WordPress: Rejection of the comment and spam

Instructions on how to reject a comment in WordPress. You may want to mark some of your comments as spam, place them in the trash folder, and not show them on your site.

WordPress: Rejection of the comment and spam

Rejecting the comment

To reject a comment, move the cursor to the concrete comment in the list of comments. Select Reject from the options that appear. Rejected comments appear in the comment list in different colour. They are also highlighted on the left side by a vertical line:

WordPress odmietnutý komentár
Rejected comment

If you wish to approve the comment again, move the cursor over it. Instead of Reject option, you now see Approve option.

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Marking as spam

When you see a junk comment on your site, you can mark it as spam in the comment list. You do this by selecting the Spam feature that appears when you move cursor over a particular comment.

WordPress komentáre spam
Spam comment

To view all messages marked as spam, click Spam above the comment list. In the junk list, you can delete all comments using the Empty Spam Folder button. You can also delete individual messages only.

Tip: If you use Akismet plugin, it may happen that Akismet has not caught one of the unsolicited comments. When you mark a message as spam, it helps Akismet identify similar spam messages.

You can find the Delete forever option when you move cursor over a specific comment. In addition to this option, you will find the Not a Spam option to deselect the message as spam.

You can also delete a spam message or unmark it as spam via the Bulk Actions option. Click the checkbox next to the comments where you want to take an action. Then press the Bulk Actions button. Select whether you want to delete or tag selected messages forever as ‘Not a spam’.

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Moving to the trash folder

Move the comment to the Trash folder by selecting the Discard link that appears when you move the cursor over a specific message. To permanently delete messages from the trash folder, click Trash above the list of comments.

WordPress kôš komentárov
Trash of comments

There are several features available in the trash. When you move your cursor over a specific message, you’ll see three options:

Spam – marks a comment as spam.

Restore – resumes the comment.

Delete forever – removes the comment from your site permanently.

If you wish to remove any comments from it, use the Empty Trash button.

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