What is a media library in WordPress

I’ll explain you what a media library in WordPress is (also called multimedia). I’ll show you how to use it. Whether in line or grid view.

What is a media library in WordPress

What is a media library in WordPress

The media library (also called multimedia) contains all the files you uploaded to your WordPress website. It can include images, but also videos, text files, PDFs, audio files, and many other types of files.

To open the multimedia library, click „Multimedia“ in the administration menu.

WordPress knižnica médií
Media library

The latest items in the multimedia library can be found at the top. Scroll through the page to access older media files. You can filter the displayed files. The appropriate options can be found at the top of the library. You can filter all your files in two ways:

Filtrovanie súborov v knižnici médií
Filtering of files
  • By date – you can choose to view files based on when you uploaded them to your media library
  • By type of multimedia file: pictures, audio and video. You can also search for non-attached images here.

You can also search for a specific item in the file list by using the “Search media items” field.

In the multimedia library, you can choose how you want individual items to be displayed. The selection buttons are located at the top of the media library. Here you can choose to show your files as a line list or in a grid view.

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Line list of files in a media library

In the line list, you’ll find a miniature of the inserted multimedia file, its name, and also the filename with the extension. Next, it shows you the name of the person who uploaded the file and whether it is used on a page or post, a number of comments, and when the file was uploaded to the website.

WordPress riadkový zoznam knižnice médií
Line list of media library

When you move the cursor over the name of a media file, you’ll see several features:

Edit — click this option to edit items such as headline, alternate text, and file description. You can also crop, reduce/enlarge or rotate the image here.
Delete forever — this option removes the file from your media library.
View — click to display the site on which the image is used.

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Grid view of files in a multimedia library

In the grid view of file, you see either a miniature of the file or an icon that represents it. When you click on a file preview, a new window opens – Attachment Details.

WordPress podrobnosti prílohy
Attachment Details

Here, you can edit the name, alt text title, and file description. If it is an image, you will also see its enlarged version of it. For audio and video files, you will see the corresponding media player.

After you click the “Edit Image” button, you can make simple edits like crop, reduce/enlarge, or rotate the image.

There are also three other options at the bottom right of the window. These are the same as the line list of files in the multimedia library. You can view the site where the file is located, edit the file details, or delete it.

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