How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting

In this tutorial, I will help you choose the best WordPress hosting for your website. Choosing the right WordPress hosting for your needs can greatly improve your SEO and increase sales. Web hosting is thus one of the key components of any successful website.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting


There are many web hosting providers on the market, so it may be challenging to choose the best one. If you are planning to try the new WordPress hosting, you should consider the following criteria:

Optimization for WordPress

Web hosting must meet at least the minimum requirements for running WordPress. Also, WordPress has its specific features and not every hosting is optimally set up. Therefore, look for hosting that guarantees them.


Based on available statistics, website visitors are impatient, and therefore the site’s speed is very important. Also, Google disadvantages slow sites. You can measure web speed through these tools. This is especially important when we talk about WordPress hosting. Unoptimized WordPress is a server-intensive system, so strong hardware is needed.


Verify that web hosting offers maximum server availability. Because if the server is too often and long down, visitors will be leaving you. Almost every good WordPress hosting should guarantee 99.99% availability.


Quality support is another important criterion. Good webhosting should offer 24/7 technical support, including live chat and phone support. If you have a real problem, waiting for an email response is not enough. You lose more and more visitors every second that your site is unavailable.


Choose web hosting that provides a high level of security – by measuring, backing up and implementing the latest security updates. This will greatly reduce the chance of hacking and block fake bots that hackers use to access the web.

1-click WordPress installation

If you’re not a technical type and you’re concerned about installing WordPress, you should choose hosting that provides a simple one-click automatic installation.


There are many companies providing WordPress hosting. Their individual hosting packages vary in price. Always choose a package that meets your needs. Don’t pay unnecessarily for a larger package if you don’t need it.

Money back guarantee

Before you choose some webhosting, it’s a good idea to check if they offer a trial period with a money back guarantee. Why is that? It’s simple as that – if during the test it turns out they don’t meet what they claim, or that their services are not enough for you, you can get your money back.

💡 Tip for themes: From premium themes, I have good experience with themes Divi, Avada and with page builder Elementor.

Free WordPress Hosting?

There are many free web hosting providers, but I recommend avoiding them. Finally, the magical “free” comes out quite expensive. These hosting providers tend to have some of following hidden disadvantages due to which your site will look unprofessional:

  • You must place their ad banner on your site.
  • They may have a condition to place a link to them in the footer of your website.
  • If you want to have your own domain, you have to pay for it. Otherwise, you have their brand name in the domain title.
  • You never know when they stop offering their services.
  • They have no guarantee of server availability, speed, backups and so on.

Comparison of WordPress Hosting Services

Below you can see a brief comparison table of the best WordPress hosting providers. Each of these selected hosting providers I have chosen is suitable for WordPress.

Name Advantages Website
bluehost logo Bluehost – officially recommended by community. It is regarded as the top hosting for WordPress in the world. Go to Bluehost
SiteGround logo SiteGround – great international web hosting provider. They have very good ratings from the community and they are famous for excellence support. Go to SiteGround
wp engine logo WP Engine – great WordPress managed hosting. Suitable for big websites with huge traffic. Go to WP Engine
💡 Do you want a faster ⏱ website? Website speed is important for both visitors and SEO. I got the best results thanks to the WP Rocket plugin, which I highly recommend.
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