How to manage comments in WordPress

How to manage comments in WordPress: instructions on how to use tools for management and approval of comments to automatically identify and remove spam.

How to manage comments in WordPress

What are comments for?

WordPress allows you to set comments (responses) to posts on your site. Comments are used by site visitors to respond to posts and other articles. Thanks to these responses, visitors can discuss the subject. The comments also serve to create interaction between you and the site visitors.

List of comments

If you want to see a list of all responses, search for Comments in WordPress Administration. Click to get to the list of all the comments that are present on your website.

WordPress zoznam komentárov
List of comments
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Filtering of comments

On the top of the list, you will find links to filter visitor responses. You can choose which comments to show: all, pending, approved, spam, or comments that are in the trash. You can also filter visitor responses by using the Filter option. You can search for specific responses in the Search in Comments window.

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How to manage comments in WordPress

When you navigate to a specific visitor response line in the comment list, you’ll see links to several features. Use these features to manage comments on your WordPress site.

WordPress správa komentárov
Management of comments

Reject – this feature allows you to reject a visitor’s response. The reaction will not appear more on the page after the action.

Reply – clicking this option will open a window where you will write your response to the comment.

Quick Edit – here you edit the name of the user who left the response, his email or URL as well as the comment itself.

Edit – In addition to the information you can edit in Quick Edit, you’ll find the ability to choose a status of a pending, approved, or spam comment. You can also edit the response date and time.

Spam – mark this comment as spam.

Discard – Select this to move the reaction to the trash. Those that are in the trash can be restored or deleted forever.

In WordPress, you can evaluate and filter spam comments by Akismet plugin. Akismet is installed in every new WordPress installation. To use it, search for Akismet in the plugins list and check the “Enable” checkbox.

Bulk actions

To perform the same action on multiple comments, use the Bulk Actions button. Use the checkbox to select which visitor responses the selected action will relate to. Then click Bulk Actions. Here you can choose what you want to do with the selected comments: Reject, Approve, Mark as Spam or Move to Trash. Click Apply to perform the action.

WordPress komentáre hromadné akcie
Bulk actions
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