Discount coupons in WooCommerce

If you want to provide your customers with various discounts in the form of coupons, you can create them in WooCommerce . Customers then use discount coupons to pay for the purchase.

Zľavové kupóny vo WooCommerce

You can find tools for creating discount coupons in the administration of your e-shop under the option WooCommerce ›Discount coupons . You can also install plugins to create other types of coupons.

Discount coupons – list

If you have already created discount coupons, a list of coupons will open. In the list, you can search for a specific coupon or filter the list according to various options. You can also apply Edit or Move to Trash bulk actions on coupons.

WooCommerce coupon list
Coupon list

Creating a discount coupon in WooCommerce

To create a new discount coupon, click Add Coupon at the top of the page. If you are creating your first coupon, you can also click Create your first coupon in the middle of the page.

WooCommerce vytvorenie zľavového kupónu
Creating a discount coupon

A page will open where you can enter the individual properties of the coupon.

Coupon code – enter the coupon code in the first line. It’s a good idea to choose a combination of unaccented numbers and letters as your coupon code.
Coupon description – here you can briefly write something about the coupon.

Coupon details

There are several tabs in the coupon data table:


On this tab you fill in:

Discount type – you can set the discount as a fixed amount that will be deducted from the purchase value, a percentage discount from the purchase value, or a fixed discount per product. A discount on one specific product will be deducted if that product is in the cart.
Coupon value – enter a fixed amount or percentage, depending on your choice, in the discount type line.
Allow free shipping – Here you can allow free shipping if the coupon is for shipping. To enable free shipping, you need to go to traffic zone settings and allow free shipping.
Coupon Expiration Date – Set the date until which the coupon is valid.

Restrictions on use

You can restrict the use of the coupon. You can set the conditions of use on this tab.

WooCommerce obmedzenie použitia kupónov
Restrictions on the use of coupons

Minimum amount – in this field you select the minimum required purchase amount to use the coupon.
Maximum Spend – If you want to set the maximum purchase amount to use the coupon, you will do so on this line.
Individual use – If you select the checkbox in this line, the customer will only be able to apply one discount when making a purchase. Discounts will not be cumulative. If you leave it blank, he will be able to apply multiple discounts at once.
Exclude items at a discount – If you don’t want the coupon to be applied to items you already have at a discount, check the box on this line. If you want the coupon to apply to discounted products, leave the field blank.
Products – Enter the products that must be in the cart here in order for the full amount in the cart to be applied. If the discount does not apply to the entire purchase amount, but only to specific products, enter them here.
Exclude products – here you enter products that will not be covered by the discount or products that when they are in the cart, the discount will not be applicable.
Product Categories – This setting is similar to the Products line, except that you do not set the products to which the discount applies, but the product categories.
Exclude categories – Set categories that will not be affected by the discount.
Allowed e-mails – fill in the e-mail addresses to which the discount will apply.

Usage limit

Coupon usage limit – select the option of the total number of coupon uses, ie the use of the coupon by different customers.
User Limit – This limit sets the number of times a coupon can be used by a particular user.

WooCommerce limit využitia kupónov
Coupon usage limit

Coupon publishing

In the upper right corner of the coupon creation page, you can set its status, visibility and publication time. Click Publish to publish the coupon immediately. If you want to post the coupon later, or return again to edit it, select the appropriate settings and click Update . You can also move the created coupon to the trash here.

WooCommerce coupon publishing
Coupon publishing

For more information, see the official documentation:

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