WordPress – import and export tools

How to import and export in WordPress? In this tutorial, I will show you how to use basic WordPress tools to import and export content from other systems.

WordPress - import and export tools

There are several tools available in WordPress administration. I have already mentioned many of them in previous tutorial sections. Now, we will be wondering how to download content from other systems to the site, and we will talk a little about the Converter of categories and tags.

WordPress import tools

WordPress import
WordPress import

This feature offers many ways to download content to WP. For example from systems such as Blogger, LiveJournal, Moveable Type and TypePad, as well as from Tumblr. You can also import RSS articles, OPML links and content from other WordPress sites.

For example, if you want to get content from other WP sites, install the WordPress Importer plugin. To do this, click Install now in the WordPress line. After installation, click Run Importer. In the window that opens, select the files that you want to download.

To import content from other sites, install the appropriate plugin from the list. To learn more about the plugin before installation, click Details in the appropriate row.

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Category and tag converter

Konvertor kategórií a značiek
Category and tag converter

To use this tool, you must go to the Import option in the WordPress administration menu. After installation, click Run Importer. You will be taken to a new page to select the categories (tags) that you want to convert. You can choose a specific conversion type at the top of the screen, where you can find the buttons:: Categories to Tags a Tags to Categories.

WordPress export tool

WordPress export
WordPress export

The Export function is used to export data in HTML format. WP saves the exported data to the computer in XML format. You can export posts, pages and multimedia, as well as all content on the page, including comments and navigation menu. The exported content can then be sent to another WordPress page using the Import function.

💡 Tip for themes: From premium themes, I have good experience with themes Divi, Avada and with page builder Elementor.

Exporting and deleting personal data

WordPress exportovať osobné údaje
WordPress – Export personal data

WordPress also offers the option of exporting and deleting personal data. To do this, click the appropriate function in the WP administration in the Tools section. To export or delete a user’s personal information, enter their username or email address in the appropriate field.

Then click Send request. You will be asked to confirm the request by email. You can also confirm or delete the request directly on the website.

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WordPress XML and CSV import – wpallimport

wpallimport - ukážka
wpallimport – preview

If you need advanced content acquisition, I recommend wpallimport, and wpallexport for export. I use WP All Import plugin to migrate / upload content to client sites. Then I also use WP All Export to export data from the source page.

This plugin package is quite expensive, but it can do a lot for you – import products into WooCommerce, images, custom fields, categories and tags. Works with many plugins such as WPML, ACF and like.

Describing everything wpallimport can do would take the whole article.

wpallexport - ukážka
wpallexport – preview
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