What is a domain

Čo je to doménaDomain is an abbreviation of the term domain name . It is a string of characters that makes up an Internet address. Each site or service has its own unique domain.


The domain name should reflect the focus of the page, it should express what the page is about, it should be concise and easy to remember . It is also important that it differs from other site names.

Why the domain is used

The domain replaces the IP address. Because the IP address is made up of numbers and these would be difficult for anyone to remember. Therefore, the domain name is used instead. So you don’t have to enter an IP address to search for a specific page , but you type the domain name into a browser . It connects to the IP address of the server on which the searched website has its hosting.

If you run a website, I recommend registering a domain name . You can also buy it at the same time as hosting .

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