How to use a text editor in WordPress

Tutorial on how to use a text editor in WordPress – what a text editor is, how to work with it, how to use html code and its effect on the displayed text.

How to use a text editor in WordPress

What is a text editor?

The WordPress text editor also displays text with html codes, so it is also called an html editor. Everything you have written in the visual editor is displayed in html format in a text editor.

Every tool that you used to write a text is written in the text editor in the form of the code. Working in a text editor is not as intuitive as working in a visual editor. Therefore, if you do not have at least basic html knowledge, it is recommended better not to use it.

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How to use a text editor

The individual buttons of WordPress editor contain html formatting features. They work in two ways. If you click on a button without highlighting any text before, you paste the HTML code for that concrete button into the text. If you click it again, the code will be closed. If you highlight the text beforehand and then click the button, you will insert the code at the beginning and end of the text at once.

For a better understanding, I’ll show it in the picture. If you use a code in the text editor <strong>

WordPress textový editor

it will look like this in the visual editor:

WordPress textový editor príklad

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Features of WordPress text editor

The following features are available:

boldBold — for bold font.

italic Italic — for italic font.

linkLink — this button is used to insert a website link. If you click on it, a window will appear in which you type the URL of the page you are inserting. You can also choose whether you want the page to open in a new window or not.

blockquoteBlockquote — used to indicate a quote.

deleteDelete — use this option to delete (cross) the text..

insertInsert — shows inserted text. How it will look depends on the specific theme you are using. It is usually displayed by underlining or highlighting the text.

imageImage — use this button to insert an image into the text. When clicked, it will show you a window in which to type the URL of the image.

unordered listUnordered List — used to insert a bulleted list.

ordered listOrdered List — press this button to enter a numbered list.

list itemList Item — it inserts list items into a bulleted and numbered list.

codeCode — this button is used to indicate the code.

moreMore — inserts “More” tag in the text. Mainly used to display a list of post previews. You can see it as “Read more” on the page. Click to access the full content of the post.

zavrieť značkyClose tagsthis button is used to close all open codes in the text.

mód písania bez rušeniaInterference-free writing mode — click to hide the administration menu and other editor windows.

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