How to add a post in WordPress

Step by step instructions on how to add a post in WordPress via administration. I will also show you how to publish it and explain the differences between the category and the tag.

How to add post in WordPress

How to add a post

To add a new article to your website, move the cursor in the WordPress administration menu and find the Posts option. You will see the Add New option. Click on it. You can also move with cursor to the “Add” option in the toolbar at the top of the page where you select “Post”.

WordPress články
Where to find posts in WordPress

How to publish a post

While creating a post, you have several features available at the top right of the screen, in the folder titled Publish.

WordPress Pridanie článku - publikovať
Adding a post – publishing

If you want to save the post and return to it later, click Save draft before leaving the page. You’ll also find a preview button and a few more options to set up your post and its visibility. If the post is ready to publish, click Publish.

The features of the visual and text editors, which you will use to create the post, are described in the separate posts: How to work in WordPress visual editor and How to work in WordPress text editor.

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Categories and tags

You can group articles into categories and assign tags to them. You will find the necessary tools at the bottom right of the screen. Let’s go through them to see how they differ.

Kategórie a tagy
Categories and tags
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What are tags

Tags combine similar content. They describe the post. These are keywords that describe the information found in the post. In one post, there may be several of them. When creating them, keep in mind that categories and tags should not be the same.

What are categories

Categories are thematic areas or sections on the page. They help visitors to your site in searching the content. Categories can have their own subcategories.

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Difference between categories and tags

To better understand this difference, imagine your website as a book. Categories are like book contents and tags as terms listed in the book index. For example, if you have a WordPress page like me, the categories would be themes, plugins, tutorials, and tags would be for example the names of the plugins mentioned in the posts – Akismet, Jetpack and the like.

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