How to crop, rotate or shrink image in WordPress

Editing of images – how to crop, rotate or reduce the image in WordPress. You can use the media tools to make these basic image edits.

How to crop, rotate or shrink image in WordPress

Editing images in a multimedia library

With the media library tools, you can resize, rotate, flip, and crop images to a selected size. To make any of these adjustments, click the image you wish to edit in the grid layout of your media library. The Attachment Details window opens.

WordPress podrobnosti prílohy
Attachment details

Now click the Edit Image button below the image preview. You can edit the image in the following window.

WordPress úprava obrázka
WordPress: Editing the image

If you use the line layout of media library files, move cursors over the name of the image you want to edit. From the options that appear under the name, select Edit. Scroll down in the window that opens. Below the image, you’ll find the Edit Image button. You will be presented with another window in which you can make the desired edits.

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Image editing tools

In both cases, you can also edit image properties: name, title, alternative text, and description. The following tools are available for editing images in your media library:

orezať obrázokCrop — click on the image and select the area you want to crop. Then press the icon for cropping the image.

otočenie obrázka v smere ručičiekRotate Clockwise — rotates the image 90 ° clockwise.

otočenie obrázka proti smeru ručičiekRotate counterclockwise – rotates the image 90 ° counterclockwise.

prevrátenie obrázka horizontálneFlip Horizontally – flips the image horizontally.


prevrátenie obrázka vertikálneFlip vertically — flips the image vertically.


krok späťStep Back – brings the changes one step back.


krok dopreduStep Forward — re-performs the adjustment made before.


In addition to the icons, you can also find other image editing options in this window.

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Enlarge/reduce the image

To reduce the image, select its width and height and click the Scale button. Make this change before cropping or changing the image orientation. You may notice that if you fill in one of the numbers, the second one is filled in automatically. This preserves the original proportions of the image. You can only shrink the image from its original size. There is no way to enlarge it.

zmenšenie/zväčšenie a orezanie obrázka
Reducing and cropping the image

Cropping the image

Click the image and set the area you want to crop. The values of desired selection change automatically according to your settings. You can also simply fill in the image size fields. Then press the Crop icon.

When making changes, the Restore Original Image option appears in the right part of the window. If you select this option, all changes will be removed, and you will return to the original image. The same feature has the Cancel button, which can be found under the image.

On the other hand, if you wish to save your changes, make sure to click Save.

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Crop or rotate the image in WordPress – conclusion

Multimedia tools allow you to work with images in full, allowing you to make any basic adjustments using them. If you need more advanced tools, try some graphics program.

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