Create a Christmas card on the web using the Xmas Widget

Not only crowded shopping malls, cities, but also households of most families have been breathing a Christmas atmosphere for some week now. So why not transfer a little of this magical atmosphere to your site? Create a Christmas card with a simple Xmas Widget. It provides a simple solution with which you can create a personal Christmas card or any other announcement, for example about a special event.

What is Xmas Widget?

It is a premium WordPress module with which you can create an original Christmas card for your customers. The module is responsive, which means that you will be able to easily modify your wishes, change its background or create effective animations, such as snow.
In addition, it is great in that it can appear anywhere on a website, whether it’s posts or specific pages. Its advantage is that it also cooperates with all topics and modules.

Unfortunately, the Xmas Widget is not free. But you can buy it for the basic price of € 14.99 for one year. This price also includes its support and updating. After you buy the Xmas Widget, it is important to install and activate it. You certainly know that by now.


Log in to your website → board / dashboard → appearance → widgets.
The next step will be to set up the module.
This module will add a new sidebar called “Xmas Widget Hidden Sidebar” and “Xmas Widget”. You add this Xmas Widget to the sidebar exactly where you want it to appear.

Xmas Widget settings:


You must first give the widget a name. Then enter the text that will appear in your wish. After you have written the text, choose the background and design of the greeting card. Xmas Widget offers 15 preset backgrounds to choose from. If you don’t like one, you can create your own. With your own motifs and colors. You can enhance your wish with the animation mentioned above, for example by adding a snow effect.
Choose the place where you want the wish to be displayed. Go to Appearance / Appearance → Widgets and add Xmas Widget to Xmas Widget Hidden Sidebar . You will find such a shortcode at the end of the widget[xmas id=””3″” width=””250px””] . Remember to save all changes. Copy and paste this shortcode where you want the wish to appear.

xmas widget happy_hollidays

In this way, you can add a bit of Christmas mood and atmosphere to your website. For example, your wishes might look like this. Thanks to it, wish your customers happy holidays or please them with a special discount or offer 🙂

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