How to delete a post in WordPress

A tutorial on how to delete a post or page in WordPress. I’ll also show you how to edit your page and post. And also, how to work with the trash folder – recover and delete files forever.

How to delete a post in WordPress

Editing page or post content

If you need to edit an existing post or page, go to the list of all posts/pages in the administration. Click there on the name of the particular item you want to edit. You can also click “Edit” that appears under the title of the post/ page when you move with cursor over it.

WordPress úprava článku
Editing the post

Now, the same window as when creating a new post/page opens. In the window, you’ll see the content of the post you’re editing. Make sure to save your changes after you’ve finished editing the post/page.

How to delete post or page in WordPress

If you wish to delete an entire post or page, move the cursor over the title of the post/page. Click “Discard” from the options that appear. By clicking “Discard”, you move the entire page/post to the trash.

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Removing a page or post from the trash folder

To delete pages/posts you have moved to the trash, click the ‘Trash’ option above the list of pages/posts. You can use two ways to permanently delete it. The first one is to move the cursor over the page/post name.

WordPress vymazanie článku
Deleting the post

You will see two options: “Restore” and “Delete forever”. When you click the “Delete forever” link, you will remove the selected page/post from the trash. If you click “Restore”, the selected page or post will be restored.

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Restore or delete forever

If there are multiple posts or pages in your trash folder, you can delete or restore multiple posts at once. Tick the check box for the selected items. Then click the “Bulk Actions” button and select the action you want to take.

Make sure to click the “Apply” button. If you wish to remove all posts and pages you have in the trash, you can also simply press the “Empty Trash” button.

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