How to add a page in WordPress

In this tutorial, I will show you step by step how you can easily add a page to your WordPress website. You can set a title, content, and other properties for the new page.

How to add a page in WordPress

How to add a page

To add a new page to your WordPress website, select “Pages” from the menu. Under it, you can see “Add New”, click on it. You can also move with cursor to the “Add” option in the toolbar at the top of the page where you select “Page”.

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Adding a page
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Features for adding a page

In addition to typing the title and creating the content itself, there are several other features there:

Publish — here you can manage some settings like page visibility and setting publishing date. You can view the page using a preview. Furthermore, you are also saving the draft page here. Or, if you’re not the main site administrator, you can save the page waiting for approval. At the bottom of the “Publish” folder, you’ll find “Publish” and “Move to Trash” options.

Page properties — here you set where the page should be placed.

Illustrative Image — when you scroll down, you’ll find features to add an illustration image.

💡 Tip for themes: From premium themes, I have good experience with themes Divi, Avada and with page builder Elementor.
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