5 ways to provide great customer service

When a customer decides to spend money with you, convince them that this decision was really right. What you should want is for our customer to be happy. Because, the best customer is a happy customer. Such a (happy) customer will not want to keep this feeling only to himself and will tell others about it. To your potential customers.

If you were to rate the level of your customer service you provide, what rating would you give? This part will require a little insight and self-criticism.

Do you think your own rating would match your customer’s rating? Support e-mail is only the first, but of course a necessary step on this path. It will definitely not be enough. You don’t just want to provide customer service, you still want to provide the best customer service.

1.) Give the customer the opportunity to comment on your product or service

Getting to know your customer perfectly and knowing how he thinks about your product is very important. So give him a chance to say what he thinks. His opinion will be of high value to you. Such feedback will help you answer unanswered questions, which, if you want to provide the customer with everything he needs, you will need to know the answers.

Some customers may take the trouble to look up an email address to share their thoughts and thoughts, but, let’s be honest, how many will be? 10%?


Ask for answers directly from customers, collect reviews, send questionnaires, ask for ratings or feedback.
Positive feedback can well serve as a reference. Improve your products and services and give customers what they want.

A reference may inspire you to find other ideas and ways to use your product or service. Of course, you also have to be prepared for the fact that the evaluations will not only be positive. However, you can also learn a lot from a worse rating.

How to get feedback and how to ask?

  • Comments allowed on the website
  • Rating option
  • Contact form on the site

2.) Ask before the customer asks – FAQ

Focus on the specific customer. In other words, find out who your target is and imagine a specific person – a person. Maybe your person is a mother who bakes homemade muesli or cupcakes or waffles at home.

advanced FAQ

What happens if you target correctly will mean that moms with similar problems will meet on your site and look for solutions. This will give you an overview of the most frequently solved problems. What you can do is use the so-called FAQ – frequently asked questions or frequently asked questions.

Create a section where you will add the most frequently asked questions with answers. This saves customers a lot of time they can spend other than asking and answering the same questions all the time. However, please note that such a list must be regularly updated.

3.) Available help and how to get there

From time to time, FAQs may not be enough for your customers, but they will need additional help. Help that will be “nearby”.

Help Scout

For you, this means a simple way to get there. ” Help desk ” seems to be one of the possible solutions. In practice, the help desk works so that the customer asks about their problem and your team finds the answer. Ideally, of course, it will also help to solve the problem.

4.) Customer support forum

One of the things that customers can appreciate is transparency. Customers want to know how the company solves its customers’ problems. Transparency contributes to creating a sense of trust and belonging to the company and its customers.


The support forum allows the customer to see the company solve their problems in real time. Customers can share their problems, experiences and advice with each other.

Organization is important in such a forum. It often happens that you don’t have to look for the right or relevant answer in the forums. Therefore, it is important to have a constant overview of what is happening on your forum. The discussion should be clearly organized here and you should keep it under control.

5.) Urgent problems, urgent solutions

Urgent and so-called “Time-sensitive” issues need to be addressed here and now in real time. And live chat will help you with that.

ClickDesk Live Support

Its main motto is that the customer will receive immediate help. That is, provided you are on live chat and you are also online. If you also provide live chat help on your website, you are taking customer care to a completely different, higher level. And that’s what it’s all about!

Communicate with your customers and solve their problems. It’s a long run. The results may not be available the next day, maybe in a few weeks. You will probably need to be patient with sufficient patience. But don’t be discouraged. The result will appear. I’m convinced of that.

I will be glad if these 5 tips inspire you and you will improve your customer service a bit again. If you know of other tips on how to improve customer service, share them in the comments below :).

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