Where to buy the best WordPress šablóny ?

Wondering where to buy quality WordPress šablóny ? Have you decided to invest in Premium šablóny , but you don’t know where to get it and which source will be trustworthy enough? Let’s make it clear together.

I’m familiar with paid šablóna it doesn’t have to be difficult for me at all. In this post, we will show you the best places to buy them, which šablóny are good, what their benefits are, and what to look out for when choosing them.

Paid šablóny vs. free šablóny

Premium šablóny offer šablóna . Of course, free šablóny are also written to help you and be able to work fully and reliably, but premium šablóny take all this to a higher level.

Premium šablóny are written by professional developers and often offer unmatched benefits and features that just can’t be free.

They have higher overall quality, regularly upgraded features and many other benefits. Premium themes offer you the opportunity to stand out from the ranks of your competitors and become even more visible.

Let’s look at a list of resources through which you can purchase premium themes, and we’ll also look at how to find out which theme is reliable and best for you.

Sellers vs. shops

You have two options to search:


Vendors, also called “Vendors” in English, are individuals or teams of people from whom you can buy a premium theme. If you choose this path, you will need to stick to the WordPress Directory of Commercial Themes . This is a special list of quality WordPress themes that are worth it. Trusted and high-quality theme sellers include ELEGANT THEMES and Theme Isle .


In addition to sellers, there is also the opportunity to buy the topic through stores (marketplaces). Marketplaces are stores that work so that if you buy a theme, the developer has to pay a commission from the sales marketplace.

However, such topics do not usually go through rigorous testing processes. Instead, their quality is measured through a rating system. This means that a poor topic will simply not have a good rating. If the rating of the topic is low, I do not highly recommend buying it.

However, topic shops do a really good job and allow you to climb to the top of virtually any good topic.

Where to buy WordPress šablóny ?

Here is a list of verified and known places:


THEME FOREST is for me personally the most famous and interesting marketplace. It offers a really wide variety of different themes and plugins. It is part of the Envato network, which provides a range of high-quality WordPress solutions, such as plugins.

Theme Forest is a huge store that covers everything from personal blogs to company websites to pop-up stores. Pricing is really diverse. Most prices range from $ 40 to $ 60. But there are also topics for which you pay a symbolic $ 4.


WOOCOMMERCE THEMES also offers a large number of WordPress themes. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a topic for your magazine, personal blog, small business, or portfolio. Most topics range from $ 39 to $ 99. WooCommerce Themes also offers access to each topic for $ 399, as you can see in the picture.


ELEGANT THEMES really put a lot of attention to detail. The overall selection of topics is very unusual and unique. The overall design looks friendly and casual. I liked perhaps every topic. Elegant Themes also offers special support, whose staff will provide you with answers to any questions about the topics. Topic prices are around $ 70.


WordPress themes from StudioPress run on their own Genesis framework. It is a professional framework for web professionals. Topic prices are around $ 99. You can also access each topic for $ 399.


MOJO THEMES offers more than 1000 topics in its portfolio. Their prices range from $ 16 to about $ 58. This shop, as already mentioned, also offers regular support for the topic. And it’s free.


CREATIVE MARKET is a new store, which consists of themes signed by creative independent designers. Nice idea, nice graphics and good prices. Topic prices range from $ 2 to $ 199.


THEMIFY offers a really remarkable number of themes and modules. The number 50,000+ speaks for itself. Their portfolio is also very diverse. Topics are also affordable. For example, Themify offers access to all themes for only $ 79.


You already know what options the most famous stores offer or if you want marketplaces with WordPress themes. Now let’s take a look at the places from which you should definitely not get topics.

Avoid places that entice you with various premium discounts or free downloads. Downloading for free could cost you more than you would expect. For a few euros, don’t risk such topics damaging everything they can. Also, don’t choose an unnecessarily complicated topic. Look for a topic that will do exactly what you need.

What is your experience with Premium Themes? Do you know other verified stores as well? Share with us in the comments below. 🙂

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