdesk,
  • low domain prices .

Tip: Try the new WEDOS WebSite service – it’s a simple Drag & Drop editor that allows you to create your own page in minutes.

Discount coupons

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Tip in conclusion: In the article How to choose the best hosting (not only for WordPress) you will find other quality hosting.

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