WordPress Administration and Dashboard

What is WordPress Administration? Administration is an administrative part designed for website administration. After logging in, you will get to the dashboard.

WordPress Administration and Dashboard

Usually, you will get to WordPress administration (in slang also called admin) by adding /wp-admin/ to url address. When you sign in, you’ll be specifically taken to the dashboard. Administration serves to manage the website. Here you will create, edit, change the look and settings of the website.

WordPress nástenka (dashboard)
WordPress dashboard


At the top of the screen you will see a toolbar, the so-called toolbar, in the header. This bar does not change. It will appear whenever you are logged into admin. It contains your website title and some options for quick access to unapproved comments, adding a new article, page, multimedia, or image. You will also find the name of the person who is currently logged in. Under the name, there is enter to your profile and sign out.

WordPress toolbar
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Screen Options

There are two small boxes directly under the administration heading. One is called Screen Options, the other is Help. Clicking on them will expand the menu. Hint is hidden under the Help field. Below the Screen Options field, you’ll find several options for setting your current page. You can choose which windows are to be shown on the page.

WordPress možnosti zobrazenia
Screen options
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WordPress administration – menu

There is a menu on the left side of the WP Administration. Here you will find all the tools for editing the website. Use the cursor to navigate the menu. When you move the cursor to one of the administration tools, you will see its individual options. You can access menu items by clicking on them.

WordPress administrácia
WordPress administration – menu

Now let’s get to some basic information about each menu item:


Dashboard is where WordPress directs you when you log in. It’s an overview of recent activities on your website. If you have the Akismet plugin enabled, you will also see the number of SPAM comments waiting to be reviewed.


In this section of admin, you will add your posts, articles or news. You can also group them into categories and add tags to them here.


Multimedia is a tool for uploading images. You can then place them on the page and in individual posts. You can then easily find and edit individual items in your multimedia library.


In this section of WP Administration, you create and maintain individual pages on your site.


A place to organize and manage your comments. You can also reply to the comments here or mark them as SPAM.


Under appearance, there is a menu for setting up a website design. There, you will manage your themes, widgets, website menu and so on.


You will use different plugins to ensure better website functionality. Adding, activating or deactivating these plugins will be carried out in this item of the WordPress administration menu.


This section of the menu displays a list of website users. You can add new users and set their user rights here.


You can import or export posts, pages, multimedia, and more through each item of the tool.

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In this section of the admin, you set the properties of the website and plugins. You can edit the page title, URL, page language, comment and multimedia settings, and more. For more details, see this WordPress setup guide.

Collapsing menu

At the bottom of the WordPress administration menu, you will find the last box: Collapse menu. Click on it to hide it. Only their icons appear instead of the menu tools. Click the collapsing menu icon again to un-collapse the menu.

Wordpress zbaliť menu
Collapse menu

Some plugins also create their own menu items. You can usually find them in Tools and Settings.

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