WordPress – login to website administration

WordPress login to website administration – how to login, what data to enter, how to remember login and how to sign out of WordPress.

WordPress - login to website administration

Before you start working on your website, you need to log into the site’s administration. Only then, you will be able to create and edit the page, add plugins, and customize the functionality and appearance of the page to your needs. The procedure is simple. Let’s go through the step-by-step sign-in process together.

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WordPress login to administration

On a typical WordPress site installed with good hosting, you just need to add /wp-admin/, /admin/ or /login/ after the site address to enter the administration. It will look something like this:

your domain/wp-admin/

So in my case: https://wproom.com/wp-admin/.

If for some reason this url doesn’t work for you, try typing: your domain/wp-login.php

You will be presented with a login form to enter your login information.

WordPress prihlásenie
login form

If you make a mistake, the system will notify you. In this case, enter the data again.

You can sign in using your login name or email address and password. If you select the “Remember” checkbox, the page will remember your login for two weeks. But do this only at home on your personal computer, not in public places! Otherwise, an unauthorized person could get into the site administration.

If the login was successful, you should be redirected to the dashboard:

WordPress nástenka
WordPress dashboard

How do I remember my login page?

If you find it difficult to remember the login link, you can add this link to the menu, or as a widget to the sidebar or to the footer.

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Log out from admin

When leaving the administration menu, be sure to sign out. Logging out of admin is recommended especially on shared / unsecured computers.

WordPress - ako sa odhlásiť
WordPress – how to log out
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