Big brands create their own font. What fonts will be in?

According to estimates, by 2017 it will own more than 1/3 of the world’s smartphone population. 42% of them will be Apple products (iPhone, iPad, others …). This trend is related to the interest in so-called readers, which has been growing rapidly in recent times. Today, for example, Amazon has more than 43 million KINDLE readers in circulation.

Apple and Google, along with Amazon, caught a new wind in their sails and began to hang around typography. In this way, they ingeniously try to excel on the technological scene and at the same time confirm the innovative leadership in the market of big-name brands.

Amazon created the Bookerly font. It is specially designed for KINDLE readers.


Google has introduced a new font, Product Sans .

product without google

Apple came up with its first custom San Francisco font at the launch of Apple Watch.


On average, a person spends up to 11 hours a day looking at the monitor of one of the many types of electrical equipment. Given this important fact, we should not be surprised that these companies have begun to focus on typography and writing.

I have selected the 7 hottest trends in typography that will accompany us in 2016.

1.Flat design
Flat design is not a novelty that needs to be presented in a special way. It is described by the two most important attributes. Clean and minimalist. It is strongly connected with UI design. It focuses mainly on the user experience.
The typeface that is often used in connection with this very current design is bold, simple, straight-forward with a strong emphasis on the right colors.


2. Script
It is still a popular favorite and typeface that has many variations. The script resembles a manuscript. Rather, it is an elegant typeface. It is most suitable for websites that are used primarily to present the company or its own portfolio. Great for a website with food, fashion or music.


3. Hand Drawn Type
Are you looking for a special typeface? Hand Drawn gives the site a magical atmosphere and personality. The website breathes elegance and style that everyone will remember. On the one hand, this typeface may seem less serious, but on the other hand, it makes a more personal impression. They are suitable for hand-drawn website design and layout. Coca Cola also used this font in one of her campaigns. I don’t think it was a step aside.

Screenshot 2016-02-17 at 19.51.37
hand drawn

4. Photo Overlays

These are the fonts that we encounter every day, especially on social networks. They often form an accompanying text to the meme pictures. They are used in connection with feelings or natural species, which also form a very popular communication in communication on social networks. You don’t have to be a photoshop expert to post on a socially similar type of post, as shown below. A great tool will help you, Canva. The text you use in such a position should be minimalist. Do not risk unnecessary visual confusion. Also keep in mind that there should be not much visual elements behind the text. This could make the text unreadable.


5. Geometric Design

So-called geometric font styles are also popular. With these fonts, you need to be really careful where you use it. The font is characterized by clean lines and perfectly rounded corners. It creates the impression of design completeness. Each letter of this typeface resembles a geometric shape. He became popular in cases where the website wanted elegant and modern. In this case, the geometric design is chosen in the title. It is used to a much lesser extent in the text. Geometric design fonts belong to the fonts of clean and elegant font shapes, which bring a perfect visual hierarchy.

geometric design
Screenshot 2016-02-17 at 22.05.46

6. LetterPress
It most often represents retro design, popular especially last year. The fonts in this design are usually joined together to fit into one whole.


7. Icon Fonts
If you decide to build on icon design, you will probably suffer from something extraordinary. Icons could be the right choice. The advantage of icon fonts is that they are vectors, so you can keep up with their size without having to worry about the icons suffering from quality. This type of font is not used so often, however, it requires a certain amount of courage. Account must also be taken of the fact that not every website can afford it. Therefore, this step needs to be thought through very well.


Today, there are several tools that allow you to customize or even create your own fonts. Just as the aforementioned Canva can help you create a graphically acceptable post on Facebook or Instagram, the Gryphs App can help you create your own font variations. Project Faces, Prototypo or FontArk are also great tips. Keep in mind that the fonts you create will probably not be at such a high level.

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