What is WordPress toolbar?

What is WordPress toolbar? Toolbar is a toolbar in WordPress administration. This top bar provides quick access to various page settings.

What is WordPress toolbar?

It appears at the top of the screen whenever you’re logged in, regardless of whether you’re in administration or directly on your website. If you are not logged in, it will not appear.

WordPress panel nástrojov
WordPress – toolbar
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What is this toolbar for?

The task of the toolbar is to ensure quick access to the most frequently used features needed to manage a website. These include:

  • link to the official WordPress.org site, documentation and technical support forum,
  • link to your website, dashboard, editing appearance, menus, and widgets,
  • quick access to view and edit comments,
  • quick access to add a new article, page, user or multimedia,
  • editing your profile, user profile and log out.

Some themes and plugins extend the top bar options with custom features.

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How to hide WordPress toolbar

You can hide the toolbar by modifying your profile settings. In WordPress administration, click on Users. You will see a list of users. Find your name and move there with the cursor. The Edit option appears under the name. Click on it. (Another option is to click on Your profile at the bottom of the Users menu.)

Ako schovať toolbar WordPress
How to hide a toolbar

Find the line on your profile edit page:

Toolbar – Show toolbar when browsing

If the box is checked, the top bar appears at the top of the page whenever you are signed in. If it is not checked, the toolbar remains hidden.

Don’t forget to click the Edit Profile button at the bottom of the page to save your changes. You will find it after rolling down to the bottom of the page.

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