Advanced Ads – a simple and powerful solution for managing advertising on WordPress

Managing ads on your site can be a daunting task. Especially if you want to have ads from different sources placed in different positions based on specific conditions. The Advanced Ads module is a very valuable tool in this case.

There are several ways to manage advertising on a WordPress site. You can use external systems such as OpenX or internal systems in the form of modules such as AdRotate, WordPress Simple Ads or Advanced Ads. We tested the latter.

Advanced Ads Plugin

The Advanced Ads plugin uses a freemium business model, in which the basic, sufficient for many, functionality is available in the form of a module freely downloadable from The module can be extended with other useful functions that are already charged.

Meet the new module, written by someone who has more than a million page views each month. Thomas Maier, freelancer, WP developer and Ads Optimization specialist, created a module called Advance Ads.
What does this module offer?

  • Create, manage, and display ads
  • Get personalized support from Google AdSense
  • Manage advertising as well as FB posts and sites, including a number of links and promotions that will be easily distributable
  • Choose whether to show your ad on a mobile, desktop, or both
  • Choose from several specific ad serving conditions

Advance Ads is powerful, simple and based on WordPress standards. You will also find a detailed manual and some important information on how it works on its wpadvancedads homepage. Let’s see what properties it has.

Ad Management


Ad Types


Displaying Ads

Instead of manually pasting, simply place your ad in predefined positions in the topic or content of your site.


Display Conditions

Display conditions, ie the conditions for display, determine on the basis of various conditions what is visible on the current page. Some conditions can be set individually, others are part of complex settings.


Visitor Conditions

Visitor conditions are displayed based on the conditions set by the visitor.


Ad Groups


Ad networks & Google AdSense

Advance Ads is compatible with all networks and ad banners such as GoogleAdSense, Chitika, Clikbank, Amazon. You can easily add tags to the page header or footer without additional coding.


Responsive Websites


Stats and Tracking






The Advanced Ads plugin was created as a powerful, powerful and at the same time easy solution for managing, testing and optimizing WordPress ads. What is your experience with him?

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