How to respond to a comment in WordPress

A tutorial on how to respond to a comment in WordPress. It is important to respond to visitors of your site regularly. Allow your visitors to respond to your posts.

How to respond to comment in WordPress

How to respond to comments

Sometimes, you will want to reply to comments on your WordPress site. The procedure is simple. Go to the list of comments in WordPress administration. Now, move cursor over the comment you want to reply to. From the options that appear, click Reply.

WordPress: ako odpovedať na komentár
WordPress: how to respond to comment

A window opens where you type your answer. To reply to the page, press the Reply button. Use the Cancel button to delete your answer.

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Editor for replying to comment

WordPress odpoveď na komentár
Replying Editor

The editor in which you write a comment is similar to the editor you use to create a page or post. At the top of the editor, you’ll find icons for formatting text.

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To use each function, highlight the text you want to apply the function to, or press an icon without first specifying the text and carry on writing. The individual options are explained here:

tučné písmo boldBold — for bold type of font.


kurzívaItalic — for Italic font.


vloženie linkuLink — use this button to insert a web page link. If you click on it, a window will appear in which you type the URL address of the page you are inserting there.

vloženie citátu Blockquote — you use this function to mark a quote.


vymazaný textDelete — use this icon to display deleted text.


insert Insert — highlights the inserted text.


vloženie obrázkaImage — is used to insert an image into a reply to a comment. When pressed, a window opens where you type the URL of the image.

Unordered List — use this icon to insert a bulleted list.


Ordered List — used to insert a numbered list.


list itemList Item — inserts items of list into a bulleted and numbered list.


codeCode — used to indicate the code.


Close tags — use this button to close all open codes in the text.


For more information on the comments, see this official manual.

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