WordPress – editing user profile

Editing a user profile in WordPress – instructions on personal settings, login, resume, profile photo and user account management.

WordPress - editing user profile

WordPress – editing user profile

To edit your profile on the WordPress website, simply click your name in the user list or the Edit option that appears when you hover over your name. An alternative approach to editing your profile is to click on Your profile. You can find it in WordPress administration under Users.

As site administrators, you can also edit other users’ profiles. Click Update User to save the changes. You can find it by scrolling to the bottom of the profile edit page.

WordPress profile
WordPress profile
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Personal profile settings

When editing a profile, you can choose several personal settings:

Visual editor – when this box is checked, you will not use the visual editor as you type. You will only use an HTML editor.
Syntax highlighting – check this box to disable syntax highlighting when editing code.
Administrator color scheme – You can choose from many administrative display color schemes.
Keyboard shortcuts – check this box to use keyboard shortcuts to moderate comments. Keyboard shortcuts let you perform tasks that you normally need a mouse for.
Toolbar – Display or hide the toolbar when browsing the page.


The fields in the Name section are used to edit the role and username. You will find the option to set user role, field for name, surname and nickname, as well as a nickname that is displayed only to visitors.

For site security, the nickname displayed to site users should be different from the username. The only field you can’t change is Username. This cannot be changed after creating the profile.

WordPress meno používateľa
Settings – username
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Contact information

E-mail — each user must provide their email address already when creating the profile. This is to inform you of any comments or new posts on the site, as well as for other administrative purposes. Only other site users can see this address. It will remain hidden from guests.
Website address – here you can enter the URL of your website.

About User

Biography (CV of the author)— this field is optional. If you complete it, it will appear (if the theme supports it) after adding a new post to the page.

Profile picture — place Gravatar here. You can create Gravatar at gravatar.com. If you add it to your profile, it will automatically appear in your posts and comments.

Account management

WordPress profil správa účtu
Account management

In the Account Management section, you can generate or edit a new password. Create strong passwords to make your website secure.

To save changes to your profile, click Update user.

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