How to add a tag in WordPress

Instructions on how to create and add a tag in WordPress. A tag as a keyword or term assigned to a piece of information can be created through administration or directly in the post editor.

How to add a tag in WordPress

What is a tag?

Tags are keywords that describe a post. They include the information that the post refers to. You can assign multiple tags to one post. When creating them, keep in mind that categories and tags should not be the same.

Tags have no hierarchy as categories. You cannot also add them to pages. You can only add them to posts. There are two ways to create a tag in WordPress.

Creating a tag through the administration menu

WordPress tag značka
Creating of tag

In this tag creation method, you add new tag to the list of all tags. Here, you’ll find all the tags you’ve used on the web so far. In the tag list, you can navigate really quickly. The functions are similar to the menu functions for creating and editing categories.

Clicking the “Tags” option in the administration menu will open an alphabetical list of all your tags. In addition, you’ll also see a few empty boxes which serve to add a new tag:

Title — type the name of the tag here. This will appear on the page.

Slug — fill out the name version without diacritics. This will be used to create the URL.

Description — you can also fill in a description, but it is not necessary. The description appears in the appropriate column in the tag list.

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Editing the tag

WordPress rýchla úprava tagu
Quick editing of the tag

The tag editing menu is available in the tag list. Move the cursor over the tag name and some options will appear:

Edit – serves to edit the title, slug and description. Once you’ve made your edits, click “Update.”

Quick Edit – editing of the name and slug here.

Delete – removes the tag from the list.

View – displays all posts to which the selected tag is associated.

To delete multiple tags in bulk, click the checkboxes next to their names. Next, select “Bulk Actions”, “Delete” and “Apply”.

How to add a tag when creating a post

In WordPress, you can add a tag to a post directly when you create or edit it. You can find the tools for adding a tag when you scroll down the page. This will add all the selected tags to your post.

WordPress priradenie tagu(značky)
Assigning a tag

If you need to add an existing tag, click “Choose from the most used tags”. A list of already used tags is displayed in alphabetical order. Now click on the tag name. It will automatically be associated with your post.

To add a tag, type its name in a free window. If you are writing names of multiple tags at a time, separate them with commas. Then click the “Add” button.

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How to remove a tag

If you want to remove an added tag in a post, click the cross next to its name. When you add new tags in the posting or editing process, they will also automatically appear in the list of tags we discussed above.

WordPress odstránenie tagu značky
Removing a tag
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