How to edit a comment in WordPress

A tutorial on how to edit a comment in WordPress. You may need to additionally edit the comment’s content, its status, time and date, or move the comment to the trash folder.

How to edit a comment in WordPress

You have two options on how to edit a comment. Move the cursor over the response you’d like to edit in the comment list. From the options that appear, select Quick Edit or Edit.

Quick edit of the comment in WordPress

If you select Quick Edit option, you can edit your name, email, and URL address. In addition, the content itself can be edited here too. To save your changes, click Edit Comment. If you do not want to save your changes, click Cancel.

WordPress rýchla úprava komentára
Quick Edit
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How to edit a comment

Click Edit option to get to the new editor window. You can edit the same features here as with Quick Edit. In addition, the comment editor offers you the ability to choose a response status – pending, approved, or spam.

WordPress úprava komentára
Editing of the comment
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Editing of date and time

You also have the option to edit the comment date and time when the comment was sent at the top right of the screen. To do so, click Edit below the response date. After overwriting the date, press OK. This will save the new date.

Moving to the trash folder

You can also move the comment to the trash. If you want to save your changes, click Update. If you don’t want to save your changes, click the Back arrow in your browser to return to the list of reactions.

For more information on the comments, see this official manual.

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