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Vladimír Juroško profile photoMy name is Vladimír Juroško and I am a WordPress enthusiast . I have been working on this CMS system for several years, also as a programmer. During that time, I have managed to gain a lot of experience, which I want to share with you.


If you are interested in a paid service , write to me at vladimir.jurosko@gmail.com . If you need free advice , please write to us via the comments below the articles .

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Absolvent programátorských kurzov (odporúčam)

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Absolvent inžinierského štúdia


Nominant v kategórii IT


Certifikát Mensa - výsledné IQ 140 🙂

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Spolupráca s digitálnou agentúrou NetSuccess


Ex-zamestnanec nadnárodnej IT firmy

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Microsoft certifikát SQL databázový administrátor


Microsoft Certifikát



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Spolu-organizátor WordCamp Bratislava 2019


Mediálny partner WordCamp Brno 2019

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Mediálny partner WordCamp Košice 2019

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Mikrosponzor WordCamp Praha 2019

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Účastník WordCamp Praha 2018

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Účastník WordCamp Bratislava 2018


Účastník WordCamp Bratislava 2017

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Účastník WordCamp Praha 2017

WordCamp Praha 2017

Účastník WordCamp žilina 2016


Účastník WordCamp Praha 2016

WordCamp Praha 2016

Účastník WordPress Meetupy Bratislava

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I try to devote myself fully to WP.sk, so unfortunately I have no room left to provide other services. However, I work with several experts, so if you are interested in any of the services mentioned below, do not hesitate to contact me. Based on your requirements, I will recommend a suitable expert:

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