What is the difference between post and page in WordPress?

Do you think about, what is the difference between post and page in WordPress? In this post, I will explain the differences between them and the ability to manage articles and pages.

What is the difference between post and page in WordPress?

You can work on WordPress with two basic concepts: posts and pages. For each of them you will find their own tools in the menu. I’ll try to explain to you what the difference is between them.

Difference between post and page

Posts are your blog content, spotlights, news and events. Usually they are chronologically organized – the latest post is on top. This is current information. Some of them will be outdated over time. Older posts are moving down and stored in the archive. Posts don’t have to be on the page at all if it’s more appropriate for the nature of the website.

Pages use more permanent content. Thus, you won’t add and change them as often as posts. They serve to publish information of a more permanent nature. This may be page like, for example, About Us, Contacts, and so on. If you create a new page, it won’t appear on the web as a post. You will need to paste it into the website menu.

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Posts in WordPress

When you click on Posts in WordPress menu, you will see a list of all posts, including information such as author, category, date of adding or editing. Above the list of articles at the top of the page, you’ll find information such as the number of all and published articles as well as the number of posts that are in the trash. You can also filter them here by category or date.

Wordpress zoznam článkov
List of posts

When you move the cursor over the name of a particular post, you’ll see several links below:

Edit — allows you to edit your post. You can also edit a post just by clicking on its title.

Quick Edit — here you can edit some basic information about the article like Title, Slug, Date, Author, Allow Comments and some other features.

Trash — this option moves the post to the trash folder. If you empty the trash folder, it will be deleted.

View — if the post has not been published yet, it will display a preview. If it has already been published, it will be displayed on the page.

Bulk editing of posts

You will find a check box next to each post title. This box allows you to perform some actions on multiple posts at once.

Hromadné akcie
Bulk actions

Simply check the box and select the action you want to take in the Bulk Actions box: Edit or Move to Trash. Then click Apply. If you select Edit, you will be able to edit the author, categories, tags, allowing comments, format, post tagging, and so on.

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Screen Options

Click Screen Options if you want to change how posts are displayed. You will find it in the top right corner.

Možnosti zobrazenia
Screen Options

For example, you can set which information you want to appear in the post list. Make sure to click Apply after setup.

Pages in WordPress

To view a list of pages on your website, select Pages in the WordPress menu. A list of pages of the website appears on the screen. Above the list, you will find the number of all pages, the number of pages you have published, the total number of pages published, and the number of drafts.

In the page list, you can find the name of author, a number of comments, and the date it was published or edited for each page.

Editing page

When you move your cursor over a specific page name, you’ll see several options below. They are similar to post options:

  • Edit — to edit the page.
  • Quick Edit — to edit some basic information.
  • Trash — to move the page to the trash folder.
  • View — to view the page or preview it.
Možnosti editácie stránky
Editing options

Bulk editing

Let’s go back to the page list. There is a check box next to each page title. Use it to perform bulk actions similarly as by posts. Select the type of bulk action and click Apply. If you select Edit, you will be able to edit the author, enable or disable comments, and edit the position of the marked items.

WordPress hromadná úprava stránok
Bulk editing
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Quick editing of post / page

Quick Edit is a great feature to quickly edit certain attributes. For example, I use it to change a category, add tags, and make the post sticky.

Rýchla úprava
Quick Edit
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